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  1. It's an honor to have a cameo in the Boney Man franchise. When's the merch coming out?
  2. Rule 1 in the forums guidelines. Please use English.
  3. Also press Q to swap quickly to the pivot offset tool
  4. It's called pivot offset. You can find it near position and rotation.
  5. You can use WorldEdit to copy-paste caves into a Y level above 0 to import into MI for now until MI 1.3 rolls out. Here's the link to a WorldEdit version for the snapshots. https://builds.enginehub.org/job/worldedit/17275
  6. New render:


    1. soniccraft
    2. CandyCat449


      Looks nice! Adventure style!

    3. WithBonMC59


      One problem: The SSAO is non existent.

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. soniccraft


      what  the actual heck is going on


    3. Draco63


      @soniccraft we're messing with you

    4. soniccraft


      I know 3enxcp.png





  7. That’s z-fighting. It will become more and more noticeable the further you move away from the rig.
  8. Wow, it's been a while. I'm still alive, but mostly on Discord. Here's my render dump for January and February. Speed Arts:
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