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  1. 9redwoods

    Fishing Alone (2k)

    I know it's supposed to be simple, but it's a little boring to look at
  2. 9redwoods


    I did something similar once...
  3. When you know you already used a lot of rep but there are still a lot of topics you haven't seen yet

    19 Truths Only Extremely Sweaty People Know To Be True | Thought Catalog

  4. 9redwoods

    Dark Days Render!

    I'll give criticism in the morning... zzz
  5. 9redwoods

    Ask me. About what? IDK

    Did I ask Siri to call me "Depression"? Yes or no?
  6. 9redwoods

    My First gun Rig!!

    OK, OK, OK I just need to get this off my chest with your creations. I'm not trying to be mean, just helpful in a way. You need to get the understanding between what actually looks GOOD and what looks BAD Take other peoples' rigs, for example, people who are masters at rigging. They developed an understanding between what looks good and bad to get where they are now. With your creations, every single one, it seems like you don't take our criticism seriously and you create the same type of content without change. The guns you are making don't look like guns. Step back for a moment, look at other rigs and watch some tutorials, and you'll get better, ok? Just please, understand what looks natural and what looks like a kid's toy. I needed to get that off my chest. No downvote is needed, It's plain reality.
  7. 9redwoods

    Wallpaper - Recipe for Disaster

    There should really be a bigger range of light, but you know, you're still learning. Nice wallpaper for a year ago. A year ago, I was trash.
  8. 9redwoods

    Simple Diamond Shoes!!

    Minecraft players don't have toes. It looks like you put a lot of effort into that, but really, all people want is an 8-bit, textured, more "minecrafty" shoe. Why did you put the time of day to dusk? There are weird white edges to the shoes. I don't think shoes are what the community is looking for right now. Try looking around in rigs and get inspiration and find out what people are into. You'll get better before you know it.
  9. 9redwoods

    Mooty McShooty

    The pockets are phasing through his stomach
  10. 9redwoods

    Red Dragon (2k)

    You could since the flexible update, noob
  11. 9redwoods

    The Battle Part 1

    How can you not tell that’s not realistic at all?
  12. 9redwoods

    Relaxation Render!

    The same things I said still apply, sorry dude.
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