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  1. Do you realize that you can see "TEXT AND LOGO SAFE AREA" on your banner? Is that meant to be there?

    plz dont downvote im just wondering please, mercy

    1. Jake_28
    2. 9redwoods


      Thats a bad reason tbh

    3. __Mine__


      The thing is, no-one found the spacing weird. Everyone is instead finding the visible banner template weird lol

  2. 9redwoods

    This is to prove someone Wrong

    Three things are infinite... the universe, human stupidity, and the number of Tardis rigs on the Mine-imator forums. -Albert Einstein
  3. 9redwoods

    Late Halloween Wallpapers

    Try adding a little better lighting and camera angles. You can find some tutorials on both of those.
  4. This is almost disrespect but I'm chill with it for now.

    1. Ninja Dino

      Ninja Dino

      Thank you Kanye, very cool.

  5. 9redwoods

    Ford F-150 & Family van car rig

    Here before 1000 likes
  6. 9redwoods

    Minecraft BR School

    You have the resources. If you have Mine-imator, you can do a lot. I don't have a good graphics card, but I manage. It depends on how skilled you are at the program. And try to learn English; Google translate isn't the way to go.
  7. 9redwoods

    Cobra's Tooth rig

    It's pretty plain, try adding some texture.
  8. 9redwoods

    [2K] [Cinematic] Campfire

    Holy cow, that lens flare fits in phenomenally! The only bad thing about this wallpaper is the snowfall. Near the bottom of the wallpaper, the snow layer is over the grass blocks, which it shouldn't, because the snow texture is far from the camera. I suggest making 3 layers of the same snow texture over the wallpaper. Enlarge the first layer, make the second one a bit smaller than layer 1, then leave the third layer normal. With the unchanged snowfall layer, erase the snow that's over the objects closer to the camera. Again, great wallpaper other than the snow!
  9. 9redwoods

    Going deeper - Nether

    You can't really see anything other than the circle of light and the portal. Edit: I didn't even notice the characters until I brightened the image. It's sad to see a lot of effort go to waste because of bad lighting. Brightened:
  10. 9redwoods

    Two Short Tests

    The first test seems very stiff and makes it look less smooth.
  11. 9redwoods


    I don't know maybe like this If you say it's hard to do that, I did it in less than 10 minutes with no skill.
  12. 9redwoods


    It needs a bit more texture and depth.
  13. 9redwoods

    1956 Ford Pickup Model request

    So I have been getting some wallpaper inspiration from Instagram recently, and I really need a 1956 ford pickup model. I suck at Modelbench, so someone please help. Pics The back is more important than the front, I'll only be using the back in the planned wallpapers. Someone, please help! Thanks.
  14. 9redwoods

    Skins Wanted! | Christmas Animation

    Rig/model MC username: 9redwoods Am I still able to join?
  15. 9redwoods

    Stars - Wallpaper

    I wish the lighting was a little more dynamic for the characters. There are barely any shadows.
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