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  1. Man, this is awesome! My only complaint would be the edge bias. 10/10
  2. 5McjsPw.pngrnDzmek.png

    1. Skelemelon


      Oh damn! Sorry i didn't see this sooner! busy with exams at the moment. It's really good!

  3. Anyone know any awesome vanilla resource packs that enhance the game just a little more?

  4. What is a "very board" and where can I purchase it?
  5. Other than the heat waves, I happen to like the lighting. The lens flare actually makes sense, too.
  6. V3 was available until now. It was broken in 1.2.6 because of bending issues with the old HSPM. Also, this is 100% MB. No .miobject files in the folder, which makes it feel more neat and organized.
  7. Extrusions are on every single character model.
  8. That depth of field is wack.
  9. Very strange the fireflies only appear right in front of him (also, they're huge, so you can tone down the scale). You could set up a particle system to summon fireflies all around him. Also, the camera looks like it's right in front of the character. I think you could lower the FOV and back the camera up for some nice dolly zoom. The fishing line goes straight into the water and hits the ground. That's not how fishing lines work. I suggest thinning it, scaling it down so it just touches the surface of the water, then adding a bobber, whether it's a model or a few simple cubes. You can see the edge of the map. I suggest you add more scenery in the background so it's not so obvious it cuts off. Finally the lighting. Lighting does change across monitors and computer screens, but you shouldn't rely on people to crank up their screen brightness to see a dark wallpaper. Moonlight exists, and there is no moonlight whatsoever in this render. I suggest adding some spotlights around the area with a dark blue color. Also, never use the default night in MI. When you use the default night, you have no control over the sky color or ambiance, which is key in most renders. You could use a skysphere, or just scale up a simple inverted sphere as the sky. I hope this helps. If you have any questions you can come to me any time. Have a nice day.
  10. If you didn't bother putting effort into it, I don't think you should put effort into posting it either.
  11. Stop telling this guy it can be done another way. I think it's a good suggestion.
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