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  1. I like the fast movements and the quick visual gags. There are some points of improvement that could raise the quality of your video, like the posing and lighting, but neither take away from the storytelling. Upgrading Mine-imator with the little star at the top right of your screen will take away your watermark, and it's free.
  2. https://www.mineimator.com/download Scroll down and you'll see all previous versions.
  3. You can achieve a purely unrendered wallpaper by rendering in low-quality mode and making the ambient color pure white in the background tab.
  4. I don't like this too much, but I've decided to post it.
  5. That's just something you should experiment with. There's no right or wrong, so do whatever you feel looks the best.
  6. You can. The .mimodel is not only the model, but also the project file for Modelbench.
  7. He could have replaced the heads with his OCs' heads and kept my model's lower-body. Another possibility is he edited the model to support a 3D hat layer.
  8. These are simple cylinders and cubes colored and parented to each other. You can find these shapes in the workbench.
  9. All colors visible are changeable with the color settings. DOWNLOAD
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