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  1. I feel like your birthday is tomorrow, what.

  2. https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/82125-blocks-in-purple-and-black/&tab=comments#comment-834267
  3. @Frost, Hope you have a great 15th birthday, friend. If only you were born three days later. Then we could share a birthday.
  4. That just looks like some blurred shadows, sunlight, and some edited ambient color, along with depth of field, bloom, and maybe some color-correction? That effect isn't too hard to replicate.
  5. I don't know where you made the connection between the character being in the spotlight and the lack of shadows. It's totally normal to change up lighting in an unrealistic way to make the subject the spotlight of the render. This is also done with framing, which is pretty much aced in this render, and is usually the easiest out of the two to accomplish. You seemed to take my observation as some sort of personal attack considering your pretty aggressive response. I suggest trying to respond to criticism in a more open mindset next time around. It'll help you out a lot.
  6. The crewmate is colorable in the blend color settings.
  7. Just to expand on this, you can select something and parent it to a folder (bottom left) and you can use the folders for separated XYZ movement, rotation, etc.
  8. I actually didn't see this. I'm assuming he did scale now.
  9. credit is not needed but it would be greatly appreciated. There are already tons of gun models you can choose from, and knives are easy to texture yourself.
  10. Hmm... Anyways, the thing that gives it away is the lack of any kind of shadows on your player. Try setting the shadow blur size to something real small like 11-15% if you haven't already, and scaling can help with messy SSAO and easier shadows.
  11. Features: - Colorable in color tab - Hand model - Body bends - Ankles - Bonus Mini Crewmate DOWNLOAD Large crewmate texture by @Phyre
  12. Minecraft shaders is a lot of post-processing, volumetric rays, and haze to make it more pleasing to look at. Mine-imator has basic post processing effects, but not like shaders. To my knowledge, shaders use real AO instead of screen-space ambient occlusion, which is one of the reasons why Mine-imatorโ€™s lighting can look glitchy at times. light rays are coming to Mine-imator 1.3 in 2021, along with a load of lighting improvements which will make it much easier to achieve a shader-look. TL;DR Mine-imator was made in the wrong engine and itโ€™s a miracle of coding that Mine-imator even comes close to shaders at all, and 1.3 will greatly enhance your lighting.
  13. Actually just turn shadows off, and SSAO too.
  14. I guess Iโ€™m spanish now
  15. The zombie pigman shares the same model as steve. You can find an endless amount of zombie pigman skins on the internet which you can just apply to the steve model.
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