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  1. GamingQuick

    9Redwoods background (He doesn't us it though)

    why does the one on the right look high?
  2. GamingQuick

    The Nether Portal

    I had a feeling that someone may have already did this lol
  3. *cough*

    1. Fray
    2. 9redwoods


      *both because i have allergies all the freaking time*

  4. GamingQuick

    The Nether Portal

    I knew I was missing something
  5. Wait a second, did you...change...your...profile..picture?

  6. GamingQuick

    The Nether Portal

  7. GamingQuick

    The Nether Portal

    Took me 30 minutes to make
  8. Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

    1. Fray


      Is the best song I’ve heard in a long time

    2. OzFalcon


      I was expecting an image of a Minecraft wolf in sheep's clothing...

  9. GamingQuick

    Eater of Souls Rig

  10. GamingQuick


    I'm so sorry...
  11. GamingQuick


    Sorry if this looks weird, I don't have much experience with lighting in-doors. Also, this isn't how I spent my Valentines Day lol I'm gonna regret uploading this, I know it
  12. GamingQuick

    Lighting does't render

    This post is literally from 3 years ago
  13. GamingQuick


    Should I post on the forums today or not? My first time posting a topic in the forums after a while, mostly because I'm worried to. EDIT: I didn't use a rig because I'm lazy :V @Ghatos Version:
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