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  1. I created an anarchic server this is the IP: sERVER2426.aternos.me COPY AND PASTE THE IP
  2. Mi first model DO WN LO AD ¡ you can do anything with this PC
  3. Favorite pokemon: Oshawott, Dewott, Samurott Favorite gen: 5
  4. Sebocraft

    Eevee rig

    my 4th rig download (mediafire
  5. Sebocraft

    Snivy rig

    download mediafire steve not included x 2
  6. Sebocraft

    Oshawott rig

    mi tercera plataforma ( Steve not included ) descargar mediafire
  7. Sebocraft

    pikachu rig

    Steve not included download mediafire
  8. Sebocraft

    kirby rig

    my first rig download: MEGA ( only )
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