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  1. 3D surfaces rotated and positioned differently.
  2. Complete video is still being worked on
  3. You're right but I asked to send some of your best work to judge if you're qualified to join
  4. Team is volunteer for now also "When you are most available" means like when are you the most open/active through out the day
  5. I can achieve blender/maya like stuff using Mine-Imator. There would be no point of moving to a new program
  6. Last time, I didn't understand the whole team thing. And I struggled to manage before as most people were either offline or lost motivation due to laziness
  7. I have 2 projects planned, one of them is already in the works. What I mean by mature is just don't be annoying/pain in the bum
  8. Heya! Decided to make a team so lemme just list down the requirements. Team is volunteer for now Requirements: - Must be over 13 years of age (Discord TOS) - Be mature - Must use discord Application: https://forms.gle/MTfNn4PhXNxVvUQU7 If you have any questions about anything please DM me, ShotU#6106 Current Members: 19 Note: If you don't receive an invite within 24 hours of submitting your response, it most likely means you were denied
  9. ShotU

    ShotU's Face Rig V1

    Making the height of the eyes the same as the male looks bad. Also, how so does it look ugly?
  10. ShotU

    ShotU's Face Rig V1

    Might make a small tutorial on how to use it
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