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  1. ShotU

    ShotU's Face Rig V4

    Been a while so here's SAFR V4! New Additions: - Bevel Mouth! Bendable but limited (recommended for closed mouth expressions). - Optional braces toggle for gapped teeth! - Optional Blush Styles! Changes: - 90% of the model is comprised of standard planes (Very little 3D surfaces) - Many bends have been tweaked. - Removed unnecessary eye sparkle styles. Credit unnecessary but appreciated!
  2. Ok I'm really digging this UI. So good yet so fresh and clean.

  3. I haven't used the forums or payed attention to it but it recently resurged the idea to come check this place out. last time I posted here I think was February 22nd. Already I see a new look to the forums and honestly in my personal opinion looks better than the previous.

    1. Voxy


      It's actually a temporary theme, the real new look is on its way though!

  4. Haven't visited here for a while so decided to update my appearance and get updated on what's been posted here.

  5. You are meant to edit the face rig directly in MB, then use it in MI
  6. ShotU


    Should prolly credit me for the foxy.
  7. Nice, however in my opinion non-alpha rigs I personally don't like just because they aren't very animation friendly, I apply this to any non-alpha rig.
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