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  1. The map was made by a user named @JasmineChimes I believe
  2. As it all says in the title this will be my last EVER Mine-Imator creation and rig. I've now fully moved to Blender and since then have been loving it. I wanted to remake my rigs for a long time so I here are the remakes. As a parting gift I've released these. Renders: Features Include: Male and Female Verions Base Rig (Arms/Legs) Wrist/Ankle Toe Control Latest and updated version of SAFR Smooth and Gapped Teeth Singalized Texturing Pupil Control Nose and Ear presets (optional) Scale Friendly Animation Folders IK Mimic Thumb Fill Advanced Waist Control Optimization If there are any bugs please report to them via discord ShotUGaming#4662 Release video coming soon. If enough people request a alpha face rig version, another version will be made.
  3. Been a minute Hosted this team a while back but Spiral Studios is a team to help creators ShotU and Enchanted make content for both YouTube channels. This is a volunteer team at the moment. If you would like to join please fill out this form linked below. Blender or Autodesk Maya is highly recommended. With ModelBench exceptions https://forms.gle/fVjN1k8tp3dzpcQA8
  4. This is a remake of an old render I did back in 2019/2020 Old Render:
  5. I turned your springtrap model intro a scraptrap model, if I do use it (in other words, if i find enough inspiration to make one more fnaf song video) I will make sure your credited


  6. SAFR is to be used within Modelbench therefore the face rig is ready to use upon importing the preset rig into Mine-Imator. Plus it's much easier to configure in Modelbench Yes, you can achieve the same result as a non-alpha using alpha glitch however as Kwazedilla said, with non-alphas you have more achievability to visual settings, making it unnecessary. Plus it adds on more bending parts making the face rig unnecessarily FPS dropping. This is by default as some skins from what I've seen have different heights of which the ears are placed. A user of SAFR is free to change how high or low the ears are.
  7. SAFR V5, now a non alpha rig! - Now a Non-Alpha face rig! - New eyelash design - Lips that replace the bevel mouth on SAFR V4
  8. yo'u'r'e


  9. These are my old base rigs and I have no use for them as I have updated them, which those updated will remain private. Contains: - SAFR V3 - Smooth body on both male and female - Mimicked IK System on arms and legs - Fingers - Blocky Ankles and Smooth Wrists - Folders No need to credit, I can care less but don't claim you made it.
  10. ShotU

    ShotU's Face Rig V4

    Been a while so here's SAFR V4! New Additions: - Bevel Mouth! Bendable but limited (recommended for closed mouth expressions). - Optional braces toggle for gapped teeth! - Optional Blush Styles! Changes: - 90% of the model is comprised of standard planes (Very little 3D surfaces) - Many bends have been tweaked. - Removed unnecessary eye sparkle styles. Credit unnecessary but appreciated!
  11. Ok I'm really digging this UI. So good yet so fresh and clean.

  12. I haven't used the forums or payed attention to it but it recently resurged the idea to come check this place out. last time I posted here I think was February 22nd. Already I see a new look to the forums and honestly in my personal opinion looks better than the previous.

    1. Voxy


      It's actually a temporary theme, the real new look is on its way though!

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