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  1. I forget this place exists, that's how much I despise it here.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MojangYang


      This is my primary site of "residence". Discord is secondary to me even though I use it just as often. Many problems I've seen on the forums are also present on discord so idrc.

    3. Swift


      Less people like you, more positivity. This place could actually be better.

    4. MojangYang


      You mean we should stop complaining and work to improve the forums?

      I agree but its not as easy as it sounds. People don't wanna change.

  2. this could have been a status update but yeah believe in yourself man.
  3. Recently started working on some oc rigs so here they are! Pretty simple reskinning, just replace your skin and to a little editing to the texture and you're basically set Note: When changing the skin on alex, the arms on the skin texture must be 3x3 or else it will cause issues (4x3 arms do not work on either/or) Steve Alex NOTE: Alex has eyelashes, i just quickly added them before releasing. Credit If you use. (Blender ports soon)
  4. It was an attempt to prevent f n a f content here which is considered fad here
  5. that's so disappointing that the forums has to even censor a persons username because it uses the word fo x y
  6. I don't have this issue at all, I don't see how this is happening to others
  7. I'd suggest putting everything in spoilers next time.
  8. One of the many reasons I mostly avoid being active here, this place not at all fun/friendly to a majority of the users.
  9. ShotU

    OC Rig

    atleast make the skin the same pixel size as the hair and cloak
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