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  1. Haven't visited here for a while so decided to update my appearance and get updated on what's been posted here.

  2. You are meant to edit the face rig directly in MB, then use it in MI
  3. @viridi thanks for the model 


  4. ShotU


    Should prolly credit me for the foxy.
  5. Nice, however in my opinion non-alpha rigs I personally don't like just because they aren't very animation friendly, I apply this to any non-alpha rig.

    1. Mercury


      Why not put it in Wallpapers section?

    2. Zyn
  7. The spaces between the lines of text is extremely un-needed. And what red said above, reflections would already be added if it was that simple. also you technically can do this not by code but by some simple parenting and toggling of transformation constraints.
  8. Cameras aren't the best but it is a solution. In my way of doing reflections is I just duplicate everything in a folder, flip it over and align then drop floor's opacity depending on how reflective it is.
  9. Glowstone is kinda overexposed, maybe bring down the glow intensity a bit.
  10. I've had this issue happen to me before. A few suggestions is to right click and replace "Default Texture" with a new texture and to not open models through file explorer. Double clicking a mimodel that opens MB is a way that causes that from what I've seen myself.
  11. Not bad, however the animation looks kinda wonky. Try and some more overlapping action into the arms. There also seems to be some noticeable foot sliding. Try and match up the foot placement as he takes a step and pushes himself forward.
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