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  1. Do you know MI is x32 bit software? not being rude or something, but as Kubi said already: " it doesn't require that much specs because it won't be able use this much specs big bruh moment " There is a "maybe it will be x64" but we dont know for sure i'd suggest to just wait a bit
  2. That displacement way better than previous one and actually uses Height/Displacement map Still wrapping my head around it to make it even better, so, yeah, its in WIP section
  3. Look in HQ and watch on a water, kek
  4. Check spoiler, that was intentional white light
  5. Probably overedited, but eh, without experimenting we wont get much
  6. Someone doesnt believe that was made in MI, so, in rage i've made proof:
  7. here is 128 surfaces, actually, and cause im lazy ass its only 1 texture still cant find 3D noise generator and dont really want to make textures by hand ._.
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