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  1. what "yeah"? how they are using it? all 12 ones
  2. The 12 principles of animation: Squash and stretch, Anticipation, Staging, Straight ahead action and pose to pose, Follow through and overlapping action, Slow in and slow out, Arc, Secondary action, Timing, Exaggeration, Solid drawing, Appeal i've wrote it wrong, i wrote "principals" instead of "principles", but even so, you could get it .-.
  3. 12 principals of animation and how filmmaking use it (especially Squash and stretch one)
  4. What do you think I did?
  5. (Priest on the left)
  6. Nope. Its 32x16x16. I'd even say that you can compare with default MC bed, its almost the same size (except height)
  7. Explaining smolness: 16 pixels width, so, Emmm.. yeah
  8. Probably could do proper render instead of just placing bunch of items ._.
  9. and closer shot:
  10. like, not only shadow blur affects the shadow on a surfaces. you can try use 5-7 spot lights to make awesome shadows and rays. or even different sources of light with different colors Also, while i were messing around these rays i've got some interesting results, like: -Rainbow effect idk how i've got it, but appears on an old version of rig, where surfaces werent stacked into each other(what causes crash on an exit from project). Before that they were stacked in one folder, but they had different position -No textures, but better lighting and rays Use blend mode [Screen] -Fog and bloom effect, of course without blom and fog -Different results cause of alpha between 1-5% Like, Fog is getting thicker, rays more visible, some lighting issues and etc You maybe will get even more. To see these kinds of effects - look in my wallpaper/animation posts, or even on YT
  11. I have to remade face rig since its awful sometimes ,_,
  12. so, em... what you can suggest to make it better? i know you always have an advice . __ .
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