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  1. thanks, and yes i know that problem lol, IS-3 vs Tiger H1 seems doesn't logic, and bismarck 1940 era vs Tu-95 w/ Mig-3 this is because lack of models and i have no experience of modelling, thanks anyway!
  2. I hope you enjoy it, and upvote if you like it!
  3. um yea sorry for commenting in here, but can i ask? did you have any soviet tank rig? 
    i really need that lol, so yeah, if you have, please notified me, Tanks!

    1. Zulfan falah

      Zulfan falah

      ah nvm, i think he's already inactive

  4. yeah if can do that, i will. but i have no idea how to do or simulate that
  5. um hey, did you has soviet tank rig? i very need this lol, for my school asignment, and when it's done, of course i will give you a credit after i uploaded it to youtube! please inform me if you have any,

    i already download your Tiger Rig, its beatiful! 

  6. Picture 1 : Original Picture 2 : anime look-alike thanks to @ZZZZane for Rubbish n' Rubble Rig Pack
  7. i know this is old meme, 2019 meme for sure, i want to share my animation in here, mine imator forums, enjoy
  8. First thing first, thank you very much for your support second thing, you doesnt need to sad bruh improve aja bro, dulu juga w gapernah dapet support, tapi akhirnya dapet dapet juga and third, who are you h3h3, i think you know me, but sorry. i doesnt know you, its doesnt matter thanks man, someday you will get support from another mine imator user,
  9. So last year i remake Nuclear scene at Shock and awe mission in COD4: Modern warfare 2 its short animation yeah i know Thanks and Shoutout to @niam For make an amazing Helicopter and Chinook Rig!
  10. I know this is an old meme, that lasted for a month, but i want to share my animation that made 3 month ago lol And thanks for @Cube Productionsfor make this amazing astronout rig!
  11. i just following the original game screen, in among us (game) its like that. soo yeah
  12. i made that hat, but i think its not that good. but i found someone made that cosmetic for among us
  13. o yeah, i forgot to put credit, sorry
  14. i probably made this render 3 weeks ago, and i want to share this in here right now lol, enjoy thanks n shoutout to @9redwoodsfor made this epicc Rig!,
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