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  1. Unless you got their permission, I don't think it's a great idea reposting someone else's model
  2. I gave my skin a jacket so I decided to try it out with my jacket rig Holy crap the image is big Just click on it to view it in proper size
  3. You did post this on discord. I remember those days
  4. I've always had the same thing happen to me. This happens also with the "Refresh textures on focus" option. Sometimes it refreshes the texture like it's supposed to, but sometimes it wont no matter how many times you re-focus on the window, and you just have to replace the texture with itself to update it.
  5. The edge lighting makes it look stylistic and it fits with the texturing style. Lighting is smooth and consistent, and you even nailed the SSAO. This is fantastic.
  6. I can't even comprehend the beauty that this image contains Happy birthday Floof and Hagus!
  7. I made the wooden furniture. Great render!
  8. Sharp bending and corner extrusions would've been nice.
  9. The texturing is not auto generated noise, it clearly has a palette. However the palette has too much contrast and the shading is just random.
  10. Assuming this is pixel consistent, the mug is too big for a player model. Otherwise looks really good.
  11. A little lava glow and and a few more mobs around the scene would've been nice, but this looks really good!
  12. Oh this is very interesting. Cool way to convey this idea!
  13. I made a small render with @9redwoods's mini player model rig as well:
    Y6wsgglq o

    1. insanehelix7076
    2. insanehelix7076


      my render is in wallpapers and art also its the topic below the newest topic

    3. ShotU
  14. He's not talking about how the character is looking forward, but how the eye rig's pupils are both in the center of the eye by default, which, as he said, looks derpy.
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