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  1. Oh, my account is over 5 years old now. Nice.

    1. Enderbrine Studios

      Enderbrine Studios

      Way to go, congrats. Hope it stays for another 5 more

  2. noooo dont leave :(((( you were bad but atleast you were nice :((
  3. Here's a traffic light model I made

    1. insanehelix7076


      Tbh i think the bent bottom parts of those... light.. walls should match the colors above them in coordination

  4. Here's a little animation I made

  5. This looks pretty nice! The set is good, but I'd suggest using some more contrast next time you make your textures.
  6. I decided to model the cool and awesome Rayman
  7. I didn't even notice it looked like that because I use dark theme
  8. Modeled a small wooden shack in MB.




    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MojangYang


      I can tell by the lighting and grid, that this is MB

    3. AlvinTheMinecraft


      i was over reacting it's modelbench

    4. Ethaniel
  9. Helps you spot spies. It doesn't help you catch them though. Textures ripped from the latest snapshot 20w48a by @Ian_The_One
  10. yo frost i made a pie model in the shape of a pie


  11. Newcomers to the topic, if you weren't able to deduce. Do you have nothing else to say about my comment?
  12. It seems as though some newcomers have made the same mistake as the ones before Don't worry, I can clarify again Notice the word "suggest" The word is very much there, if you couldn't tell @CaptainClipy
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