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  1. Going to watch Toy Story 4 for my birthday lol. I guess I'll see what it's like...

  2. The blast furnace doesn't have a big enough opening for it to really be noticeable, but the smoker would be cool that way. I'll probably update it.
  3. I'm gonna drop something lit around Christmas time

    1. TexasTony04


      just 18 more Wednesdays, y'all.

    2. Frost*
  4. High res detail, idk how well this will fit in minecraft animations.
  5. It's me and @Emaniplex's birthday today

    1. ...



    2. Jake_28


      Happy birthday to both of you!


  6. Eh, it's okay. Kind of blurred, and the lighting looks default. And your hands aren't really holding the shovel well. (Also is this up high in the sky?)
  7. Everything has been added... I present to you, INCLUDES: V.3 Changes: Added Stonecutter, Lantern, Bell, and Smithing Table Fixed extrusions on top of Smoker Reorganized files V.3 Extra Features: 3D animated blade on Stonecutter Lantern is properly glowed on custom surfaces DOWNLOAD HERE | 123KB Thank you!
  8. Makes sense, because a sphere wouldn't display in one direction. well duh lol
  9. Ah, I get it. Face camera.
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