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  1. yo frost i made a pie model in the shape of a pie


  2. After the chaotic events that took place in a recent topic, "3D Pie Model", I decided to make a meme breakdown of some of the arguments. I had a lot of fun making this. Users in video: @9redwoods, @Frost (me), @Draco63, @__Mine__, @Jnick, @Keep on Chucking, @Voxy, @Spontaneous Explosions, @Ethaniel and @TheRealMariobros1045 (topic owner) Context, if you haven't been updated on recent forum drama: I hope you enjoy this wacky breakdown!
  3. Newcomers to the topic, if you weren't able to deduce. Do you have nothing else to say about my comment?
  4. It seems as though some newcomers have made the same mistake as the ones before Don't worry, I can clarify again Notice the word "suggest" The word is very much there, if you couldn't tell @CaptainClipy
  5. Jeez, I forgot giving suggestions to creators wasn't allowed. I'll remind Red not to give feedback next time On a serious note, the feedback on Red's input is very disappointing. A lot of the commentators who replied have based their opinions on ill-informed assumptions. I would not like to let this stand unexplained. (Yes, I know I'm late, and there are a lot of comments to catch up with) One of the seemingly common counter-arguments to Red's suggestion is that MC's pumpkin pie item is cylindrical, therefore the 3D model should be allowed to follow that geometry. However, it seems that you haven't drawn the conclusion that MC's item textures are often very different from the actual 3D models used in the game. Minecraft's cake is a great example. Obviously, the item is cylindrical but the 3D object is a square. Thus this counter argument is very flawed, seemingly as it doesn't look at the rest of the game for further information on standards. My point? MC's item textures do not depict the 3D model's geometry. It appears that many of the defending commentators here have made a devastating misconception, believing that Red's statement was in some way "forcing" his style opinion on the creator. However if you actually look at Red's comment, you'll notice that it was actually a suggestion, one that could be denied or accepted depending on the creator's preferences. That is what we do here, after all. After a while, some members were already cancelling Red's suggestion with their own opinions before the creator even got a say in what he wanted to do with the suggestion. It's the creator's choice, not yours. Sure, you can state your opinion, but please don't try to negate someone else's with yours. You don't get to choose what happens with the model either. Maybe offer some of your own suggestions, instead of telling someone else to back off because they attempted to help the creator. Not sure where the "harsh" description came from. The suggestion wasn't harsh at all, just plain and straight to the point with no rudeness. Heck, the suggestion was only 5 words, I'm not sure what's so harsh about that. All other messages sent by Red and I were simply defending the validity of the suggestion. These messages were not even directed to the model or the creator, which is where the assumed "harsh"ness is presumed to be directed to. We weren't even harsh in our defense to the claims that were made. Since when was upholding your own claims considered this preposterous? Your opinion isn't "incorrect", nobody's is. Please don't bring irrelevant self pity into this. Some stated that there was a "flame war" happening in the topic, when in reality Red and I had backed off the field while everyone else attacked the suggestion. A very one-sided flame war, if anything. Once again, we never forced the creator to change anything, it was only a suggestion. Now about "Filled with such things", since when was suggesting considered a bad thing? I'd rather the forums not leave behind users suggesting things to creators. Honestly confused as to where the description "pissy" came from, as far as I remember, suggesting an alternative wasn't labeled as "pissy". Both Red and I acted respectfully while defending the suggestion's validity. Kinda disappointing to hear this come from MI's Visual Designer Our intention was not to make the creator feel bad, it is obviously not expected for them to get upset about a suggestion. I have a feeling this might've branched off from all the negativity to Red's comment, possibly giving a skewed perception to the creator. Definitely would've helped if you all hadn't attacked it Funny how you mention "mass-downvoting", while your opposing side downvoted significantly more than Red and I ever did. You don't have much room to talk. Once again you claim that our comments are "harsh". I touched on this earlier. Since when was calmly suggesting things considered "toxic"? Neither Red nor I ever stated that the model was ever "wrong". Red's suggestion wasn't a complaint; there's a difference. The funny thing is that Red and I stopped replying fairly early, even before the wave of overly-defensive and ill-informed comments arrived. I don't like making long posts like these, but I wanted to make some things clear. This post was not directed at the creator or the model itself; it is directed at the users mentioned. It honestly saddens me to see the community attack such simple suggestions like this
  6. I'm not super against the model, all I've done is explain the flaws in your logic. And just because hundreds of them exist doesn't mean that any of them are fine. Why would I need to calm down from anything? I've only replied to the topic twice
  7. Criticizing the entire structure of a model isn't nitpicking.
  8. I don't remember seeing a lot of round, pixelated models in mc.
  9. Frost

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    We just want your work to improve
  10. Frost

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Unless you tell people not to give it, expect criticism on the forums.
  11. Frost

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    If you are not willing to take any advice or criticism people give here, then you should just tell people on your next post that you don't want criticism. Because I haven't ever seen you consider any of it
  12. Frost

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Just because something isn't industry doesn't mean that it's quality doesn't matter
  13. Frost

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    You like texturing things... improperly?
  14. Frost

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    If you're putting in the effort to make the textures yourself instead of using gradients and such, then why not put in the effort to learn some actual pixel art skills, like how MC textures are created?
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