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  1. Yoshifan33

    i did it again

    *stands awkwardly in 5'19"*
  2. *heavy metal begins as Super Shotguns are loaded with malicious intent.*
  3. Y'know, I could go off on a tangent about how you have no right to criticize my preference of games in the first place, but I'd rather not get into that as of right now.
  4. i thought you were did something about reddit lmao edit: thanks for the gold, kind stranger!
  5. also new horizons seems cool. i wasn't hating on it, i just prefer Doom EDIT: also also, the only reason I won't be getting New Horizons is because I don't have a Switch, and don't really feel the need to buy one
  6. Y'know what else comes out on March 20th? Oh yeah. DOOM ETERNAL. *heavy death metal starts playing*
  7. IS THAT A POLICE!?!? I'M CALLIN THE WEED! *presses 4-2-0 on microwave* 420, whatcha smokin?
  8. remove the whites of the eyes
  9. Flex-Steve is super THICC
  10. Now it's time to FACE the truth. -Withered Bunny, Incredible Randomizable Day
  11. so, about mAXWELL'S BITE MARK ON HIS EAR-
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