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  1. I know requests are closed, and it's been a long time, but if you ever have time, maybe the MP40?
  2. yep. sounds like a fun discord
  3. wait that's impossible *checks calculator for 21-13* wait, nevermind, all clear
  4. A small CC point: The magazine flies into the gun before the hand reaches that point. I would suggest creating two magazine objects (one parented to the hand, the other to the gun), and swap visibility when required. Other than that, this is pretty good! EDIT: Also, if the animation is meant to be accurate to the gun in question, I would advise using the other hand to prime the gun (as seen on the real thing).
  5. I think the mouth should be a movable jaw like in-game
  6. ENNNNNNNN....TER THE GUNGEON! By Beholster eye, Dragun tooth, Gungeon wind do whisper one truth, Body the floor, put a bullet through roof, Ammo willin', past killin', gun shall shoot... Non stop, hammercock, violent mannered shots land a lot, Keep cannon hot, can it not cease, granted, rot peace, rest handed, got beast, best last man standin', gun speak, fleece boss, head handed...
  7. oh my god!!! steveward you're gonna die! oh my god!!!11!!!1!!!
  8. Why did you downvote people's positive response to that hang gliding wallpaper?

    1. TheJeweledWolf


      What hang gliding wallpaper?

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