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  1. Round I "Power, power, power, power, power! It's alvays ze first pri-ORITY."
  2. Not a fan of the game, but it sounds interesting. If you do end up making it, it could be a good idea to release the weapons pack (as it might be useful in general, but that's just my opinion). Good luck on it.
  3. I noticed that the heart and hunger bar were still images, which is a little disorienting if you focus on them, but otherwise it's pretty good
  4. TL;DR Cannons can rotate in all directions, tall and short. Very heavy. 3 types of ammunition; 1. Shrapnel, very heavy, long range 2. Grenades, heavy, even longer range 3. Monoblock grenades, heavy-ish, even longer range
  5. yes Don't Starve Together; is Wilson best main?
  6. Yoshifan33

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    can you draw me character
  7. There's an old man sitting next to me, makin' love to his tonic and gin...
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