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  1. This is pretty good! Also, as Mojang said, it'd seem a bit less disorienting if you had one large glass piece for each window.
  2. oh god circle in minecraft oh frick oh [REDACTED]
  3. And, like Xander said, he'd have the ability to claim these animations as his own, due to the lack of watermarks, voice, or music. Very shady stuff.
  4. Th15 15 th3 st0ry 0f 4 m4n n4m3d 5t4nl3y.
  5. Why does this look so official
  6. Like, uh, maybe that Yoshi guy... nah, he doesn't post any content.
  7. This is what I got: D︎A︎R︎K, Y︎E︎T︎ D︎A︎R︎KE︎R︎;︎ S︎O︎M︎E︎T︎H︎I︎N︎G︎ I︎S︎ F︎O︎L︎L︎O︎W︎I︎N︎G︎ Y︎O︎U︎. I︎S︎ I︎T︎ T︎H︎E︎ PA︎S︎T︎ C︎H︎A︎S︎I︎N︎G︎ Y︎O︎U︎ ,︎ O︎R︎ Y︎O︎U︎R︎ D︎O︎U︎B︎T︎S︎?︎?︎?︎ Is this right, @IronDefender25?
  8. I found the ACTUAL link btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
  9. bruh why you spoil me remaking revenge????!?? Nah, this is really good! Good job to everyone involved!
  10. looks at activity

    I need to post content soon.

    *wink wink*

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