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  1. Credit goes to @anima cryses for the epic Springbon, he better update and give >:) @ShotU for the fnaf3 map Text is by me It's non-official, and I did it for fun, it was based on @JayHAnimationz and @Jnick's collab. Enjoy.
  2. So yeah, did 2 commissions for Exotik and @TheEmeraldLiker Set was by Waffle Enjoy
  3. lighting doesn't affect PC, it's the AO
  4. It looks alright, but textures could definitely be improved, it looked too blend in
  5. Well, you can make almost anything in MB, from simplest things(pencil, scissors, etc) to the most complex things( interesting face rigs, sets, and other stuff).
  6. Credit to JayH for the Thorned Freddy rig. Follow him in Twitter!
  7. Then it's no use to download the models. Anyone can get the Bare Bones resource pack somewhere else.
  8. That's quite similar to Bare Bones textures.
  9. Left is me, middle is Phant, and right is Supah Enjoy
  10. They are the same. LordKillo is really skilled
  11. This. This is an example some proper audience want, Sharp. Lots of ppl love it.
  12. MJY is giving you proper criticism. That hammer is cool for your first time modeling, but learning ModelBench can help you redo your hammer and make it better. Trust me, criticism will help you no matter the cost.
    1. insanehelix7076


      nice sword/s

      also i noticed he made some among us drip models

      (among us drip doesn't go away from my recommended 

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