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  1. Mercury

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    I see. Could I at least tweak the rig and show to the rest of the people how a 'proper' rig from the MI community wants compared to yours? I won't make it downloadable since the original owner is from you.
  2. Did a 4K cinematic test with lighting too, so yeah, fnaf. Adios!
  3. English please ability to import MB models
  4. Yes I do, just bad at texturing That's a good question. I would say life tests you. It tosses challenges and unexpected stuff at you and see if you would surpass each. Life decides how you die, what actions you would take, and most importantly, won't let you eat marshmallows. Both
  5. @CandyCat449I like Anima cryses rigs the best
  6. HEY THERE, PAL!!!

    Looking for work, but SICK of being PUSHED AROUND by LOUSY BOSSES???

    How would YOU like to RUN and MANAGE YOUR OWN BUSINESS???

    Well, all we need from YOU is a little PAPERWORK!

    and your soul!

  7. Wow dude, your rep went up fast!

    I still remember when you were a noob at this, and now you have double the prestige that I have! Good job!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Draco63
    3. Yoshifan33


      laughs in continuing to not post, and therefore not gaining rep

    4. MojangYang



      green bracelet



      Mercury I don't remembered if you made that but you certainly improved hugely since.

  8. Aight, credits: @anima cryses for his custom springtrap and the axe @ShotU for Freddy rig and fnaf1/fnaf3 map @Dannyy_btw for the orange robot Enjoy
  9. Mercury

    Oblivion GEN 6.0

    Dear @SharpWind, I don't know what to say. Criticism was supposed to be taken and not deflected. It's supposed to make you improve better. I said my part and thought you did take it and be cool. Now, I looked back here. One word I can say: Disappointed. There are a lot of MI users here who took criticism and became the improved versions of themselves. You? You slack it off like a piece of crap. And I don't tolerate slacking criticism off. When I was a newbie, I make excuses when people criticize me, but now, I learnt to suck it all up and write me damned notes of criticism. It's hard to get hold of yourself, but eventually, you adapt. And get better. Now I don't know what to do, treat you like a child, or give you one more criticism like old times I did to others. Surely you will come up with another off-topic stuff or ignore it, but here's the deal. The rig is terrible. Suck it up. Eat that piece of criticism. Now here are the goddamn tips to make you improve. 1. Look at other MC Character rigs and use them as ref. The eyes CANNOT be centered-makes the human look dull. 2. Learn to properly shade your clothing and stuff. Pillow shading imo is the worst there is. Look online or ask people to teach you. 3. Take every criticism there is. Apologies for being aggresive, but I am literally surprised. A popular Mine-Imator Youtuber that has a terrible reputation here for deflecting criticism. The people who sub for you are kids. Every comment they say on your videos are nonsense. Only a professional MI User like 9redwoods or Ian can point out the mistakes. Learn your mistakes, some famous guy say. If you improve, you get more subs(and possibly more professional subs). Don't let your subscribers find out the truth sooner than you learn to suck it up. Mercury out.
  10. Mega custom fnaf set coming soon.... no this is not a teaser of an animation
  11. Professional people tend to criticize beginners. Don't blame them, they are trying to help you in their way(sometimes)
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