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  1. No fireworks? this is not China if no fireworks work here
  2. I am not getting what this is. Looks like a Wither against you, my man. please don't hurt me idk what this ahhhh
  3. And cutting meat. That’s intolerable
  4. Drop it, kid, you have no idea what it’s used for
  5. don't ask me, ask salem. Pretty sure that's .25 size already said it in the post
  6. Define grille. Oh you mean the two things in front? They ain’t stretched
  7. What stretched textures? Pixel inconsistent on car I presume.
  8. omg someone help the poor kitty
  9. An old and broken Victoria LTD laid dormant in the outside world in New York, with hope of being repaired or salvaged to be freed from its pain. Credits goes to: @Salem for his Vic LTD original model, but later I textured some more and modified a bit. Letters are my work too. @mbanders for his trash bin rig. Pretty neat. Please feel free to put CC on this render so I would improve in a better way. yeah the hand is glowing idk why ;-; hood also popped out before cuz old and broke
  10. Frost is gonna have nightmares for the rest of his life
  11. Hey hey hey look who’s bacc! Thy ENDERMAN! no no no you do not want to mess with the endermen no no no Render looks sick, mate
  12. Lighting looks weird on edge glow thing on your character, man, but the room looks epic.
  13. Textures non existent, but yeah gfycat thing however..... THE KEYS DON’T MOVE? so anyways I started crying
  14. Render pretty epic, but the legs are creeping me out for some reasons that idk what
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