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  2. so you have chosen death
  3. ayo
    it's my birthday!

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  4. ok so uh made my own stylized springpixel(left) @TheEmeraldLiker's withered oc by me in right set is by @ShotU ok bye!
  5. Springbonnie rig by @anima cryses, tile textures by me Enjoy the render yall
  6. Animatronic model by me, based on @anima crysesas he also did Bomber model as well the other arcade bases, while I did the Speed Demon textures, and the other one, including the set behind. Animatronic you see is made by me, the floating head is by Ahmed in discord as well the set. Shackles is made by me again, the set is by @JayHAnimationz Left rig is by @JayHAnimationzagain, while the right one is made by @viridi, you know whose set belongs to. Yep this is it. Enjoy the show once again
  7. I have become mercury’s 15,000 profile view

  8. Yo I can put a heart! this is real epic man
  9. Credit goes to @anima cryses for the epic Springbon, he better update and give >:) @ShotU for the fnaf3 map Text is by me It's non-official, and I did it for fun, it was based on @JayHAnimationz and @Jnick's collab. Enjoy.
  10. So yeah, did 2 commissions for Exotik and @TheEmeraldLiker Set was by Waffle Enjoy
  11. It looks alright, but textures could definitely be improved, it looked too blend in
  12. Well, you can make almost anything in MB, from simplest things(pencil, scissors, etc) to the most complex things( interesting face rigs, sets, and other stuff).
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