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  1. That... looked painful. Glad I don't have an impatient fanbase!
  2. 0/10, title implied Sans, I was disappointed. Actually, really well animated.
  3. Why is it looking at me… It clearly has malicious intent.
  4. It’s as fast as my computer! Also, good job! I love it! *Upvote*
  5. Well… like everyone’s saying, it’s all linear. But I’m not just going to say what every else says. I’m gonna be ABOVE AVERAGE HELPFUL! … … … why does the guy fall off his horse to the right, even though it should’ve been backwards? Also, the horse would’ve been spooked to. Not terrible though. not like my stuff… mine sucks…
  6. Outdated version of mine-imator, no inspiration, no effort, little skill, basic computer. Enjoy this bad 4k render.
  7. Yes, definitely use a schematic. It looks kinda like a bad Nintendo 64 game.
  8. The BEAUTIFUL plastic aestetic! It and anything using it is severely underrated.
  9. Two things: Fox's tail is bent twice, while yours is just bent in one place. I forgot the second one. <edit> Just as I thought, I remembered the second one as soon as i posted the comment. It is: THE FACE! The smile on Fox is more of a smirk. Once again, though, you've done much better than me. Just like everyone else... except those monster school guys.
  10. *thinks* What does he me "rickrolled"? *30 minutes of buffering later* Oh.
  11. AHHH! Sorry, just looked at the thumbnail...
  12. My first thought when I watched that, no kidding: "Oh my gosh, somebody KILL that thing!" Does it count as violence when done out of ABSOLUTE TERROR?
  13. oh now I think I get it. And I do know how eyes work, I made nightmare fuel I call a face rig...
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