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  1. Works as intended! The stinger adds personality!
  2. Please support all the other animators in this! We all did our best to show our love for this amazing game.
  3. someone let me know how to get spring trap rig PLESE PLESE PLESEjHVuESK.png

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    2. HassenX Animations

      HassenX Animations

      sorry if I sound like a model asker but is this model public or private? Plz dont get mad at me

    3. MojangYang


      @HassenX Animations this status is just about... 10 months old.

    4. HassenX Animations
  4. Hence why I use my own "FNAS" which just replaces the last letter with Supah The filters can stop the trend, but they can't stop me. Also, thanks for the nice comment!
  5. Hello forums! I'm back again. Just gonna drop these here and be on my way.
  6. Hey Supha, What rigs do you use becuse I like your rigs they look GREAT I try to make my own but they turn into well lets no say


    1. 9redwoods


      It looks like he hasn't been active since April.

    2. pvp2772gagswat


      Hey dude do you know were I can get the SpringSupah rig I like it


    3. 9redwoods
  7. Supah.exe

    Supah.exe Rig

    was I a good boy?
  8. Supah.exe

    fad 3 map

    Looks pretty neat!
  9. hallo so yeah ur cool

    and i mean rlly cool

  10. Hey Supah! I recently started on YouTube and started Mine Imator about three years ago! I am pretty good and make cool rigs. I was wondering if I would ever be able to do a part of an animation collab you make. That would be great. Plus, could you ever look at a video of mine? I want get feedback from a pro like you. Thanks for listening! :D

  11. Wew.

    You're quite the Mine-Imator prodigy, aren'cha?

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    2. Vinny_Cecere
    3. crustyjpeg



      A game about robot animals that ruined the internet for the second half of 2014.

    4. Vinny_Cecere


      psh yeah i dont do fad animations or anything

  12. i dream that supah.exe make me a rig of fad whit my minecraft skin

    1. hiendiep55


      He won't. because his fan are annoying him for begging for his rig or asking him to make one


      Including you are one of them 


  13. supah can we collab?i have a YT channel, but i need a model of you, and i need you to make an animatronic of me. I need some other peoples animatronics too. thx

  14. supah, can we collab? this is also my YT name. just dont watch my video. please

  15. I have a question.....how do you make you mineimator animations smooth?

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    2. Ninja Dino

      Ninja Dino

      Use transitions.

      Also experience in animating eventually gives you some kind of sixth sense so your brain will know what to do.

      Also practice animations a lot.

      And experiment in animation a lot.


    3. Fray


      thanks :P

      I have experiance with mineimator and animations for a while now :) thanks again for the tips


    4. Skjold


      A little-known thing called transitions and skill.

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