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  1. OPEN BACK-UP: Go ahead and ask away
  2. i'm pretty sure you'll be an elder by the time creeper pack 100 comes out

    1. __Mine__


      I'm going to continue making these until either I run out of ideas, or the majority of people vote that they're sick of themĀ and want me to stop.

      Whichever comes first. Which tbh will almost definitely be the latter.

  3. what?? how'd ya know? i don't know i will not answer as i refuse
  4. Wallpaper, yes Animation or Movie, no ( i need to learn how to animate ) CONFUSION: 100
  5. you know what...ask me anything you want
  6. SinnfulAl


    i know but next time, take notes from draco this is the perfect argument i can respect that okay what?? pretty much
  7. so when is ummm, pack 4??

    1. __Mine__


      Still WIP, it got delayed for a while as the new Modelbench came out.

  8. SinnfulAl


    just my opinion tho
  9. SinnfulAl


    hytale is just minecraft 2.0
  10. off-topic: i am dumb ass on-topic: i am big dumb ass
  11. everyone else probably feels the same
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