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  1. That was a pretty faithful adaptation and I really liked how you did the scenery, overall that was really cool
  2. Thanks man, and yeah I had the idea in the back of my head for a long time too xP Don't worry, if I ever do try to make it a fully playable map I wouldn't wanna bother you with a small project
  3. I don't understand why you're using blurry eyes texture
  4. Kind of a proof of concept, uses Custom NPC scripting but it could probably work with commands blocks too-
  5. It's hard to know when you are tho
  6. wait then that's not copying at all lol, I tought i might've gotten the idea from you but it's nowhere close actually
  7. Right, atleast here it counts upward to form some kind of social hierarchy lol
  8. It's because we're old timers who wasted they're time and energy on internet points
  9. Omg my little lamy boi has gotten over 1000 likes

  10. How jewish are you (1/10): 11 How good at rigging are you (1/5): -1 how good at artist are you (9999999/9999999): 9999999 how much do you love minecraft (epic/ not epic): this is epic how much do you love mlp (my little pony XD) (1/100): my little brony how racist are you (1/10): I constantly buy racially diverse games to be an inclusive person how good are you at cleaning up (1/10): i live in a basement I wanna be the group's trap
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