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    sumfing behind me?
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  1. Wisely choosen waifu.


    1. Patrick


      Who keeps firing explosions at my castle?

  2. Remember FNA:TF game? :steve_lol:

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. TheLamyral


      The forum or the discord .w. ?

    3. iZesty


      Everything :steve_lol:

      Whats your discord anyway

    4. TheLamyral
  3. Damage | Realistic Wallpaper

    I'm just blinded with how beautiful this is. @w@ Good job!
  4. Nice, that's some pretty awesome level of detail, good job.
  5. test no . IDK

    It actually looks kind of neat.
  6. owo

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. TheLamyral
    3. Skjold


      lamy we've missed yoooouuuuuu

    4. TheLamyral


      not really lol but sheesh this place sure changed

  7. Control Module SL

    Heh, not bad
  8. I like your signature,the Team Kawaii one! So 'kawaii'!

  9. Re:zero Rem [Female Maid Rig]

    "I love Emilia" Amazing job btw Rubin
  10. Motorcycle Animation Thing

  11. XXX (•w• ) [Wallpaper+OC]

    Wooh, i came back randomly on the forum and first thing I see is that you're still amazing Rubi-.. Lumie
  12. Undertale Engine Testing

    Thanks tought this enemy was mostly a test xP Oh >.< Well thanks
  13. I have been hiding inside of a cave for weeks working on random stuff and one day i started working on this. I wanted to try making my own Undertale styled game. (I doesn't know if on the forum people rather like or hate Undertale ;-;) But here i test the battle system where you can only Act and Mercy at the moments. (Even those monsters are test :P) So yeah : I'm posting this to see how you guys think it look so far .w.
  14. Have to survive [Thumbnail]

    It was intentional xP i felt like doing it this way Thanks and yea i'll try xP i'm bad at using particles
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