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  1. I haven't posted something in forever. the uganda knuckles sans is my friends skin i didnt choose it
  2. Pretty cool, the lighting looks good and the scene looks good in general, the car doesn't really fit in that minecraft theme but apart from that It's really good.
  3. You might want to find a higher resolution background
  4. I'm really liking 1.2.0 

  5. Just post the speed art along with the wallpaper.
  6. I like the thought of using old stuff and expanding it's limitations.
  7. I'll take the sky into consideration and the sunlight color. Mine-Imator 0.1 doesn't actually have any bending. (It came out in 2012). The skin support is really old so almost none of the skins worked. Importing custom scenery crashed Mine Imator.
  8. Will post unedited as soon as Imgur starts accepting the unedited Made with Mine Imator 0.1 Edited with Photoshop.
  9. It just really brings the typical minecraft styled wallpapers.
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