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  1. Patrick

    Indy ∞

    It goes a little too fast in my opinion.
  2. Patrick

    Modelbench: Community Build

    Finally! What I've been looking for! Thank you!
  3. Patrick

    Female Template

    my stick become the big stick
  4. My latest topic was in August 1st, 2017. And I've been on the forum almost every days since then. Wahah.

  5. Patrick

    Chilling [ trash ]

    I can't stand people who present their stuff with "It's bad". Say you present an idea to your boss, will you say "It's bad, it's trash." before even showing what it is? If you are not happy with your work, ask for feedback, or at least don't say anything.
  6. Patrick


    I agree. Just looks a bit too bland. Having him stand on a road or something that doesn't take the attention away from him.
  7. Patrick

    Earth (Mineimator)

    The earth texture looks bad compared the the cubed earth. Making it look more block-y like Minecraft would make it look better.
  8. Patrick


    Not bad.
  9. Patrick

    A Normal Bedwars Match

    You didn't need to announce it here.
  10. Patrick


    Add some scenery. Don't make it just flat.
  11. Patrick

    I made a thing

    What Ethan said. But the actual animation was not bad.
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