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  1. It's your bed past time.

    1. Skjold


      You're it's time past bed*

  2. Final Boss

    I would expect a final boss to be big, and not just some random creature in the woods. Also is there any difference between the edited and the unedited?
  3. Clash Royale Rig

    This doesn't look that bad tbh. But try to avoid stretched textures.
  4. José [1080p]

    Looks great!
  5. Sword Rig V.1

    Click on edit at the bottom of the topic.
  6. Sword Rig V.1

    I'm pretty sure you can?
  7. 3 Simple Rigging Tips

    You can, but its much more organized having a big item sheet with all of the textures, instead of having 20 different image files in the folder.
  8. Sword Rig V.1

    Here we go again.. STOP saying the rig is bad, there is no need for you to put that in the title. It just makes you seem like you can't take feedback and want everyone to be nice to you. You don't accomplish anything by putting "Horrible" "Crappy" "Bad" "Don't click" in the title.
  9. "Cuphead - Don't Deal with the Timekeeper" [1920x820]

    There are a couple of bosses that are smaller than Cuphead.
  10. But metal things don't float?
  11. Some movement tests of mobs

    They look nice! The witch one is a little fast though.
  12. If you know its horrible why do you upload it? Why don't you improve it until it looks like something you like? There is no need to say it's horrible before showing it.
  13. Dishonored in Minecraft

    0:29 was beautiful. some of the movements could be improved on but i like it
  14. Started on Patrick's Pungeon today!

    don't mind the pun

    oh god

    Its a 2D Dungeon RPG. With Turn based fighting mechanic and different puzzle mechanics!

    Yeah.. Save your friends.... Craft... Make friends... Defeat the mini bosses... Win.. Yay..

    If you want more information just dm me on discord.. Patrick#6215

    1. Patrick


      Yes.. There is a deeper story but i don't wanna spoil anything yet ;)

    2. Sonicxryan


      spoils the whole plot

  15. Wisely choosen waifu.


    1. Patrick


      Who keeps firing explosions at my castle?

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