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  1. Just some Random Art

    How is it old? And how do you know? He never stated it anywhere that this was old.
  2. A Software Like Mine-Imator

    I agree with this. But if you wanna move on from GML to C#/Unity, its REALLY different. I did that.
  3. A Software Like Mine-Imator

    Depends on what you mean, if you wanna make a 3D animation software. Or an animation software for Minecraft, i recommend learning 3D Game engines, Or make your own engine from scratch(Much harder, like.. Much harder) I don't recommend making a software like this as your first project. I've used Unity, almost 24/7 for 6 months, now and i'm nowhere close making something that even looks/functions like an animation software. I recommend starting small and build up from there. if you don't wanna write an engine from scratch. There are alot of engines out there that can make it easier. Unity3D - (C#, UnityScript) (My favorite) Unreal Engine - (C++, Blueprints) Cryengine - (C++, Lua, and some others) Of course there are more but these are the ones i recommend. Don't expect to make a million dollar game or software as your first game/software, it might take over 100's of projects. Good luck though.
  4. Add It On Collab 2

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/l550t09bwcfpd4s/Add It On 2.zip @Twotorule
  5. Add It On Collab 2

    I'll go after PowerMcKig
  6. Add It On Collab 2

    I'm gonna enter once this order gets fixed.
  7. Yoshi Chillin' with the Ender Dragon

    Not bad, maybe increase the radius of the torch light?
  8. knife animation

    Thats not a karambit.
  9. A Random Christmas Render

    where is plan b Wait is it just my phone or is this in "particles"?
  10. A Random Christmas Render

    What render settings do you use? And how did u get the cool extrusion effect? It looks amazing !
  11. Redstone Productions! Save me...

    Started around 5-6 months ago. And thanks.
  12. Redstone Productions! Save me...

    I've kinda stopped with Mine Imator, i was gonna animate a short for FSP(Zoocomicsx's team) but he started inviting a bunch of SFM animators and the mi animators were basically just there to talk so i left. I'm kinda doing Game Development full time, apart from school.
  13. Redstone Productions! Save me...

    I remember Hero Outbreak, i was making the thumbnail before someone else took the job before me.. Also, zoocomicsx is busy doing Overwatch Animations and is not active on the mine imator forum.
  14. It's your bed past time.

    1. Skjold


      You're it's time past bed*

  15. Final Boss

    I would expect a final boss to be big, and not just some random creature in the woods. Also is there any difference between the edited and the unedited?
  16. Clash Royale Rig

    This doesn't look that bad tbh. But try to avoid stretched textures.
  17. José [1080p]

    Looks great!
  18. Sword Rig V.1

    Click on edit at the bottom of the topic.
  19. Sword Rig V.1

    I'm pretty sure you can?
  20. 3 Simple Rigging Tips

    You can, but its much more organized having a big item sheet with all of the textures, instead of having 20 different image files in the folder.
  21. Sword Rig V.1

    Here we go again.. STOP saying the rig is bad, there is no need for you to put that in the title. It just makes you seem like you can't take feedback and want everyone to be nice to you. You don't accomplish anything by putting "Horrible" "Crappy" "Bad" "Don't click" in the title.
  22. "Cuphead - Don't Deal with the Timekeeper" [1920x820]

    There are a couple of bosses that are smaller than Cuphead.
  23. But metal things don't float?
  24. Some movement tests of mobs

    They look nice! The witch one is a little fast though.
  25. If you know its horrible why do you upload it? Why don't you improve it until it looks like something you like? There is no need to say it's horrible before showing it.
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