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  1. Porky

    I agree. Just looks a bit too bland. Having him stand on a road or something that doesn't take the attention away from him.
  2. Earth (Mineimator)

    The earth texture looks bad compared the the cubed earth. Making it look more block-y like Minecraft would make it look better.
  3. Armor

    Not bad.
  4. A Normal Bedwars Match

    You didn't need to announce it here.
  5. Porky

    Add some scenery. Don't make it just flat.
  6. I made a thing

    What Ethan said. But the actual animation was not bad.
  7. PopCorn? | Minecraft Animation

    My ears just fell off after the explosion and outro.
  8. just testing some thing

    He should be in a fighting pose, a typical "dark" fighter pose.
  9. The Classic F.N.a.F. Crew! [Rig Showcase]

    How hard is it to write "that"?
  10. MineImator rig crypter

    I don't think that's gonna change anything. People won't be able to get rigs without a download link. If you want to keep your rig private, don't post a link to download it.
  11. Can't figure out how to generate walking animation

    Learn to make one yourself, you will get both experience and a better result.
  12. A little animation about the mine.

    I think you should use some more time into your animations and not post them so quickly. You are spamming the forums pretty fast.
  13. Hypixel Skywars Highlights HD #15

    I agree, i miss those old days when I was just starting out. First cave into the mountain for survival. Running away from all monsters.
  14. BackGround Desktop

    Simple. I like it.
  15. MineImator rig crypter

    Can i just ask you how this helps? How can people steal your rigs?
  16. MineImator rig crypter

    I'm just confused on if there was anything I missed in the topic. Because it's pretty hard to steal a rig without a link. It would work better for paid rigs etc. Sorry if I sounded aggressive.
  17. MineImator rig crypter

    What is it that you like?
  18. MineImator rig crypter

    Because why would you need password for a rig. How are people gonna be able to get your rig without you posting a download link for it? You want to give them a password too? I don't see any point really.
  19. Here's a survey!

    Bow to the king.
  20. The Squad

    They look really stretched for some reason.
  21. MineImator rig crypter

    People won't be able to download your rig without you posting a download link it so i don't see how this would help. If you posted the download link. That means it's public.
  22. Labyrinth Test/Lip sync

    Here we go. The characters need to feel more alive. Add some movement to the body when they talk, don't make them stand still. Also they need to open up their mouth a little more, i don't think anyone can sing like that. And add some more expressions to the face, raise the eyebrows. Move the eyes, head. Everything. Also the camera could use some work, maybe some fast transitions somewhere and some slow ones.
  23. Here's a survey!

    Exporting an animation as 60 frames per second wont affect a tempo of say 20, or 25.
  24. Here's a survey!

    You can set down the tempo of the animation
  25. Demon Jump [Terraria Game]

    Really cool, if you like game development i would recommend doing something other than Scratch. You won't get really far with Scratch and learning to program will be better. Some engines/frameworks plus the language they use. Phaser.io - Javascript Love2D - Free - Lua Pico-8 - $14 - Lua GameMaker - Free Trial - GML Unity - Free - C# and UnityScript (Don't use UnityScript) Unreal - Free - Blueprints and C++
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