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  1. huh? oh right it's been a year k bbeyey posted it on my twitter but didn't drop it here so here you go ok here's my twitter btw if you want to follow me
  2. Every time he says that one line, I always lose it and start cheering i can't i just cannot oogm i l ovoe thoosoem omentnsn soomuch [model not by me, was made by a very cool friend]
  3. My only gripe is the wheels. the wheels. Maybe try out square wheels, or even futuristic floaty square ones; I think that'd go well with the Delorean theme
  4. Wow that fooled me at first watch. Didn't know it was made with this program, awesome job dude!
  5. Huh? oh right, so i made something cool last night, thought it was pretty cool, and figured it'd be cool to share it here i love you (not you, whoever's reading this, you're ok i guess) Open this for Variations: (still 2k haha) ok uuuuhhhhh i was gonna say something uhhhmmm
  6. My previous rig, the fly, got some good responses, and I wanted to bring more to the table. My next target was a bee. Yeah the minecraft bee is cute and all.. BUT It's not size accurate at all. So I had to come in and carry y'all to the finish line. I present to you, T h e F l y R i g 2 T h e B e e ! Even comes with a little bonus: The stinger! Here's the download. like and subcirbe
  7. Before you ask, yes they're supposed to be long sleeves. I can see how weird they look to other people. This exists merely to be set as my pfp on discord, but I thought it'd be nice to show the pic in full scale i like making renders like these i might make more
  8. This idea came into my head when I thought about what to eat for dinner. No post editing was required here. Except for the black bars & watermark, but you get the point.
  9. guys look i have a sword I am genuinely proud of this and willing to put it on my portfolio ok i lied I don't want to you may comment now
  10. It was my girlfriend's birthday the other day, and I made her this picture to remind her that the holocaust was real.
  11. hey look there he is haha he's so dumb lmao how do you even do that
  12. This is genuinely a nice addition to the forums. I recommend this to every single mine-imator animator to give this rig a try
  13. guys look i'm a girl now look at me pls upvote Female torso and legs made by - @Hozq
  14. Decided to just give my persona a costume for fun. Extras:
  15. Thought this would be cool to make. It's still being worked on, but I'm way too excited for it!


    1. crustyjpeg


      looks amazing so far

    2. ZKNIK


      where did you get the audio?

    3. MBB


      @ZKNIK The music's from the Mad Max OST (Chapter Doof). The sounds were taken from me searching through youtube

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