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  1. MBB


    =.= Does it light up?
  2. Hey look at that, a superhero theme I made from scratch


  3. I work on this project

    then close and save the project so i can leave my pc to get some sleep

    I come back to load up the project

    The project is not there.
    Almost as if I never made that project, the folder of the project was empty.


    I have much bigger projects, yet this one i was recently working just
    POOFS out of existence.

    I am SO HAPPY RN.

  4. I nominate: @Tysteria :https://www.youtube.com/user/Troncreeper01 @MicroPon3YT Animations :https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFYHvt4PDHHNyuuXbUG0jSg kthxbye
  5. "So Toast, how have you been doing on animations so far?"


  6. MBB

    "Still here"

    This was primary made for the background of my latest upload (TOOSTRR - "Still Here"), but I figured I would just post the original wallpaper because wHY nOt Original Image: (Music) Video courtesy of the image:
  7. I wanted to make something half-assed and edgy So I made this Upvote this or I'll delete your minecraft account
  8. So I started re-working on the part with the floating islands, which is what you see in the 2nd teaser In case you haven't seen it: Anyway [Note: This is not the final layout of the shot] And here's another poster I made while working on it because I thought it'd be cool to show off: Anyway that's all I can show you for now. SMR is still under development, but I do hope to finish the basic animation some time next year kthxbai
  9. Yo

    What is this kid doing tho


  10. New wallpaper Put it on your desktop Put it on your phone Heck put it on your library of lost images ok bye
  11. This scene will be much longer the next time I work on it. This is just something I wanted to show off—which is from my roots of storytelling :b
  12. MBB

    Glitched World Artwork

    quite lovely to look at
  13. What do you guys think about Pewdiepie not showing up in Youtube Rewind 2017?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. CaptainClipy


      @Red But Jake Paul brings in more mula.

    3. Rollo


      I'm not surprised. He did spend the whole year complaining about demonetization and a lot of controversy happened to him which rubbed off on YouTube as well.

    4. HeYoNia
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