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  1. Emunator

    how to posting mine imator rig

    View this guide on how to upload files: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/10-guide-how-to-post-a-mine-imator-project/ As for saving a 'Rig', you can select the group of objects/items etc in the timeline, at the bottom there will be a save icon, click this and you will be able to save a .miobject file to upload. Don't forget to read the "Read before posting" at top of the rigs section for more useful guides and rules regarding uploading rigs.
  2. Emunator

    Forums extreme lag

    I can really only suggest updating your chrome browser if it isn't already to version to 66.0.3359(Current stable version).
  3. Emunator

    Forums extreme lag

    Do you know if this issue occurs with other browsers aswell for you, or just chrome? And by lag, could you go into this abit more specifically? Is it just the Emoji tab that lags? Does the whole site slow down when it is open? Can you still scroll up & down the site when this is happening etc The reason I assume for this, is because the forum software(IPBoard) is run and maintained by the developers(IPS). So if there is bugs or any major issues, we'd generally have to rely on them releasing an update to fix the problem. While David can sometimes fix issues, not all resources are available to him to sometimes do so. Also moved to Forum Discussion, forum suggestions and issues are always welcome in that sub-forum.
  4. Emunator

    Art dump i guess

    Great art as always. I look forward to seeing more.
  5. Emunator

    Sorry,forum admins

    I believe it is the rules you're looking for and not the ToS. If you believe we missed something, report it, we always check reports. (You also can't tell if someone has been warned or not regardless) Locking as there is no need for further discussion.
  6. Emunator

    How can i rmove this lines?

    Regarding the issue with your missing models, can you try running Mineimator in Administrator mode. Doing so should fix the models not showing up. If the above does not work, go to your Appdata/Roaming folder and delete the Mine_imator folder. As for the lines, the development team is currently looking into this issue. There is no fix that I am aware of. It appears to an a somewhat isolated issue. (It's come up from time to time) All I can suggest doing is visiting the AMD site and manually downloading and installing updates for your drivers. Both for your CPU and Graphics.
  7. Emunator

    How can i rmove this lines?

    What graphics card brand/model is your computer using? Also does this occur only when rendering?
  8. First off let's get some general things out of the way: Do not result to using Drag & Drop, in alot of cases only hinders your knowledge in getting use to coding. (Just personal advice from myself to you) Assuming you're new to the programming as a whole, get the idea of huge and big projects/games out of your head.(Write them down tho!) They simply won't be doable from the get go. You'll be spending a large portion of your time at first prototyping and experimenting with random things. F1 F1 F1 F1 F1. F1 will be your favorite key.(Unless you've changed it). This opens up the Gamemaker manuel. It shows somewhat detailed information on just about every Function, Statement, what a variable is and more. Everything Gamemaker is in this manuel. If you're ever stuck don't hesitate to search what you're troubling with. Tutorials: If tutorials are confusing or hard to understand, make sure you're looking up beginner tutorials. Don't forget to also watch plenty of videos on just the Gamemaker interface. My advice is that when you're watching tutorials, rather than simply watch it and then try to replicate it after it's done, I recommend you replicate it as the video is going on. Even if it means you have to pause the video a 100 times, do it. This is good, as you gain knowledge about why and how each new thing you write does. After finishing a tutorial and having the exact code you wrote from their videos, the next step from here is to modify it. Yes, go through the code you just wrote and change values, one at a time and then re-run it. This will show you what each function and their values actually do. It's a very important learning step in my opinion. Off the top of my head the best choice of tutorials to watch in order would be; Interface >> Variables >> Statements >> Functions >> Next up is your choice. There isn't a right way to watch or learn, as it's up to individual really, but it's a good start. And don't be discouraged by the sheer number of functions Gamemaker has, you will eventually learn these across the way, and half of them you won't even need or use as you're starting off. Where now? In my opinion, the next step is after gaining enough knowledge from the tutorials, is to begin experimenting with just about everything. Download projects others have made and look at them, change them around or even turn it into something else! Don't forget to try your own ideas aswell. Even if it's something as silly as getting a character to get a key to open a door. Do it, each time you fail or get an error message, it only helps you gain more knowledge about said things and why it went wrong. Errors: You will get plenty of bugs and error messages throughout this whole process. My advice is to actually READ the error message. Unlike many other languages and game engines, Gamemaker actually give's you a decent message about what went wrong most of the time. You can easily use this to find the source of the problem. Everything said above is merely an opinion ^ If you struggle along the way with small things you cannot get your head around, don't hesitate to send Me, David or Nimi a message. (Don't constantly bother David or Nimi though, they both update MI/MB respectively, and may not have time to constantly hold your hand, I'm generally free to help most of the time) Also don't forget to google problems. There is a high chance a plethora of others have asked the same question you have.
  9. What are warning points??

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      They're points that are awarded to you for good behaviour. When you get 10, you become a moderator.


      Can confirm.


      As you can see, I haven't been a good boy since 2016

    4. Fray
  10. Emunator

    Does Mineimator have a virus?

    Provided you download it from the official site, then no it currently does not have any viruses. You can also view this virus total link, where I uploaded the Mineimator installer: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/a70d6a8e5ef04c43e82f9d0f159aba08213c5a4bfcf68e81b26a8a0aa1853cb4/detection At most, you'll get false positives, however this is due to the engine itself and not the program itself, so to speak. TL:DR; no
  11. Emunator

    HUGE BUG :c

    What version of Mineimator are you using? Whats the rig, did you make it or download it from our forums(If so, a link would be nice) If you could replicate and post the error log aswell.
  12. Emunator

    Memory Drop!!!

    1GB of RAM being used actually isn't alot, considering it's an animation program. If you believe it's a memory leak, send your project and all assets to @david As for your FPS, what version of Mineimator are you using, and what are your dxdiag results? Is your directX up to date? Can your Graphics card/GPU handle Mineimator?
  13. Emunator

    A Software Like Mine-Imator

    Generally 3D engines are a good place to start, but I heavily recommend getting to learn the basics of programming and completing smaller projects. Biggest mistake alot of new programmers make is having a huge idea in their head, attempting it and realizing how hard it is and instantly giving up. Ruins future motivation too. But do write down ideas. As ironic as it sounds, I wouldn't recommend Gamemaker for 3D projects, as it certainly isn't its strong point, despite having 3D functions. It took Nimi & David hours of stress and workarounds. Gamemaker as an engine however, is alot more lax and forgiving in its programming, making it a good start to learn the basics of coding and whats needed, aswell as to tell you if its your thing or not. (Brought this up as you have a gamemaker tag in the topic) However as Random stated above, more professional companies offer actual courses and the like, which can be helpful if you want to learn what they are providing. Regardless of the engine, read and follow along tutorials. After the tutorials, don't stop there, modify and incorporate tutorial code, really helps you understand why and how things happen in the code you just watched a tutorial of. Also don't be shy too send a PM to either of the Mineimator Devs, they are both very helpful, just do be mindful they are busy as of late and they may not respond as quick as you'd like. You can send me a PM, however I won't be able to answer 3D questions since I have stayed away from it. (I love 2D) I hope either responses helped.
  14. Emunator

    Mineimating help

    Easiest way to find out what timespan to space your keyframes out is to go into "Project Properties" and open your "Project" tab, in there will be a tempo setting, a tempo is for simplicity sake, how many frames a second(In animating). For example, mine is set at 30 frames a second, so in the timeline, a keyframe at '0' & another at '30', will result in a 1 second space. To get half a second after that, id place one 15 frames ahead(Half of 30) to get 0.5 time span. As you can see in the image above, 0-30 is one second, and I placed another keyframe 15 frames ahead after the last(at 45) to get half a second. I believe by default the tempo is set at 24, so 24 frames is 1 second by default, I do recommend you change this to suit your needs however. If you're talking about Mineimators animation transitions and not the frames, then there is no other easy way to explain it, it's best to learn transitions from trial and error. But it generally involves how and what happens between each frame for simplicity sake.
  15. Emunator

    No idea where to post this!

    Moved it for you.
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