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  1. What are warning points??

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      They're points that are awarded to you for good behaviour. When you get 10, you become a moderator.


      Can confirm.


      As you can see, I haven't been a good boy since 2016

    4. Fray
  2. Does Mineimator have a virus?

    Provided you download it from the official site, then no it currently does not have any viruses. You can also view this virus total link, where I uploaded the Mineimator installer: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/a70d6a8e5ef04c43e82f9d0f159aba08213c5a4bfcf68e81b26a8a0aa1853cb4/detection At most, you'll get false positives, however this is due to the engine itself and not the program itself, so to speak. TL:DR; no
  3. HUGE BUG :c

    What version of Mineimator are you using? Whats the rig, did you make it or download it from our forums(If so, a link would be nice) If you could replicate and post the error log aswell.
  4. Memory Drop!!!

    1GB of RAM being used actually isn't alot, considering it's an animation program. If you believe it's a memory leak, send your project and all assets to @david As for your FPS, what version of Mineimator are you using, and what are your dxdiag results? Is your directX up to date? Can your Graphics card/GPU handle Mineimator?
  5. A Software Like Mine-Imator

    Generally 3D engines are a good place to start, but I heavily recommend getting to learn the basics of programming and completing smaller projects. Biggest mistake alot of new programmers make is having a huge idea in their head, attempting it and realizing how hard it is and instantly giving up. Ruins future motivation too. But do write down ideas. As ironic as it sounds, I wouldn't recommend Gamemaker for 3D projects, as it certainly isn't its strong point, despite having 3D functions. It took Nimi & David hours of stress and workarounds. Gamemaker as an engine however, is alot more lax and forgiving in its programming, making it a good start to learn the basics of coding and whats needed, aswell as to tell you if its your thing or not. (Brought this up as you have a gamemaker tag in the topic) However as Random stated above, more professional companies offer actual courses and the like, which can be helpful if you want to learn what they are providing. Regardless of the engine, read and follow along tutorials. After the tutorials, don't stop there, modify and incorporate tutorial code, really helps you understand why and how things happen in the code you just watched a tutorial of. Also don't be shy too send a PM to either of the Mineimator Devs, they are both very helpful, just do be mindful they are busy as of late and they may not respond as quick as you'd like. You can send me a PM, however I won't be able to answer 3D questions since I have stayed away from it. (I love 2D) I hope either responses helped.
  6. Mineimating help

    Easiest way to find out what timespan to space your keyframes out is to go into "Project Properties" and open your "Project" tab, in there will be a tempo setting, a tempo is for simplicity sake, how many frames a second(In animating). For example, mine is set at 30 frames a second, so in the timeline, a keyframe at '0' & another at '30', will result in a 1 second space. To get half a second after that, id place one 15 frames ahead(Half of 30) to get 0.5 time span. As you can see in the image above, 0-30 is one second, and I placed another keyframe 15 frames ahead after the last(at 45) to get half a second. I believe by default the tempo is set at 24, so 24 frames is 1 second by default, I do recommend you change this to suit your needs however. If you're talking about Mineimators animation transitions and not the frames, then there is no other easy way to explain it, it's best to learn transitions from trial and error. But it generally involves how and what happens between each frame for simplicity sake.
  7. No idea where to post this!

    Moved it for you.
  8. .JSON section?

    Once Modelbench is publicly released, there are plans to make a "Models" type section. It will be mainly for a new format that the Modelbench exports as, however I can imagine .json files containing model information would be acceptable for this section too. I am unsure however of what this subsection would actually be called at the moment, but yes there is plans for such a thing.
  9. thank you for locking that post involving beastgamer

  10. Account Retrieval

    Sent you a PM.
  11. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    If you're talking about the walk/run animation buttons than the first bullet point under known issues on the topic does explain this.
  12. A Paper Photo

    Moved to Wallpapers & Art.
  13. Importing them from the world, No. The rest of the world will be fine, however generally non-vanilla blocks get removed when they are directly loaded into Mineimator. In future Mineimator versions, there will be added support for this kinda thing, however as for now, you can create the blocks yourself via texture sheets and/or rigs. Another method is to replace all those blocks with an unused block such as greenwool, import the world and set the schematic blocksheet to replace greenwool with the chisel block textures and then you have your blocks. However 3D modeled, indented blocks that aren't a flat cube will require in-program rigging at this current time.
  14. Can i impot maps from MCPE to mineimator?

    I'm not sure how perfect this works, but from googling I can gather it is possible to extract the level.dat from a MCPE world and open it in MC Edit and export it as a schematic. The schematic in turn should be easily imported via normal methods to Mineimator. Note: Obviously MCPE only blocks will not be supported. You can also try using the level.dat as a method of directly importing a world without MCEdit, but I'm not sure how well this will work. Source 1: https://www.reddit.com/r/MCPE/comments/1y996x/tutorial_how_to_convert_worlds_from_pe_to_pc/ Source 2: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/194237/how-can-i-import-worlds-from-the-pe-to-the-pc-version
  15. Damage | Realistic Wallpaper

    Well you chose right, if it fools the viewers perception to what you want it to look like, then you know you're doing it right.
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