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  1. .JSON section?

    Once Modelbench is publicly released, there are plans to make a "Models" type section. It will be mainly for a new format that the Modelbench exports as, however I can imagine .json files containing model information would be acceptable for this section too. I am unsure however of what this subsection would actually be called at the moment, but yes there is plans for such a thing.
  2. thank you for locking that post involving beastgamer

  3. Account Retrieval

    Sent you a PM.
  4. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    If you're talking about the walk/run animation buttons than the first bullet point under known issues on the topic does explain this.
  5. A Paper Photo

    Moved to Wallpapers & Art.
  6. Importing them from the world, No. The rest of the world will be fine, however generally non-vanilla blocks get removed when they are directly loaded into Mineimator. In future Mineimator versions, there will be added support for this kinda thing, however as for now, you can create the blocks yourself via texture sheets and/or rigs. Another method is to replace all those blocks with an unused block such as greenwool, import the world and set the schematic blocksheet to replace greenwool with the chisel block textures and then you have your blocks. However 3D modeled, indented blocks that aren't a flat cube will require in-program rigging at this current time.
  7. Can i impot maps from MCPE to mineimator?

    I'm not sure how perfect this works, but from googling I can gather it is possible to extract the level.dat from a MCPE world and open it in MC Edit and export it as a schematic. The schematic in turn should be easily imported via normal methods to Mineimator. Note: Obviously MCPE only blocks will not be supported. You can also try using the level.dat as a method of directly importing a world without MCEdit, but I'm not sure how well this will work. Source 1: https://www.reddit.com/r/MCPE/comments/1y996x/tutorial_how_to_convert_worlds_from_pe_to_pc/ Source 2: https://gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/194237/how-can-i-import-worlds-from-the-pe-to-the-pc-version
  8. Damage | Realistic Wallpaper

    Well you chose right, if it fools the viewers perception to what you want it to look like, then you know you're doing it right.
  9. Damage | Realistic Wallpaper

    Absolutely amazing wallpaper. The only 'negatives' which aren't even that serious, would be the lights, tables(?) and ladder. The flat textures(or lack of) don't fit in with the scene. Other than that, this is amazing. Great use of foliage to add that 'abandoned' look, great lighting & DOF.(I think it's DOF in the background). I don't really see any over scaling of the textures, which is great. Best of all, you didn't over edit. Can't forget that you even added scenery outside the windows, alot of people forget to do this when it really add's that fine detail to the scene. One of the prettiest wallpapers I've seen in a long time. Keep at it please, I wanna see more.
  10. Amazing Firewatch Mineimator Intro

    Topic locked. Thank you to those who reported malicious actions behind the scenes of this topic. Anyone who was affected by reputation abuse send me a PM with proof and Ill bring your reputation up back to its normal levels. Anyone who continues the abuse of the reputation system will have their reputation reset to 0 and potentially disabling their use to use the reputation system. Have a nice day.
  11. WE Were Brothers Once

    The first picture looks very decent, has a good amount of stuff in it and it doesn't look empty. Only thing I personally think needs fixing is the DOF/effects & empty bright space in the background. The background space can easily be fixed and look nice with the effects in the image already by making a cloudy blue skybox or adding another tree or 2, to remove that bright eyesore of a glare. The only other problem I have with it is the mix of Soften Portrait/Brightness with the depth of field, while it looks nice, it makes the foreground characters look like they are also in the DOF effect, making them slightly blurry. (Also makes the flower shadows look blurred too) Other than that, I think it's quite a decent wallpaper, it has alright poses, filled with little details here and there such as the flowers, torches and the close tree. (House looks abit empty tho, might just be the camera angle) The facial expressions seem nice too. Nice to see people still adding the small extras, nice wallpaper. I have nothing to say about the second however, I dont like it but it's also not a theme I enjoy, so I cant offer any criticism without being bias.
  12. Appeals

    If you have had a warning point which you have deemed unfair or have been staring at it for the past year, then this topic is your chance to remove said warning. How to Appeal: You can appeal by visiting my profile or using messenger and sending a PM to me with the following form below. Make sure the PM Subject is "Appeal". Date: <The date you recieved the warning> Reason: <What were you warned for?> Points: <How many points did you recieve from said warning?> Moderator: <Name of moderator who warned you> Comment: <Explain and convince me WHY you think the warning should be removed, your answer may or may not affect the appeal> This form is also flexible, if you feel the need to add additional information, please do not hesitate to do so. (Eg, Evidence, previous appeals) Things that may affect your chances are not limited too but include; Time passed since warning. Your comment explaining to me why it should be removed. Severity of the warning. Recent warnings(If any). Previous Appeals to Frossa. Thank you and happy appealing.
  13. mine imator bug

    Follow the link and download Direct X.
  14. 62000 total topics!

    62000 Publicly accessible topic Regardless, always good to see the forums hitting higher and higher milestones each day.
  15. Nimi is a natural when it comes to Mineimator. Cant wait for future updates.
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