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  1. Is this the one you're looking for? Link Also found this one on his channel aswell(With Download). Link
  2. Omg your still alive

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  3. Besides @Dannyboi's useful information, here are some things I wish i did more often when i started: (Tired, so the points are going to be short bits of advise) Just finish it! One of the main problems I had when programming, was giving up projects way to easily. A variety of excuses I told myself was "Too hard", "Cant fix this bug", "Who would ever even use this?" etc. So in regards to this, just finish the project you started. It's super fulfilling and you do learn alot. You feel great when you can say "Finally, I did it!". Just keep going for another 5 minutes, and soon that 5 minutes will turn into hours. Add-on to tutorials! When following tutorials, whether it be blogs, videos or sites, dont hesitate to modify values, remove things, or write in previous bits of code from previous tutorials you've learnt from. In my experience, this greatly accelerated my knowledge on what does what. Tutorials are there for you to learn from and not just copy and paste code, so dont shy away from changing it up abit. Be realistic. Something thats expressed in alot of tutorial videos, aswell as my own experience, is to not go over you head when starting a project. You have a cool RPG MMO idea in your head? Cool! Write it down, but don't attempt it yet. No 1 man team can create the next Skyrim, so keep your project ideas within the realm of your own possibilities. While attempting a hard project isn't necessarily a bad thing, its when you realize that you actually can't finish something that really adds self doubt to yourself and makes you feel like you havent gotten anywhere with learning. Don't be afraid of bugs. As annoying, frustrating and impossible to fix as bugs may seem, don't give up, and don't over think the solution. There has been plenty of times where ive spent days trying to find the problem to a bug, digging deep into the code and logic, only to find out it was a simple misspelling on my part.(Not all languages give clear errors, some dont give any at all and just crash.) Google it! Doesn't really need much of an explanation. If you're having a hard time, or run into an error you cant figure out, don't be afraid to chuck it straight into google, chances are plenty of others have asked the exact same thing a million times before. Test Test Test Test Test, every bit of code change, test it, and then test it again. Never assume a change or addition "Just works", programming can be weird, sometimes things that should work don't, and things that shouldn't work...do. So always test, and then test again. And the last abit of advise, which although not needed but certainly helps, is learn some background knowledge of computers. Sure, you know what GPU stands for, but do you know how it exchanges information with the CPU? How the computer handles textures swaps within programs etc (Rhetorical, don't actually answer) Should you come across a seemly impossible bug, need to make a work around, or even want to create a software that interacts directly with the hardware itself, this knowledge can be useful in specific circumstances. I'm not sure how experienced you are in programming or logic, so i apologize if this is below par of what you were expecting, but regardless this is what i wish I knew when I started. (I'm super tired when writing this, so I hope this is the type of information you were also looking for aswell) "Write down all your ideas into a notepad, every detail" - David to me, many years ago. He is the true sage.
  4. David is currently getting in contact with the provider to fix this. ? For now if your browser supports it, just add an exception to this site address.
  5. As others stated, the reputation limit was added to prevent rep abuse, or more specifically, mass-downvoting. (Mass-upvoting was also a thing, but not as often/serious as the downvotes were) It'd bring users that had 1000's of rep, down into the negatives pretty quick when abused. So the limit was added awhile back. Doesn't have anything to do with bots. While it doesn't stop mediocre rep abuse, this is something moderators can handle if notified. Personally, I think the rep limit is fine. Feel free to disagree though, I'm always welcome to discussing change if needed.
  6. This wallpaper doesn't have to much, or too little in it. It's right in the perfect spot IMO, as expected from Skibbz. Good to see you haven't lost your charm. ?
  7. This is actually quite nifty looking, I like it.
  8. It's as Rollo said, Windows Defender will usually throw a "Could be potentially dangerous, From an unknown publisher" with a "Run Anyway" option in a pop when it detects you trying to run an unsigned and recently downloaded file. Doesn't mean it picked up a virus/malware by any means, just that Defender couldn't "Verify" the validity of the file in a sense. I also uploaded the ZIP and EXE to a public virus scanner for you aswell: ZIP EXE
  9. Locked. ? Message me OP if you request it to be unlocked in future.
  10. Going to lock this for obvious reasons. ? Might aswell answer your question however. I linked the raw program up to VirusTotal(An online scanning tool that uses various Anti-virus engines to check a File) Results: link (Picked up 5 possible infections, 2 are the same) I'll also go ahead and link the descriptions of the virus types picked up for education sake. Trojan.Java(Java malware can be quite dangerous) Gen.F4 (View characteristics to see what it does at the bottom) Riskware(2 detections) (Known to modify files, create adware, install bloatware) Trojan.IGEN (Basic trojan, can do anything from changing icons, to sending data from your PC to the creators, often done with Cryptominer hashes.) Whether you find these to be False positives or not, is entirely up to you. Your risk. When it comes to unofficial downloads of products, there will never be solid proof. (Yes, even with opensource projects who offer pre-compiled exe's) Even if people push you to use the launcher and claim "It's safe! Nothing has happened to me yet!", just remember not all virus/RATs etc have symptoms that people will notice. This varies from creator to creator. Can be anything from genuinely wanting to share minecraft with the world, to using your PC to mine cryptocurrency, getting paid by adware etc Can be an endless amount of reasons really, one of which the creator(s) may or may not honestly share with you. Regardless, this will stay locked, as it is against the rules to discuss these sorts of things. However since you seemed uneasy and wanted to be safe, I wrote the above for you. Stay safe. ?
  11. If you are part of some sort of trading community or game via steam, this might be a good read for you: PSA.

    TL:DR, Devs are using the non-curated steam store to create items for their own game, but using icons, descriptions and even game logos and names, to mimic the identities of higher valued items in other mainstream trading games to scam people.

    Dota, TF2 & CS:GO are all reporting these so far.

    Eg: 1 2 3


  12. Not quite sure what you're saying here. Anyway, going to assume Swift is right. If you're looking to change your forum Username, send me a PM via my profile and I'll get you sorted. ? (Thanks Fast, wouldn't have seen this) Going to move this to the appropriate section too.
  13. Long, scripted animations with stories are usually posted in the Narrative section. If the animation does not fit the criteria for that section, Random/Test section is usually a good place to default too. If it's a movie, I'd imagine it belongs in the Narrative section.
  14. Despite the randomness of it, it's actually decent. Oddly nice to look at. ?
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