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  1. Java + Bedrock Edition The Official Mine-Imator Minecraft server for both Forum Users and Discord Users alike! (This server is open to the public and not whitelisted) The Mine-Imator Minecraft Server is a Survival(SMP) server, designed to be chill, relaxing and open-minded. This server was worked on by Myself, Tdit and GamersOnVideos all to make an official server possible. We realized there was no official server despite being a Minecraft forum/discord! So we decided to change that. Both Java and bedrock players can now join the server! Connection Information
  2. Thanks Draco, I actually didn't know about the on-variants. As for the downscaling I'll definitely consider that in my next scene. Useful tips, thanks. Don't be sorry, I really appreciate any thoughts you have to say! I'm still getting the hang of Mineimator again so any thoughts you had to say really go a long way!
  3. What is Steve doing? Decided to experiment with lighting abit, let me know what I did wrong/right. Credits; Trashcan - @mbanders
  4. An Animation Studio with a green screen and all, coming in films near you today! Credits; Tdits skin - @tditdatdwt Directors Chair - @BloxTheRigger Microphone - @r3nacraft Clipboard - @TexasTony04
  5. Very clean and smooth, great job!
  6. Thanks for the critique! This was the response I was hoping to get, I'll be sure to play around with the lighting and settings for my next render! Thank you Crusty. Will do Zerg! And thanks. One day The honor is mine Tdit. It's a nice simple rig that gets the job done.
  7. Welcome to the Bustling City of Steves! Been 5 years since I touched Mineimator. So any thoughts/critique on whats considered the 'Norm' would be great! Credits: Cigar Rig - @TheBlueeye Briefcase - @tditdatdwt Car rigs - @Dawid24M Any help/tips about getting lighting right in Mineimator would be appreciated aswell.
  8. Made a Minecraft Skin Viewer that lets you view your skin in different ways plus allows you to download the skin locally on your PC.


    1. Ethaniel


      Can you also edit it?



      I can use this instead of opening MB to view skin

  9. Made an ISS tracker that tracks the position via a map and other stats.
    Nothing fancy but it works. 😵


    1. LacaMenDRY


      Indonesian:Papua Nugini.
      World:Papua New Guinea.

    2. vash0110


      Mans back at it, Kinda happy I decided to check back on the forums to see my boi

  10. Is this the one you're looking for? Link Also found this one on his channel aswell(With Download). Link
  11. Omg your still alive

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    2. JjCinemas


      You're one to talk 

    3. HeYoNia


      lmao you nerds still alive? Last seen ya dudes back in 2017

    4. Emunator


      Oh my lord, I thought you died, good to see you're still around 😱

  12. David is currently getting in contact with the provider to fix this. ? For now if your browser supports it, just add an exception to this site address.
  13. As others stated, the reputation limit was added to prevent rep abuse, or more specifically, mass-downvoting. (Mass-upvoting was also a thing, but not as often/serious as the downvotes were) It'd bring users that had 1000's of rep, down into the negatives pretty quick when abused. So the limit was added awhile back. Doesn't have anything to do with bots. While it doesn't stop mediocre rep abuse, this is something moderators can handle if notified. Personally, I think the rep limit is fine. Feel free to disagree though, I'm always welcome to discussing change if needed.
  14. This wallpaper doesn't have to much, or too little in it. It's right in the perfect spot IMO, as expected from Skibbz. Good to see you haven't lost your charm. ?
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