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  1. LasseTheLaser

    Modding stuff

    waaaant This nooooooow Web Will it be out
  2. LasseTheLaser

    whats up im back

    Oh yea what did we Call it Again
  3. LasseTheLaser

    whats up im back

    yo guys im back again missed me? properbly not haha heres a video for your
  4. LasseTheLaser

    hi new things happemimg yay

    as i said send me a private messege
  5. LasseTheLaser

    hi new things happemimg yay

    from now one im taking in requests for props and weapon rigs. Requesting: when you want to request a rig from me then you just simpely have to send me a message and ask me for the rig you need me to make (and if you want something spesific from an anime or something like that then send me a picture) Terms: the only terms i have is that you dont steal credit for my rigs. you dont have to say that i made the rig but just dont say that its your rig if i made it. Thats all see ya later
  6. LasseTheLaser

    hi im back. (new rigs)

    so hi guys im back after a long break and i have two new rigs for you guys. 1st exalibur: 2nd of my own original: night blade and finally the download: they are free to use as long as you dont steal credit for them. thats all im out. see ya later
  7. hey guys i tryed to make a scaryanimation but im not good at adding sound so im also going to leave the video file for download and if any of you want you can add sound to it but if you upload it with your own sounds then give credit for the animation thats all. download: ps the reason the eye less chareter moves his mouth in the end is because he is supose to say: help me.
  8. this sounds fun im gonna join
  9. LasseTheLaser

    im bored

    im gonna go offline for a bit but just keep reuesting in the meantime
  10. LasseTheLaser

    im bored

    ok but if you wnat the download for the rig you have to wait till next week
  11. LasseTheLaser

    im bored

    hey guys im bored so i want you guys to send me pics of melee weapons and i will TRY to make them.
  12. LasseTheLaser

    new schyth

    hey guys i havnt uploaded a rig in a long time so here you go. download: its free to use
  13. LasseTheLaser

    smooth animation test

    hey whats that supose to mean. lol
  14. LasseTheLaser

    smooth animation test

    i think its called recoil
  15. LasseTheLaser

    smooth animation test

    hey guys i was trying to make a smooth animtion and heres my attempt at making it. (revolver rig by skibbz)
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