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  1. thank you for being awesome

    1. Dannyboi


      Thanks, but what did I do that was awesome?

  2. Awesome work. The lighting is phenomenal.
  3. Dannyboi

    Realistic Tree

  4. So this is what you were doing. Incredible.
  5. I'm not entirely sure about there being a rig for it but you could probably create a quick remedy by making a rig yourself. Just make a cube with the torch light texture and a cuboid with the torch stick texture.
  6. Sorry for the double status. I thought I should note that Laskomet may be the fastest human ban from the first warning. It took 50 minutes to ban him. Reza Chaniago Hartono W. Walandouw Singh Khafadi was the previous record with 1:20. He may still be the fastest ban from the moment he joined, however.

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    2. Dannyboi


      Most of it was DMs. If you know BlackMax you know the guy. He DMed Nimi and Hozq threatening to hack them to get the 1.3 build. He's a literal child.

    3. TwoToRule


      I love how he offered 10k to access the beta. You can literally get at least six years of Maya for that money. 

      Now that's a pro gamer move.

  7. Remember

  8. You're on the right track. Some things you could improve on are occupying the right of the screen with something more to make it feel less empty. You should also invest in some more interesting schematics, as the repeating quartz is sort of dull. You could even try making your own scenery. This scene could also benefit well from the Dutch angle.
  9. I miss Reza Chaniago Hartono W. Walandouw Singh Khafadi. Hardware Acceleration Unlimited FPS Mode Non-Lag Features Mine Imator 1.2.7 Updates New Request Official should've been out on the 15th of March. I guess we'll never see it.



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