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  1. Sorry for the double status. I thought I should note that Laskomet may be the fastest human ban from the first warning. It took 50 minutes to ban him. Reza Chaniago Hartono W. Walandouw Singh Khafadi was the previous record with 1:20. He may still be the fastest ban from the moment he joined, however.

    1. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Apparently I missed something. What did he do??

    2. Dannyboi


      Most of it was DMs. If you know BlackMax you know the guy. He DMed Nimi and Hozq threatening to hack them to get the 1.3 build. He's a literal child.

    3. TwoToRule


      I love how he offered 10k to access the beta. You can literally get at least six years of Maya for that money. 

      Now that's a pro gamer move.

  2. Remember

  3. Let us discuss. No. I'm all for freedom of what one can say or do without hurting others and in this case this sort of freedom would hurt others. There are hundreds of small children on this forum. I know you address this later. I don't think many of the people here (aside from a select few would even want to do that, given as it's mostly children and such. It is ruining MI's reputation. I won't say so much because I don't think it's my story to tell but believe me. It's not doing good for anybody reputation-wise. The fact we don't have enough stuff to hide the pornography yet is a testament to how this will not work. I can agree with this to an extent, but this more applies to adults who are legally allowed to watch it rather than the actual children who line this forum. Again, I know you get to this later. It's not just a bias. It's law almost everywhere in the world. The lack of this law in many countries leads to child exploitation. It can lead to the child receiving trauma. I think it's honestly crazy to even say something like this at all. The forum could get taken down or blocked in many countries with your suggestion in place. Children will inevitably bypass this. Even with ID verification. Linking back to my previous thoughts, all this'd do is add a saturation of NSFW content and link it to our names, ruining our reputation. It doesn't matter if kids won't be able to look at it. It'll still be an issue.
  4. Yes. That's very illegal in many territories.
  5. You're on the right track. Some things you could improve on are occupying the right of the screen with something more to make it feel less empty. You should also invest in some more interesting schematics, as the repeating quartz is sort of dull. You could even try making your own scenery. This scene could also benefit well from the Dutch angle.
  6. I miss Reza Chaniago Hartono W. Walandouw Singh Khafadi. Hardware Acceleration Unlimited FPS Mode Non-Lag Features Mine Imator 1.2.7 Updates New Request Official should've been out on the 15th of March. I guess we'll never see it.



  7. NO WHERE I WAKE UP not hong kong AAAAA

  8. Frosty. Or rather quite the opposite.
  9. That's the deal, but because of that it is remarkably slow. I wrote an embryonic raytracer (really a raycaster) capable of drawing spheres (which comes quite easily with raytracing because math or something) with no shading. It ran on a single thread of my CPU and it was remarkably slow. MI would have to work with the same resources but also with a RAM limit (given my lack of knowledge on raytracers I'm not sure how that'd play out) and it'd have to render planes, cubes, textures, the new advanced lighting features and all that. Theoretically it'd be possible to use external libraries for some of that but that's not within Nimi's expertise and it'd probably be a pain to work on either way.
  10. My school closed for all lower years, so my year. I can still go in for meals. They're going to start providing meal packages at some point.

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      Cool thing schools are now doing Happy Meal delivery

  11. Yes, Reza Chaniago Hartono W. Walandouw Singh Khafadi is still on the loose. No, we have no conclusive idea of how to stop him.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      This calls for war. Can I be the engineer?

    3. Gfamleit


      Can i be the scout

    4. MojangYang


      And I be the Jesse... I mean, soldier?

      Joke aside,

      Is this guy just gonna get alts again and again until we give up banning him?

      What if we not ban him next time he creates an alt and make a bot that deletes every content he posts and every action he takes?

      Is it possible to ip-ban him, so no device on his network can access the site at all, until he is smart enough to restart his router?

      Also how many alt accs does he have already?


      Edit: oh nvm the ip-ban is already suggested

  12. For the record, that Reza Khafadi guy keeps making alts and is trying to post more topics filled with Roland keyboards and broken English.

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    2. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Guess that explains this? FFB06115-9E6E-4EDF-8C2C-EEDD9F4E13B0.jpe

    3. wafflecakes
    4. MicrogamerCz


      Idk how these topics looks, do someone have screenshot?

  13. DId u just follow me on roland cloud because his ursename is dannyboi

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