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  1. yo dan how's mother huzkii, is she ok?

    1. StarFX


      She is doing good She got a new PC 

      And she is mostly active on Discord

  2. Dannyboi

    Make Fortnite-Imator!

    Interesting, considering you joined 2 weeks after this topic was posted.
  3. Dannyboi

    Optimal PC for M-I

    A non-finite amount of RAM, processing power and graphical processing power will give you the optimal Mine-Imator experience.
  4. Where's the yellow portal?
  5. I just got into an argument with my family about bicycle measurement standards. How is it so hard to comprehend the bike is measured down the retracted seatpost? Is it really that hard to understand. 

  6. Dannyboi

    Minewars - Broken Paths

    Good job. FYI, the name Minewars is already taken.
  7. Who remembers this?


    1. TheFastFilms


      I do, cause I was there.

    2. EnderSculptor


      i don't


      but i'm glad you linked it

  8. Read all my previous replies to the topic to find out why this is not possible.
  9. Dannyboi

    Versions of Mine-imator

    1. Mr.Matt


      nice virus

    2. SkythecreeperCS


      its a sound file how the hell is it a virus?


      also why would a MODERATOR give a virus?

    3. Dannyboi


      Just to clarify, it's not a virus. It's glory, my comrades.

  10. It's probably the only way people could be successfully forced off of the CB, to be honest.
  11. You could try making blocky fingers by using two cubes and rotating the top one as the bottom one scales, if you understand what I mean. Somebody demonstrated it on the Discord once. No, Mine-Imator is supposed to be an animation program for Minecraft and although this is possible, it isn't a feature of Minecraft itself or a feature typically seen in a 3D graphical toolset (lights and whatnot, all needed to create a scene) and thus it will not be implemented.
  12. Not really, that'd make an even bigger mess with the model format. Some models needing to be formatted for multiple bends and some needing to be formatted for single bends. It'd probably be even messier than just re-adding the old bending.
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