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  1. I'm posting this status update solely to bring iZesty's count into acceptable levels and allow Hagus to maintain his within those counts also.

  2. God speed to both of you new moderators! You're going to be some of the best yet.
  3. Remember those days?

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      Maya ee

      Blender oo

      Mineim aa

  4. Don't forget to mention Michael Collins who sat alone in lunar orbit for 18-21+ hours while his crew got to go to the surface. Without him they would've been vastly less likely to have gotten home. Poor Collins.
  5. This is quite good but usually the display of a digital watch doesn't glow. I wear a Casio W-86 and the display is designed in such a way you need additional light to see it. There's a built in lighting function for that which isn't always on to prevent unneeded glow.
  6. This is an interesting idea but I personally don't see it having a place. MI is written in GameMaker so there are probably constraints on additional APIs that can be used. In addition, Discord's rich presence is targeted for games, as is Discord itself. It's designed as a system so, as an example, you can see what game your friend is playing and decide whether or not to join them. It probably wouldn't work well with MI.
  7. Well, summer has started for me. I can't say I'm at all that happy but that means I have 6 weeks of work time with only very rare interspersed interruptions. I might do something cool, who knows?

  8. Not gonna lie, I think this is among the most breathtaking things I've seen done with the program.
  9. Don't you just love it when a lumphead from school breaks your fence and knows you have security cameras so he covers his face but your friend happened to be walking home with him and identifies him immediately after seeing the image?

  10. I love FreeBSD. It's hard to use but gives you an awesome level of control you see with not many other OSes.

  11. Dannyboi

    Boobs Rig

    the program was not made for or intended to be used this way
  12. oh no oh god i kill aronanner and skjold kill mr banders god damn it
  13. Not all risks should be taken. Some risks will screw you over no matter what.

    1. Ghatos


      Why does everyday, someone post that kind of advise in the status update?

    2. ThatGuyBrian


      then again - you'll never know if you don't go, you'll never shine if you don't glow

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