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  1. Dr. Nexil

    Forgotten (4K)

    *sees topic name *knows that I've seen it somewhere before *does some looking *turns out it was a topic I made It took me longer than it should've to remember that I made the wallpaper I was thinking of
  2. Dr. Nexil


    10/10 posing I'm a bit confused by the cel shading being visible on only one character I think the particles could use some glow, so that the edges aren't so sharp The scaled down pickaxe is a bit strange, but that might just be your style Overall: 8/10 wallpaper. I like it!
  3. Dr. Nexil

    Idea for Mine-Imator: Bending feature

    While I agree that this would make for easy bending, ModelBench really eliminated any bending problems/"rigorous processes" that one would encounter with regular MI rigging.
  4. Dr. Nexil

    Dev update #14: Moving on

    Thank you David
  5. Dr. Nexil

    "Last Light" (4K)

    Thanks Go right ahead!
  6. Dr. Nexil

    "Last Light" (4K)

    Another 4K 100% MI wallpaper As always, constructive criticism is appreciated!
  7. Dr. Nexil

    Moving scarves/hair

    I might be able to help you Behold:
  8. Dr. Nexil

    1.14 Mobs and stuff

    I made the panda like a month ago but I was too lazy to release it lol
  9. Dr. Nexil

    Mine-imator Community Project?

    I'm down! I'll make all the rigs, models, and other assets you can possibly need. I can also help with lighting the scenes.
  10. Dr. Nexil

    Scarecrow v2 and v3

    The window glow was something I opted for, but talking to 9redwoods I realized that it was distracting in a way. I still put them in just because preference. Also, by making the scene brighter, it looked better without the glow.
  11. Dr. Nexil

    Scarecrow v2 and v3

    I oversaw the preparations but it wasn't my complete take on it, hence the v3
  12. Dr. Nexil

    Scarecrow v2 and v3

    Heyo so I gave @9redwoods the project file for the scarecrow render I made yesterday, cuz he wanted to play with it and see what improvements he could make. Then I was like, hey I want to edit the original as well and here we are: 9redwoods version (v2) My newer version (v3) Anyway, that's all for now!
  13. Dr. Nexil


    This is the Mine-Imator forums. It's pronounced "flatlands"
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