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  1. Leaves problem (v1.1.0)

    Hey, what if I like that look when "show backfaces" is on? Could you maybe make it a toggle-able option?
  2. Camera invisible when deselected!!

    that'd be neat
  3. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    Hey @david, first off, love the new version! But right off I noticed that I can't use the "Enter" button to exit out of the new project window, where I would normally type in title and author, then hit enter. It's something small, but I loved it in the community build.
  4. Absolutely amazing. Good work!
  5. Physics.mp4

  6. Mike's Car Rig (1.0.6)

    >looks at computer manufacture date. 2011
  7. I quit.

    If you can show us some good work, we might think about it. Contact me on discord
  8. ltDe5q8.png




    Coming soon.... (really soon)

  9. Anakin/Luke/Rey's Lightsaber

    Go right ahead! just be sure to give credit
  10. Anakin/Luke/Rey's Lightsaber

    Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to do that with the other sabers I make.
  11. Anakin/Luke/Rey's Lightsaber

    On topic: Thanks for liking it!
  12. Anakin/Luke/Rey's Lightsaber

    Here is a basic lightsaber rig, the download will be a .object that you can import into an animation. Basic overlook: Blade activation: Cool pose: Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l77295iqjg9zbq4/Anakin-Luke-Rey+Lightsaber.zip Enjoy! (ps Credit me when you use this in your animations)
  13. The No Undo Collab

    This could turn out very interesting...
  14. Boredom.

    So bored I had to like it
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