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  1. Dr. Nexil

    Skybox Model

    Ah, then this is good.
  2. Dr. Nexil

    Change the cloud texture position

    You could use item sheets/other methods of making clouds so that you can animate them.
  3. Dr. Nexil

    Skybox Model

    Wait, why did you make it a model when you can just use a mapped cube?
  4. Dr. Nexil

    Torture Chambers (Halloween Wallpaper)

    The 1.2 Pre-release
  5. Dr. Nexil

    Torture Chambers (Halloween Wallpaper)

    I mean with the new camera effects in MI
  6. Dr. Nexil

    Fractured Reality (Christmas Wallpaper) (4K)

    Too early in the year...
  7. Dr. Nexil

    Torture Chambers (Halloween Wallpaper)

    Some camera effects could do these wallpapers justice. I do like them, though!
  8. Dr. Nexil

    Danger Valley (4K)

  9. Dr. Nexil

    You Can't Leave (Halloween Wallpaper)

    You Don't Have To Capitalize Every Word In A Sentence Unless It's A Title. When putting an image into a post, right click and copy the image address. It'll embed and be seen without needing to click the link. On to actual criticism: It's a little bit dark, but besides that I like it!
  10. Dr. Nexil

    Danger Valley (4K)

    Hello! This is just another quick render made (as always since the 1.2 pre-release) entirely in Mine-Imator! Danger Valley As always, I love constructive criticism!
  11. Dr. Nexil

    Advanced Character Model Version 2.0

    This will be so useful!
  12. Dr. Nexil

    Ian's Improved Phantom Model

    I saw that the title said "Ian's", and I instantly knew it would be good.
  13. Hey, I know I'm really late but I needed something to do and I had extra time. Transparent: Green Screen: Both are in 1080p
  14. I would love to try making this, but I've got school today and won't be back to my computer for a long time.
  15. Dr. Nexil

    "The Woods" (4K) + Timelapse

    Thank you all! I'll take your criticism and make sure to apply it to my next wallpaper!
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