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  1. Dr. Nexil

    Change texture of the interface?

    If I'm not mistaken, in that version of CB you could change the watermark using the "Imports" folder
  2. Dr. Nexil

    rigs are pink and miss-shaped

    Are the object files in the same folder as the texture files?
  3. Dr. Nexil

    Problem when adding rigs in Community Build

    Are you importing a rig made in a newer version of Mine-Imator?
  4. Dr. Nexil

    Under The Weather

    Lazy copy + pasting. I fixed it on a different house where it was more apparent, but forgot all the others
  5. Dr. Nexil

    Under The Weather

    So I had a 3D animation class in school this year, and for our final project we had to make an animation ~3 minutes long. We use a program called Strata Design 3D, which is great for modeling but horrible for animating (in my opinion). Anyway, I asked my instructor if I could use MI instead, and that's how this came to be. The story follows Fire and his quest to play with his friends (Earth, Water, and Air) in the rain. I hope you enjoy, this video got me a 100% in 4th quarter. Criticism appreciated! (Just 2 notes, 1: there's no background music because I couldn't find any good enough before the deadline. 2: The pacing is a little long because I was trying to extend the runtime just a bit.) Thanks for watching!
  6. Dr. Nexil

    Do i have enough rep to make a collab?

    Considering the number of responses to just this topic, I'd say you could start a collab right now. Just try to spread the word around when you do.
  7. Dr. Nexil

    KOC'S Facial rig w/ expressions and reflections 1.0.0

    Sorry for the duplicated posts, I had a computer issue.
  8. Dr. Nexil

    KOC'S Facial rig w/ expressions and reflections 1.0.0

    KeepOnChucking and I did make a "more" updated rig, but I wouldn't suggest using it with any version besides the Community Build. It'll bug out and look weird, but if you really, REALLY want it for 1.1x versions, let me know and I can make a newer version. Here's the CB versions:
  9. Dr. Nexil

    Modelbench Beta 0.4.2

    Will ModelBench be getting the twisty bends?
  10. Dr. Nexil

    Flex-Steve Model

    I've made something similar to this, but only for the torso. I agree 100%
  11. Dr. Nexil

    Modelbench Beta 0.4.2

    We can now break through the quantum barriers of this universe
  12. shoot man, olan rogers gave you a retweet


    1. Rollo


      I don't even follow you on Twitter I only found out about it because I follow Olan Rogers.

      Also you haven't been on in a week but hey. shrugs

    2. Dr. Nexil

      Dr. Nexil

      I just looked on twitter about half an hour ago! I can't quite believe it.

  13. A vehicle primed for action and stupid adventures. Modeled after a vintage "London Bus". Features 2 stories, 4 wheels, and a red button. Sorry for making a lengthy post.
  14. Dr. Nexil

    Element Animation Rig pack by. Yanuar Mohendra

    These rigs look absolutely excellent!
  15. Dr. Nexil

    The Portal (4K Wallpaper)

    Got bored. Let me know what I need to improve (besides the bloom, it was excessive on purpose).
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