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  1. I've personally only been playing Minecraft for 5 years, but it's still long enough to feel pretty nostalgic today. (I know it's kinda late, but it's still May 17 somewhere) HAPPY 10th ANNIVERSARY MINECRAFT! It's just a quick something, I was busy playing "Minecraft Classic" in my browser with a friend for the entirety of my free time. Constructive feedback is most appreciated! Until next time, [insert Enderman noise here]!
  2. Yes, it lagged with this render
  3. So I made 2 more big renders, here they are! #2 - I both like and dislike this one more than #1 because it's ice spikes, which are cool, but it meant a deeper selection and thus less width. (I may have overdone the fog) #3 - I don't know if you can tell, but it's a flower forest! These images were 15 and 28 MB respectively, so I hope they weren't too compressed from the upload to an image hosting website. Anyway, that's all for now!
  4. Do it! It was a lot of fun! Just remember to be patient because MI takes a while to load it all in, and if it's too big for your pc it'll crash. I don't remember the exact number, and I'd rather not wait for the project to load again to see, but I'll say what it's set at with my next big render. I actually got it for free from a friend, who built the pc himself It's in one message so probably not? idk
  5. The regular crowd shuffles in...
  6. Nice! Welcome to the big schematic render club
  7. Jeez Nexil, you’re inspiring a lot of people.

    1. jakubg1



      I'm curious when a first computer dies or gets on fire while attempting to recreate his wallpaper xD

    2. Dr. Nexil

      Dr. Nexil

      Awesome! (not computers dying, but inspiring people)

  8. Patience. It took several minutes to load in. I also plan to do more and/or bigger renders in the future.
  9. So, out of the blue, I decided to load up a decently large chunk of land and render it just because. The image was 22MB and Imgur wouldn't let me upload it, so I had to find an alternative website. I hope the image wasn't compressed too much. Anyway, that's all!
  10. Where's my credit REEEEEE This looks really cool, I'd like to see where it goes!
  11. Challenge accepted! This will be lots of fun! Also, I love the wallpaper! It pleases me aesthetically because I love medieval stuff.
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