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  1. The lighting is super good, especially on the ghasts. Nice job!
  2. here's a smol thing I've been testing out, might use it for something later:

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    2. Dr. Nexil

      Dr. Nexil

      I made a custom gradient texture, put it on a surface and made it glow, then scaled it up with a transition

    3. insanehelix7076
    4. DuallyElemental


      this looks like something from an anime

  3. Oh my is that a bandwagon? Gotta hop on that! I thought it would be funny idk I'm tired Model by @9redwoods
  4. Yes, when you go to render an image, you'll get a dialogue box like this: Just tick "Remove background" and you're set!
  5. I made it specifically for this render, and it's tailored to an enderman body (skinnier arms), but if it's something you'd like I would happily make it public!
  6. Soul lanterns are neat Made with ModelBench and Mine-imator.
  7. This was pretty funny, and you have some really good overlapping action. My only recommendation would be to turn down the ssao.
  8. RIP T-mobile users today (including me). Lots of calling and texting went out over the country I guess. Bad day to need customer service from my bank :sweat: Oh well.

    1. __Mine__


      I thought T-Mobile stopped existing years ago?

    2. Slime


      @__Mine__ T-Mobile is one of the largest mobile providers, if not the largest, in America tmk

      In fact, I think they just recently bought out Sprint.

    3. __Mine__


      Oh... guess I'm just an idiot, sorry.

  9. A short, FUNNY, and useful tutorial? Wow, idk why I never thought it could be done. Great job!
  10. Familiar indeed! Did you build this yourself?
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