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  1. Sorry it's rushed and by no means the best work I've done... I didn't have a lot of time to focus on lighting, so it's very basic but yeah. This wallpaper is for @__Mine__
  2. Oh no! Another bee model! But wait, it's different! Based off of this reddit post. This is not my model or texture. I just created it in Modelbench because the original was a blender file. Thanks to u/irrelereverent for the original model and texture! Features include: - Movable head, abdomen, wings, and legs - That's about it. It's a bee. Download here! No need to credit me, but you better credit the original creator. Enjoy!
  3. I start college today...

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    2. Frost*




      You got good grades to get into college early? :smirk:

    3. Eliphaz
    4. Frost*
  4. Just playing around with the new bees and this happened idk Made with minimal effort and 100% MI
  5. Finding this just reminded me that my cape model turned a year old yesterday, what a coincidence! Ontopic: Nice cape btw
  6. This is a great idea, dunno if it's possible given the limits of GameMaker and/or the devs and/or MI's messy code. This is about the best look I can get with "Bleed light", but it's still harsh light, and would be nice if it could be softer. I think the most logically possible option would be a setting in a character's properties tab with a few sliders under bleed light like "Strength" and "depth" idk.
  7. 9th was my first Doctor, favorite is 10th. 11 & 12 were each really good for different reasons. Sad to see Capaldi go.
  8. All the good points have been made by other members before me, but I have one thing to say: Of all things to complain this hard about, you picked the "follow camera" feature? Really? The feature that recommends to not use it in animations? Anyway, gotta give you some ground holding kudos. You picked one dumb thing and just wouldn't let it go.
  9. I will bring honor to the Motherland by defending her at all costs. I enlist!
  10. I believe pressing "c" clears particles but it's not a perfect fix. Sorry.
  11. Frick I missed my 4 year forum birthday


    by one day! D:<

  12. I loved this diver model (simple as it is) so much that I needed to make another wallpaper with it. 100% Mine-Imator Fish puns lol
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