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  1. Don't mind me just my updated skin in anticipation of Autumn 


  2. I think we could all use a hug
  3. Oh yeah! 8D


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      Happy birthday creepers.

  4. Well first I missed my channel's 5 year anniversary and now it seems I've missed my forum account's 5th as well.


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      After the 7th you get used to it.

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      You've been here for five years? Congrats!

  5. Why is everybody freaking out about pixel inconsistency? Usually yeah it looks bad but in this instance I think it looks fine.
  6. Thank you for all the kind words! I spent a long time on this and it's nice to see it appreciated. Thank you! So for the lighting, I had one big main spotlight for the interior and one for the exterior. Then I had a point light for everything that required one, so the lantern, candles, and fire. The fire had one point light and a spotlight for the main shadow casting, and a different spotlight for that glow on the chimney. In total I think that's: 4 spotlights 3 point lights Also no bleed light was used besides the default foliage light bleed on the outside scene. If it helps, some tricks I employed were: Scaling everything up to (at least) 5. Set all light buffer sizes to gigantic. Don't use default sunlight, it's too tough to work with and generally looks worse than spotlights. Use spotlights! Point lights are useful for the smaller things but spotlights help cover the big picture. Don't forget that both point lights and spotlights have color options, they can fill in that ambient color as well. The camera now has many effects and they are extremely useful, my favorites that I usually use are: Depth of field - even a tiny amount adds that extra bit of detail (there are ways to have both foreground and background out of focus, used a bit in this render). Transparency* is a tough cookie and I recommend avoiding it if possible, because DOF will not work with it. The windows in this render aren't transparent, they literally aren't there. Only the border and little dots on the edges are on the texture. Bloom - don't go overboard with this. The bloom used in this render was to get the book page to shine a tiny bit. Lens dirt - Also don't overuse. In this render it adds a little sparkle around the candles. Color correction - I mostly use this to get a small amount of vibrance to my renders, but if you want a colder feeling go for less vibrance and saturation. I also make the field of view smaller, usually 30 or less. *When I say transparency I mean slight transparency or low opacity. A texture must be fully transparent to work, no slightly transparent pixels.
  7. Here's another blue moon render from ya boi: Credits: @9redwoods's mini barrel model This guy's cool paintings BlockPixel resourcepack The other models in the scene (besides the actual Minecraft blocks lol) were made by me. As always, made with Mine-Imator, Modelbench, and love.
  8. I'm loving these recent wallpapers!
  9. Not gonna lie, I had extremely low expectations. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this video, congrats! Very well done, special kudos to the lighting, it looked great.
  10. This is really good for your first time! There's posing, scenery, good composition (rule of thirds), and even a little bit of bloom. Excellent work.
  11. The lighting is super good, especially on the ghasts. Nice job!
  12. Oh! It's me! Congrats Mine!
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