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  1. I just realized I forgot to put this here: Basically I procrastinated and got this out in about 4 days. (Published on the 28th, but that was still late lol)
  2. Dunno why everyone keeps saying the new xbox looks like a pc just because it's upright...

    The xbox one looks more like a pc tower when it's on its side than the new one.

    1. HeYoNia


      The new xbox looks like my trash can

  3. I kinda posted this in the dead of night, so in case anyone missed it:

    I will make a video on it when I'm done with finals this week 😩

  4. Very cool, welcome to the forums!
  5. Hello! I have created a very simple mod that I feel fits right in with vanilla minecraft. Dr. Nexil's Pie Mod! Features include: Apple Pie (the whole reason I started this, actually) Sweet Berry Pie (Both recipes are shapeless) You can download and try this out at my website: Dr. Nexil's Mods! Supports 1.14.4! Oh, and by the way, both pies have the behavior of pumpkin pie. Restores 8 points of hunger and 4.8 saturation.
  6. I think you mean "right to BEAR arms" hahahahahahaa... sorry this is funny because it's both correcting grammar AND making animal puns... jeez really sorry
  7. I'm your 100th follower hahaha

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