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  1. Hey, this is pretty good man! The only tip I've got for you right now is that you can embed your picture by including the .png or .jpg at the end of your link, so instead of "https://imgur.com/hPaazaJ" it will be "https://i.imgur.com/hPaazaJ.png" and it should automatically embed to look like this: When you post your images to imgur, you can right click on them and select "Copy image address" and then paste that into your post. I look forward to seeing more of your creations. Good luck!
  2. This is a very nice, much needed refresher for the forums. I love the new dark theme and the animated reactions are so perfect!
  3. @9redwoods made a subsurface scattering rig that looks very similar using light bleed, you should check it out it's really neat.
  4. Wow, just curious, what are you making here?
  5. I specified at the end that since we already can select multiple object easily, there's really no reason for a slightly quicker shorthand. I can't image having a project so large that it would be more than a minor inconvenience to scroll for a few seconds. Not very related but you can also do "ctrl+a" to select or deselect everything. Another option is to organize while you work by putting things into folders. If you are selecting that many things then I'm assuming that you're only changing position of visibility, which can be done through folders.
  6. You can do this by clicking and dragging. As shown in the gif, I can add to my selection by holding shift as well. If you're asking for a faster way to do this, I don't see the point. The capability is there and it does not take very long.
  7. Lowering the sunlight range in the background settings can make your shadows look more crisp
  8. I survived Whamageddon 2020 :cool:

  9. I had a rather rough day and coming home to this was really cool. Thank you!
  10. Dr. Nexil

    Help needed

    I think the best thing you can do is to make a rig with the limbs in 2 or even 3 folders, and only using one axis per folder. This takes up a lot of timeline space and can get complicated easily, however.
  11. If you have multiple cameras, make sure all of them are invisible except one at a time. Uncheck the "visible" option under the "keyframe" in the frame tab of the camera to do this. Alternatively, if you are referring to not being able to see the view from your cameras, make sure to have this box toggled: Happy animating!
  12. H̷̖̥̮͍̄̀́̓e̸̡̨̝̖̺͉͐͗͗̎̈́͑̑̇̂̚͝l̵̛̛͍͍̈̀̒͐̉͊͒̒͘l̵̛̗̤̲͖̞͕̮͓̇̆͒͌͌͋͑̆͆̓̀͝͝ͅö̶̢͇̮̻͚́̈́̊͑͆̇

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