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  1. Final Space is one of my favorite animated shows, and it's 4th episode of season 2 dropped yesterday! Anyway, Olan Rogers (the show creator) made a post on twitter about the original title sequence and I just HAD to make a wallpaper on it. The Tweet: The wallpaper: 100% Mine-Imator Go watch Final Space, it's amazing.
  2. Dr. Nexil


    I'm loving those poses, they make the characters feel alive and in motion! I really like this wallpaper, great job!
  3. This looks pretty nice! Things I noticed that were really good, especially for a beginner: There's enough light to see what's happening. Many new users use the default night without any other lights and so their renders are too dark. Good Job! The text and the particles have their brightness turned up. This is good, and helps viewers actually see the stuff. The cinematic ratio. It's more of a preference thing, but I really like it. My suggestions: Add more scenery in the background to cover up the edges of the schematic. It doesn't have to be much, but it'll make the render look a bit better. Try out some of the new camera graphical features, like Depth of Field. These settings can make your render pop more! There's no right way to use them, just experiment! Be sure to use every rotation of a limb or object, even subtle changes to a character's pose makes them more lively. Imgur is a good image hosting website, and integrates nicely to the forums so that your render can be displayed on your post instead of a link. I'll put a link to a tutorial at the end of my post here. Another preference thing that you don't have to do, but might be fun to try, is the rule of thirds. Give it a google and see what you think! Well, that's all from me. I hope to see more of your stuff in the future! Here's the Imgur tutorial:
  4. The blaster bolts seem too solid in my opinion. Other than that, this looks awesome!
  5. The background is bland, maybe add some kind of desert schematic instead of flat sand texture? I like the posing and the rig looks pretty nice as well.
  6. New profile pic hmmm

    1. Rawami


      Look like a cartoon

  7. Sorry in advance if this isn't what you meant, but import a fence, and in the library there's an option called "repeat" this will extend you fences!
  8. 3rd summer rewatch of Gravity Falls Also Final Space Season 2 YEET
  9. Looks really nice! The only thing I would change (which is just personal preference) would be to have a higher contrast (and higher brightness to compensate for the contrast change), but besides that, I love it!
  10. Dr. Nexil

    Boobs Rig

    So sexy and hot!!!!
  11. The first one (blue) is better because it contrasts the orange wings and thus draws the viewer's eyes. I would suggest making the torch 2 parts so you can separate the glowing bit from the wood, and make the posing look a little more like he's running. Lean the body forward, rotate the arms and legs more, and maybe make one of the legs come off the ground to show motion. Unless I'm looking at this wrong and he doesn't see what's behind him. If that's the case then don't listen to my posing stuff Anyway, looks pretty cool!
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