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  1. Dr. Nexil

    What I need in mine imator

    Import a cone and under library set it's detail to 4. Particles are really only as limited as you make them. You can also find presets here on the forums. I've got no information on importing bedrock worlds, but I'm fairly certain it's just not possible.
  2. Dr. Nexil

    Jack and Tug- New Years Party

    All evidence points to the contrary I've never seen it = It is impossible
  3. Dr. Nexil

    Jack and Tug- New Years Party

    I'm convinced that @9redwoods actually cannot open his left eye any further, and can't close his right eye either. Evidence:
  4. Dr. Nexil

    Autumn Home

    I'm not quite sure, but I feel like there's a few things off. I'll see if I try to pinpoint them. I think one is a lack of scenery in the background. Maybe add some mountains (they could even be faint images on a surface)? I think maybe the contrast is a bit high? I'm not sure. The poses could be better, but I'm not a genius so idk what to say for fixing that. I have a sneaking suspicion that the resource pack is throwing me off somehow. Again, I'm not totally sure. It was actually difficult to figure out what didn't sit right with me on this wallpaper for some reason... This doesn't mean it's a bad wallpaper, however. I like it, keep the wallpapers coming!
  5. Dr. Nexil


  6. 🤔




    1. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      obviously Ethan is OzFalcon and Ozfalcon is Ethan


  7. Dr. Nexil

    Well, Fray's Dead

  8. Dr. Nexil


    That's the story of this post except I didn't say anything to anyone: I'm glad you are doing better Hagus. It's always good to feel better.
  9. Dr. Nexil

    Dr. Nexil's Scarf Model

  10. Dr. Nexil

    Dr. Nexil's Scarf Model

    Never seen him before. I was just showing off the colors of the scarf. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. Dr. Nexil

    Dr. Nexil's Scarf Model

    I don't know what a "ralsei" is.
  12. Dr. Nexil

    Inspired By Smash 4K

    The posing on each character satisfies me to an extent which I cannot express. You have my upvote.
  13. Dr. Nexil

    Medieval Village

    I like to steer clear of anything with water, because I don't like it's texture/look. Whatever texture pack you used, however, went PERFECTLY with your scenery and I think it looks very good.
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