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  1. ..... That's cool...
  2. Wow...It almost looks like it was from an entirely diffrent program..
  3. I'm sorry But the video could've been good. if there was some kind of throw-away joke with the villagers and the coffin. like...maybe a skeleton pops out, and the Wolf girls automatically turned hostile...or something...IDK. Either way...I take my like away..I'm sorry, but it wasn't deserved ...
  4. Hey! these actually look pretty useful
  5. Wow. So. How's everyone doing today?

    Does, anyone still use mine-imator?


    1. MobKiller Animations

      MobKiller Animations

      Still here mate, still working on the old series.

    2. KrisFirebolt


      I've made some sort of protogen thing but that's about it tbh

    3. 9redwoods


      Can you not see the recent creations? Showcase?

  6. How did you make it? the lines look very smooth
  7. In seconds 0:06. At that moment when he brings out the sword to unsplash the creeper; I think there should be at least a small moment of time to anticipate before he performs the upper slash move. Just a small improvement L:
  8. Overall not bad, but I think the Eye needs to look a little more on the side perspective, it doesn't translate well the rest of the head.
  9. Not a big M.I fan, so I'm not REALLY a follower, but it looks pretty decent lighting wise.
  10.  A little bit of concept art I worked on. took some experiments on clothing and Colors, loved the result!





    1. NovaCeres


      Nice! I really liked the colors and the line art around the clothes.

  11. Pfff...No energy... Appreciate the smoothness though.
  12. Separate the skin to two parts, the part that glows and the part that don't. Maybe add in a few small source lights around the sides to give the illusion the lights are actually glowing. At least that's the best you can do L:
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