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  1. moniker

    Light comming out of a character

    It would be useful here to have "Cast Shadow" be animable with the keyframe @Nimi
  2. moniker

    Change biome colors

    I saw you can now change scene colors if you set biome to custom, however the background keyframe is not saving changes between the default biome settings.
  3. moniker

    Collapse particles within a single point

    I tried putting 0 values on all Y axis settings on the particle spawner. These values should be able to be animated with keyframes for what I was trying to do btw. Anyway, it still doesn't look the way I want to. The particles are too slow, and they slow down as they approach the attractor. Even if put a force of 100000000 the effect it's too slow and it slow downs anyway as it approaches the attractor, and I wanted the opposite, it starts slow, then it starts collapsing faster. This is what I have now: So I need the blocks to start accelerating towards the attractor (the white circle) instead of slowing down as it's doing now. And for a better visual effect, I would need the speeds to be random so it doesn't collapse at once, a bit of variation makes it look better for my idea. I just don't know how to do it. @Nimi do you know if it is possible? just let me know because I suspect Mineimator lacks enough settings to fine tune the way the attractor works, so I may be wasting my time. If you can please add more settings for the attractor in the next update. I think it's set by default to slow down particles as they approach the center, so I can't do anything about it. Like I said if I add a multiplier value on the Y axis on the particle spawner it makes it bounce. I don't want no bounces.
  4. Im trying to make a bunch of cubes to collapse within a single point. I have tried using a block that acts as an attractor. However the particles just move within that direction and don't meet on a single point. Enabling "orbit attractor" also doesn't work, they sort of bounce around it in an odd way, they are bouncing up and down but do not collapse within a single point and stay there. How to do this? I also tried playing around with the force value, does not help. It just bounces up and down on the y axis.
  5. moniker

    Light comming out of a character

    Then it's not emanating from the source. You create a shadow if you put it in front.
  6. If I have a character and I want it to be emanating night from the center, how can I do it? If I put the point light at the height of the chest in the middle, the point light is blocked since it's inside the model...
  7. I asked for the same thing. Unfortunately looks like it's another case of gamemaker being an overall very weak engine. Hopefully devs can find a smart workaround to make it happen.
  8. moniker

    Mine-imator Legal To Sell Animations?

    Very tricky question. Perhaps if you don't use any of the textures and sounds of the game.
  9. moniker

    Change biome colors

    You mean it can be animated in the next release or now? I can't animate any of these right now, the background keyframe ignores the changes.
  10. moniker

    Change biome colors

    I see... I wish the render for gamemaker was more powerful. Things like these are limiting one's creativity. What about changing sunlight range with the background keyframe? that would be mega useful. It just should be doable. Here is just another value that needs to be changed with the keyframe, I don't see the problem. Then cloud position and sky image changes would be very useful too.
  11. moniker

    Change biome colors

    @Nimianother 2 options I wonder why aren't changeable within keyframes are "glow radius" , "glow intensity" and "glow falloff". Why are these settings in the render section instead of just settings which you are able to change like glow color and so on? It's very limiting to stick to the same radius, intensity, falloff... etc settings for the duration of the animation. Many cool ideas I have would be doable if I was able to change these settings with keyframes. Same goes for sunlight range and pretty much every single setting anywhere to be found in the background section and in the render section. These settings aren't like "resolution" or "fps" which have to be the same for the entire project, they should be able to be changed as they should be part of the creative tools for the user if it makes sense. If you can make all of these tweakable within the next pre-release it would be great.
  12. moniker

    Sticky object in the timeline

    Im still asking for this. It's really nonsense that the camera, which is like the central part of the project as you animated around where it is pointing, it's not visible at all times. I waste so much time scrolling up and down because of this. Please take a look @Nimi
  13. I've noticed that I cannot no longer enter - in the numbers. It was very useful when making a symmetric shape thing. 100 then -100 and you get it even, but I cannot enter - in front of 100. Must have been since the latest patch. Edit: I think it didn't work because the number had a ton of decimals and the - sign didn't fit.
  14. moniker

    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (Pre-release 3)

    When will the next update be out? I need to be able to change the biomes and so on in the background keyframe, until them im stuck and cant continue my animation.
  15. moniker

    Change biome colors

    They don't. Nimi said that it doesn't work and he is working on it for the next update, hopefully soon.
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