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  1. A way to mute everything, and have a fadder for every single audio track. Every editor has this.
  2. moniker

    New thing to the Library + Resources menu

    There's a lot of unused crap on my projects that has unaccurate use count indeed. It should be like on Sony Vegas, the lightning icon that you just press it and safely delete all really unused stuff to free memory space. It should list all the stuff that's about to be deleted as well.
  3. moniker

    Sticky object in the timeline

    Any news on this? im really tired of scrolling up and down looking for the camera on the timeline every time, or having to click on the 3d camera object on the work camera (after finding where is it) to select it on the timeline. It's just nonsense.
  4. Every editor out there has a shortcut that simply deselects everything, we need this. Then, to speed up workflow, we also need to be able be able to use a shortcut that when used selects the actual object, and not a part of the object, and at the same time deselects whatever was selected previously, so you get selected what you wanted to move in a single click while holding another key (shift+click was just an example, so it could be alt+click or whatever) Another thing we need is a way to enter a keyframe for absolute everything parented to an object without having to manually select all the parts. So basically something that selects everything within an object with a single click, then with ctrl+q you put a keyframe on everything, without having to manually make sure that you've opened on the timeline every parented stuff. All these small things is what improves workflow on editors and makes you work really fast without wasting time. You get it.
  5. Yes I could use any of these assorted shitty workarounds, but how about suggesting that a simple shortcut is added that deselects everything as every other competent editor has? Seriously now.
  6. On big animations with many different schematics what you select last may not be visible on the camera, so you would need to either move the camera and find it to double click it or do it throught the timeline. Irrelevant.
  7. Why would I need to find out what I have select in a long ass timeline in order to double click it, seriously now. Just either add a control+other key shortcut to deselect everything or add shift+click method. It would save time objectively.
  8. Yes really. You have to first deselect everything by clicking on the sky which is a dumb ass step, and sometimes you don't want to have the schematic locked if you have stuff parented on it.
  9. Right, but having a shift+click shortcut could be faster than having to deselect whatever first.
  10. So imagine you have a rig with a bunch of stuff on it. You typically click on the rig because you want to move it somewhere else, but instead the part where you clicked is selected so the entire thing on the timeline is opened, so you have to close it, then you have to move it, when you just wanted to select the position of the entire thing. Perhaps shift+click could always select the entire thing and not the part of something.
  11. You mean anything past frame 31,998 will not get saved? ok then, im just confused because it has happened to me at different times on the timeline, sometimes it happened before or after, around 8 minutes in one animation, then after 22 minutes in another one,..
  12. moniker

    Mine-imator 1.2.2

    Where is this located? I need to put a keyframe on everything, so I selected everything with ctrl+A and put a keyframe with ctrl+Q, however the parented stuff don't get a keyframe unless the slider thing is opened and I have manually selected everything which is hell. So how do I put a keyframe on everything without having to manually open every parented stuff on the timeline and selecting it? Im assuming that new thing would be handy here.
  13. When im making a long animation, at some point it stops saving any further keyframes on the timeline. So you keep working an don't realize Mineimator isnt going to save any further progress, you save it, close Mineimator, go to sleep, then open it the next day and see how all of your work after XX minutes wasn't saved. Needless to say how frustrating this is. Is there any way to know if you've hit a certain limit where Mineimator is no longer going to save progress? sometimes this has happened at 10 minutes, others at 20ish, it is insanity to just keep on hoping the progress is saved. "Just divide the project in more files". I still would need to know when to do this. If it depends on time or it depends on file size for that theretical limit that im hitting in order to start another project to continue. It's also annoying since I would need to delete ALL keyframes within the project and then leave everything I need to make it stay right before I left.
  14. If it is an avoidable problem then it must be GameMaker's fault and yet another reason to port MineImator in a proper platform like C. I hate wasting time in things like these (replacing a bunch of doors and whatnot).
  15. I was complaining because it makes the timeline unnecesarily messier and you cannot put them inside folders as well. Making them invisible doesn't solve this.
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