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  1. moniker

    Markers on the timeline

    @Nimi could you look at this? trying to find where it's something specifical in long animations is insanely annoying without markers. Just imagine editing a long video on Vegas without any markers.
  2. Anyone knows if Minecraft uses backfaces? particularly on hats. I can't tell. I think it doesn't but im not sure. I like to have a vanilla aesthetic on my animations, but some skins look kinda off without backfaces enabled, for instance skins that have ears as hats. Im thinking about enabling backfaces but it would break the aesthetic of the original game.
  3. When is it being released?
  4. Im using a flat surface and it's texture is a camera, so it looks like it's doing a videocall with someone on a laptop. The problem is, there is no shadows, SSAO, depth of field, or anything like that on the laptop screen (so the surface's texture which is attached to a camera). It looks like the effects are off in there... why is this happening? It looks like when I export as an image or when I press F5, but not on th actual rendered movie. This is how it looks like if I export the image: And this is how the actual rendered .mp4 file looks like: As you can see, it looks flat, with no shadows. Also notice in the celing how there's no SSAO. Why??
  5. I have a big surface that constantly spawns block particles into the air, I've set it at around 12000 at the number of spawning particles. For some reason at halfway of rendering the animation the particles start spawning in specific points in a straight line instead of just at random points within the surface that I set as the area were the particles spawn... I don't get what's going on. Is there a limit of particles that Mineimator can deal with before it collapses?
  6. moniker

    Can I disable all dynamic lights?

    Also: a particle counter that's visible at all times would be useful (like the one in the particle editor, but as a stat somewhere in the corner of the status bar or somewhere, because sometimes there are particles spawning that you aren't aware and its wasting resources)
  7. It's not fixed, im using pre-release 3. I think sometimes it happens and other times it doesnt for some reason.
  8. moniker

    Can I disable all dynamic lights?

    A button that disables all particles would be handy too (disabling as in stopping any particles from spawning to save resources, not just not showing them as the current button does..) @Nimi
  9. When I press the right button and im not moving (not pressing WASD) and I don't move the mouse, the cam is somehow moving. This is with the work camera, not with the actual camera.
  10. The "Follow camera" box in the background section doesn't get ticked on my project for some reason. I opened a new project and it does get ticked but it does nothing on my current project. Check what could be causing this.
  11. moniker

    Markers on the timeline

    Any update on this?
  12. moniker

    Can I disable all dynamic lights?

    do you mean render mode? I can feel less FPS with point or spot lights visible on either modes.
  13. To get better fps and be able to animate smoothly I disable dynamic lights when i've placed the point lights and spot lights where I want them. But it's so annoying having to disable them on by one. I actually have to uncheck the visible box on every keyframe because muting them on the timeline doesn't seem to be saving resources, it's like it's still there but just not seem which is pointless. Anyway can I just actually disable them all temporarily to save resources?
  14. moniker

    Light comming out of a character

    It would be useful here to have "Cast Shadow" be animable with the keyframe @Nimi
  15. moniker

    Change biome colors

    I saw you can now change scene colors if you set biome to custom, however the background keyframe is not saving changes between the default biome settings.
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