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  1. Yeah when you open the work camera it gets so slow, and when you click on "toggle controls wireframes and highlights" it's a disaster. If you disable it you see how much resources it consumes. This software is a mess tbh. It makes no sense that it consumes to many resources considering what's going on is not too much.
  2. it happened again and I have the error log now: Same thing: cloned a particle instance no the library.
  3. But this is insanely annoying. Also in many instances you just cant. For instance you are trying to create a scene with 20+ mobs walking. It becomes a mess because Gamemaker derps when you add all those keyframes. It's just that the program sucks. Mineimator needs to be ported into a proper engine.
  4. This is the last stuff I was doing before the crash, unfortunately I didn't copy paste the crash message.. can I find it somewhere?
  5. I would prefer that the program doesn't perform like crap when you have 20 models walking at the same time.
  6. I don't think it's possible, i've looked everywhere and it seems you are stuck with default blocks... you can't even do this yet I assume? This sucks tbh. I wanted to change XYZ values for the scale at least.
  7. i will update for many things including mineimator, but im afraid it's still going to suck because the main problem is the program not my computer.
  8. I need to spawn something which has parented stuff on it, how do I select in "Kind" something which needs to be parented with other stuff to make a shape? for instance, a dumbell model consisting of 2 plates (so 2 cylinders) and another cylinder in the middle, this is 3 things parented, so how do I use this as a particle that I spawn into the air to do cool stuff with and not just be limited to sprites, blocks or individual shapes? if this is not possible then it's a suggestion.
  9. well this is pretty lame, you can easily have TONS of keyframes when you are trying to do something involving many models walking at once for instance.
  10. I just don't get it. Right now im at 2.8 GB used and CPU 30-40% so there's resources left, and Mineimator is at like 5 fps non rendered mode with the work camera open because I have like 15 models with a bunch of keyframes. I just think Gamemaker is absolute garbage so even if I update to a beast like 3900x performance will still be poor.
  11. It's stuck on non responding and on a white screen. Sometimes it takes a long time to load if the project is big but it's been 5 minutes like this. Is there a limit of keyframes that mineimator can deal with or something? it's 10 minutes long thus far and i've done longer ones but this one had a lot of keyframes, im not sure if mineimator has derped out and cannot deal with opening the project..
  12. On the actual program, without rendering mode on.
  13. this is so annoying, please add it on the next version @Nimi
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