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  1. We would need something like this. Separate X Y Z and angle keyframes and interpolations for seamless movement. Trying to create a camera path manually as it stands that flows like that is not possible with the tools we have now. You could try to work around it in an awkward way by using folders and moving them to the right distance to rotate them and simulate a smooth curvature but it will not look proper anyway, plus trying to work with folders like that is a nice way to end up with an headache.
  2. Will 1.3.0 have the sticky object option? I just waste so much time scrolling up and down to find the Camera on the timeline. Everything is built around the Camera keyframes, there should be a way to make the Camera timeline visible at all times as you scroll up and down. I think once this is implemented it will be insanely obvious how much it improves workflow. Im going to try to post a gif with how the idea should work later.
  3. When you click right click on the timeline bar (the white bar with the frame numbers) to try to select a range to render, it just keeps going up. This has been happening for many versions now. I reported it but never was fixed.
  4. "Texture horizontal offset" and "Texture vertical offset" should be able to get automated with keyframes. Would be useful sometimes when you want a scrolling texture.
  5. Performance is pretty bad as you keep drawing keyframes alone, by the end of a 10 minute animation you usually have a big hit on framerate. Also having "toggle controls, wireframes and highlights" enabled takes another big hit on framerates, as well as having the camera window opened. I reckon Nimi was working on framerate improvements, for instance not rendering what isn't seen behind blocks. Im hoping 1.3.0 makes thing better.
  6. Not sure what triggered that, I just was clicking undo and it crashed with that error.
  7. The cyan bend circle allows you to bend in a range of -180 to 180 irrespective of what the actual bending for the part is (for instance, a default arm is from X: 0 to 180ยบ if you use the bar to bend which is correct, instead of the circle). Is this fixed for the next release?
  8. Wrong. This isn't even about adding new features but about fixing a bug that causes a memory leak. Even David and Nimi upvoted my posts about it.
  9. This is not how software development work. You have to put barriers in your software so memory leaks never happen.
  10. The rig is not some super complex thing, it's just a medkit with some stuff inside. There's clearly something wrong going on in there.
  11. You don't need to name every object, just the object you want to parent to.
  12. The memory leak is happening inside Mine-imator.exe, hard to argue it isn't the software.
  13. "Frustum culling" So we will finally be able to work with smooth FPS while having loaded big schematics and cubes/objects? As it stands Mineimator FPS slow downs so easy after you add an schematic, some cubes and objects for the finishing touches + have 2 or 3 minutes of keyframes. Also having the Camera window and "Toggle controls, wireframes and highighs in this view" enabled makes it worse. Btw I have found a strange Memory leak: Something on that rig causes Mineimator to consume an infinite amount of RAM (it keeps going up until it collapses). Tested on both 1.2.6 and 1.2.7.
  14. I don't get this. Can you post a project in example or video?
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