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  1. Im ok with this, however when you are working with some lag (most of the time unfortunately) there is a bit of a delay when you click on something, so one may end up double clicking by mistake enabling the rename function by accident. Perhaps add a rename icon next to the 3 existing ones (select all, lock, hide). Here is where I mentioned a pin button should be for at least non-parented stuff (useful for the camera timeline for instance)
  2. I can finally request sticky object on the timelines in dark mode.
  3. I didn't even post any crash logs. I reported how RAM memory was going up triggered by a rig and you somehow thought it was "the rigs fault" and not the software, and called fixing this "a bad idea" which is nonsense, just as all of your complains about my suggestions/bug reports.
  4. I can't remember right now. It was I think some sort of robot or creature.
  5. If you did you wouldn't confuse a memory leak report with it somehow being a feature request.
  6. That's because you post it's a bad idea before even reading the post, or either you can't tell a bug report from a suggestion.
  7. The "feature" im suggesting here is just a shortcut, far from complex. The stuff I've suggested is most often very simple to implement. You can't tell a bug report from a feature suggestion as you demonstrated on the thread I linked to. Bug which got fixed and both Nimi and David upvoted me for reporting it.
  8. It doesn't prove it isn't a good idea. You just come to my threads to claim how something is a bad idea, even when im reporting a bug:
  9. Yet all of them have been added sooner or later.
  10. No shortcut does that. thats why im saying.
  11. As you can see, the camera keyframes are barely visible. I don't see a way to tweak this. Also, the text when you click on some value to change it, it's barely visible, see the Y angle value You can't barely read 180. The blue line is also barely visible on that dark circle. You can try to tweak this by changing other stuff that in exchange ruins something else. Something more specific is needed for these boxes and for the text when the cursor is blinking to change the value. The lines are also confusing when trying to discern between visible and invisible k
  12. Another basic thing that's missing: The "enter" key should work as a Play/Pause toggle. As of right now, you have to constantly move the cursor to the Play/Pause icon which is a massive of waste of time. Having it set on the enter key it's much faster. Right now it's set to "play from marker" which im sure it's much less used than Play/Pausing which everyone does constantly. Put the "play from marker" in another Key, or just let us choose in the menu. Notice that spacebar does not Play/Pause, it plays, then resets back to the starting position. Could this be added in the next u
  13. @Nimi would Occlusion culling be possible? on the gif I posted above you can see how frustum renders everything on the camera angle eyesight while occlusion also saves resources by not rendering pieces of scenario which are hidden by other pieces of the scenario. Left: FPS rendering performance only with Frustum Culling and then with Occlusion Culling activated, at the eight different selected View Points. Right: Discarded mesh percent, first with only Frustum Culling and then activating Occlusion Culling, at the eight different selected View Point.
  14. Nimi has announced frustum culling for 1.3.0 This should increase FPS. However even without FC active, what's on screen is so simple that it doesn't make much sense that the framerate is so low. I have a 3950X with a 3090 RTX and 32GB RAM so hardware limitations are out of the question, and I like said stats show that resources are barely being used.
  15. As im trying to find ways to improve performance, I would like to know what makes you get the biggest hit on framerate? By the time I have set a schematic, load up some characters (not even overly complicated rigs) and start adding keyframes, the framerate is already so unpleasant to work with, and I have an expensive computer. Anyway, what I have found in my experience: 1) Opening the Active Camera window kills framerate pretty much in half 2) Having the "controls, wireframes and highlights" setting enabled makes it worse 3) Keyframes, as you add keyframes, it gets wo
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