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  1. For some reason I have no Graphics setting on the menu. Why is that?
  2. It would be good if the UV editor gave you more info. Im moving around and there is no information of on what pixel I am.
  3. I made a wall on Modelbench and when I get close it gets dark. How do I disable these lightning settings? I have no graphic settings there
  4. I've made an huge wall with 10 holes on it where I will set windows. The texture for the wall is not a repeating 16x16 texture but a single big texture. When I load the miobject file on Mineimator the texture repeats in lines. I just want a single clean texture like when you load a cube and you are able to change the offset and repeat options. Any ideas?? I can add the texture inside Modelbench but modelbench has no real texturing options like Mineimator has with the offset and repeating options so I can't make the texture fit properly.
  5. You can't fix it. You may be confused with render depth. It doesn't matter what you set, alpha doesn't work throught tintled glass panes or when the background has DOF for instance.
  6. How do you "slide" the texture? im trying to move it so it matches the shape im trying to build, but when I change the texture on the ctrl+e place, it just resizes the block, it does not change the texture offset. I can't find a way to do this. Edit: I've seen moving it on the ctrl+e in one of the vertex changes the offset. Now I wonder if there is a way to make a "hole" in a block so it automatically knows how to place the texture so it's properly aligned. It would also be useful to change the texture offsent individually on each side of the block.
  7. Mineimator alternatives don't look like vanilla Minecraft and are too complex to use. I would be happy with current graphics, I would only like the alpha transparency bug fixed as far as graphics, the rest should be spent trying to make the software functional, that is, not lossing a ton of framerates as you add in stuff.
  8. Something that's missing UI wise is to searhc on the parent list: You have to scroll up and down manually trying to find what you want to parent it with. If you could search by name it would be faster since you would filter out a bunch of things so even if it had the generic default name it would be faster to find. Similarly, another pointlessly scrolling moment is everytime you want to find the camera and audio track to match the keyframes within the current camera position or sound event. The timeline search helps but it would be better to have a way to pin the object you want to
  9. Can we get "infinite clouds"? As it stands, clouds disappear when you travel too far away from a given point, which is not too far. It sort of skips all of a sudden. I would still like to see a way to have the Camera and audio timelines visibles since I place keyframes always around these timelines.
  10. If im making an animation based on an island seems evident that using the ground texture as the water texture makes sense instead of having an huge schematic made of water to create an horizon, the thing is, the ground texture has no transparency. How could some transparency be added? Perhaps adding an alpha slider for the ground texture could come handy for something like this. The water also looks a bit weird, it doesn't look blue enough. I can edit this a bit by chosing a custom biome and tweaking the water color but it's still not looking like vanilla water.
  11. The project is loading and closes itself while loading the stuff, no error log or anything. Why is that? Im checking my RAM while loading and it didn't hit 3GB.
  12. Im opening a schematic that has doors I don't need to animate yet it doesn't ask me if I want them on the timeline or not, it just adds them by default. I don't understand why sometimes im asked to add them or not.
  13. On the "Name" "Kind" "Spawn rate" columns, each instance has a profile to customize settings but the seed is the same for all. My suggestion is to be able to have a custom seed for each instance. As of right now you have to create a new particle object with a different seed. Example: You want an explosion that throws different blocks in the air (wood, stone, grass). If you wanted to control where the pieces land you would need a custom seed. As it stands now you must create 3 diffeernt particle objects for each block type to control to the seed when it would be easier if optionally you c
  14. Notice that somehow the keyframes are located in between the timeline numbers. I don't know how this happened, but I don't see a way to fix this, I have to delete the keyframes because they move in between the numbers when I try to move them. I wouldn't like to delete every keyframe where this has happened. Please fix.
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