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  1. Nobody uses Vimeo tbh. And nobody wants to see people doing Minecraft animations most likely, so Twtich is not an option. Most people want to see hand drawing, or flash animation being produced. Minecraft animations traffic is probably mostly kids, so all the talented people on that field will suffer. Hell I think even people like MineCZ are pretty talented and hilarious in the comical way they animate. There's a place for everyone in Youtube, and im an adult and I enjoy some apparently "-18" content too, and I would stop recieving notifications. It's unfair they are going to probably leave when YT nukes ANYTHING that has to do with fun as a whole because if you upload the video and not mark it as "kids friendly" but the algorithm decides it is, you will have a strike of sorts. They will shadowban the channel basically, the videos with no comments and no notifications enabled.. how depressing a channel like that would be? not to mention you would make next to peanuts in revenue for your time. True, but this makes it even worse, it will be the nail in the coffin. And the worst part is we still have people like Logan Paul on the platform that will suffer 0 consequences from this, when 99% of their viewers it's kids.
  2. As per the latest policy news: https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/5/20849752/youtube-creators-ftc-fine-settlement-family-friendly-content-gaming-minecraft-roblox Our videos will most likely be flagged automatically as "targeted for kids" due the Minecraft colourful aesthetic. This means: no comments allowed, no notifications allowed (so having subs is useless) and ad revenue obliterated due personalized ads being not allowed. Considering how much time it takes to create a 10 minute animation, even if you are doing a simple one... it's pretty much pointless with the up and comming policies. If making any money and developing a fanbase now is a pipedream, imagine with what's in store. So I predict everyone will quit.. perhaps except the few ones getting some help from Patreon which is like 2 or 3 and they aren't one-men projects but studios. Youtube once again screwing up everyone in the process.
  3. Which filename specifically should I replace with a transparent texture? you mean enderman_eyes.png I guess? I will try later and see results.
  4. Just close the camera and open it again, you double your fps. And disabling wireframes also gives you more fps.
  5. When you want to see how the flow of the animation is going and you want to watch it, or when you are near finishing and just want to see that everything is in place.. you want as smooth framerate as possible, so it would be useful to be able to disable the work camera, because you dont need it to be rendered as you are wasting resources. Just by disabling the actual camera you see the work camera goes smoother so we want the same thing but disabling work camera to preview the animation smoothly.
  6. Well the shadow glitch fix will save me editing like an idiot for hours in sony vegas, so that's awesome. Also ground texture being able to be animate is good for some scenes. Now I would need that the clipping issues are fixed. For instance, iron bars are clipping all over the place, it trully is a mess. Have you looked into this? @Nimi
  7. This doesn't work. When you do this, the bars don't show up being snapped to the blocks that are near it. You need the program to render it properly by default, as it does in actual Minecraft.
  8. I need Enderman's head to have it's eyes closed permanently without any workarounds so the common sense thing was to change the head texture and just paint it with it's black skin tone. How weird is it that I found out that the head becomes sort of brighter when you do this: Changes in "Head" has no effect. I have no glow enabled. I guess this has to do with the default glow eyes on the head, when you change the skin it glitches the entire head. How can I keyframe the default glow effect from the eyes off for when I need it to look like that? Like I said I don't want to put flat surfaces or blocks or anything to cover the eyes because it looks weird, and from a distance it has z-clipping issues if you use a flat surface so you have to put it a bit further from the head and you can notice it from closeup shots. I want to maintain the Vanilla aesthetic. I just want to use the skin with the eyes in black but without that happening.
  9. It sure did since I was the only person ever to point that out. The solution is to always fix things, this is how software development works. The ground also needs to be able to be changed with the background keyframe, since that is what you would expect as an user. Some things changing with the background keyframe and some don't doesn't makes sense from a design POV. It just ads more possibilities and versality the more things you can tweak with keyframes.
  10. Facts: 1) He fixed because I pointed the glitch out. He didn't notice or considered fixed it before I made the thread. 2) There are uses for the ground texture.
  11. It doesn't matter if im the only one complaining on this forum about it, there are more users of Mineimator outside of this forum. I also was the only one complaining about the shadow jump glitch when using follow camera and Nimi fixed it, so he gave it enough importance even if I only I complained about it, proving that it was worth fixing. You are wrong about ground texture as horizon having no use, at any rate.
  12. Example, im trying to change the oak wood texture for this rig box: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/topic/42321-the-simple-but-pretty-wooden-box-rig/ I open box.object, shows up fine. Then I open Arcade blocks frame.png with paint, change the oak wood, reload the texture on Mineimator and I see the spongue texture sort of stretched, weird. How can I change the oak texture there with another texture? The box itself, not the top which uses an item frame.
  13. The solution is to make the background keyframe register the ground texture changes as it should.
  14. I need to use it in some instances because I know creative ways to use it and save resources trying to make an horizon out of blocks.
  15. With the combination of matching ground texture + good of use schematics + dof i've gotten good results in some angles were you need an horizon to show up which would otherwise be impossible unless you load an insanely long schematic.
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