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  1. Well ,let me rephrase this: amount of selected TIME, as in single frames on the timeline, not actual keyframes. Just to know how much time you have selected. Every competent editor tells you this.
  2. Simple suggestion, just show me the range of keyframes I have selected and the amount I have selected: Mineimator needs all those things that all editors have and are very useful.
  3. For instance, I want to make an stream of water coming out of a hose, the hose is moving left and right, so I don't want the particles to move left and right and just follow the trayectory that they would follow if the hose wasn't moving, im not sure if this makes sense, but this would be useful in many ideas, like the one i have which I cannot implement because the object moves too fast and so the particles are a mess.
  4. Then what you are trying to solve (reducing a clusterf*ck of programing keyframes) becomes a new problem. Honestly the way mineimator deals with anything that isn't a straight line is so lame, we need something better than this.
  5. Yes, but the "custom rotation point" cannot be animated, so you are stuck with the same distance, and you would need different distances depending on how steep the curve is..
  6. Is there a way to do this? it would be extremely useful for for instance make a car turn in a curve (go from straight line to turn in a curve). Animating this is an innecessary pain in the ass if we had something better, like simialr to how you can "rotate around an angle" with the camera, but for an object, so you set up the angle, adjust distance, and it would look like it goes throught a curve smoothly. Animating this keyframe by keyframe is just insanity.
  7. The point is to avoid that annoying step throught shortcuts.
  8. But they are pasted starting from where the timeline black horizontal line is at, thats the point of my thread.
  9. I really hate having to go to the start of an animation to put the initial frame to put something invisible. For example: At minute 1 of the animation, 3 blocks are spawned at the same time. So you need 1 keyframe at the begining and 1 keyframe at minute 1 for each block. Why I cant just copy all the keyframes and paste them on the next object in the same order? there should be a way. What I mean is, keyframes are pasted wherever the timeline marker is sitting at. So if you are at minute 1, the keyframes get pasted there, and I need it from the start, so I need to move the market to the start and this is annoying. I dont know if you are following. I know you can export keyframes and import them but this is unnecesary, there should be a faster shortcut key.
  10. No, the thing is glitched, it should be a light with a limited range, but it seems it ligthens out the entire schematic
  11. I cannot find any other explaination. Sometimes spot lights or point lights lighten up the entire scenario. I doubled checked to see that the range isn't an huge value, values are set to default, I just don't get what's going on. Even if I put the light miles away from the schematic it still lightens everything up making it all look flat when I turn it on. I just don't get it. Any ideas?
  12. where can I find the fix? I just need a default diamond armor rig but all of them have clipping issues
  13. I cannot find the granite block, and neither can I find diorite. Im using 1.2.2.
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