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  1. AlfaProductions

    Anyone got a detailed and large city schematic?

    I have a town schematic @JH Animations
  2. AlfaProductions

    Mine-imator Civil War [4K Cinematic]

    the posing needs alot of work, I would suggest taking more time to perfect a large wallpaper like this.
  3. AlfaProductions

    Skin Request for Wallpaper [CLOSED]

    am pm?
  4. AlfaProductions

    Skin Request for Wallpaper [CLOSED]

    lol my username is below, also you used the exact same title as my skin request B Can I hold an iron axe?
  5. AlfaProductions

    Gosh another AMA? When will it stop?

    That's a Mii. I want to know what a me is.
  6. AlfaProductions

    Gosh another AMA? When will it stop?

    What's a me?
  7. AlfaProductions

    Gosh another AMA? When will it stop?

    whats a tree?
  8. a- a thing?? Is that what im supposed to do? Sorry im not good at these type of things. for real: How old? How tall? whats your name, date of birth, place of birth, time of birth, mother's maiden name, last name, social security card information, credit card information....
  9. AlfaProductions

    Gosh another AMA? When will it stop?

    y u englis bwoken?
  10. In case you missed my new forum game.... 


  11. AlfaProductions

    The Lake (Kind of) 4K

    the glow effect looks like an instagram filter
  12. AlfaProductions

    A Busy Day in the Streets [2K]

    lol He would be in the wallpaper if he gave me his skin and if I had room in the wallpaper, but it's pretty jam packed.
  13. AlfaProductions

    This song is my life source

    You may or may not know that I'm basically the forum's grammar police. So if your grammar sucks then listen to this song.
  14. AlfaProductions

    Backflip test #2 (Cheat Gainer)

    He kinda backlips right back into running instead of planting his feet also people don't ussualy back flip while runing because it needs backwards momentum. IRL the person would run and rotate back a little bit and then land on their face. this is my animation
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