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  1. I would tone down the DOF just a bit; but other than that, it's a pretty good wallpaper.
  2. That's exactly what I was thinking.
  3. Hi I may or may not be back Not like you guys care. Anyways here is a wallpaper I made today. Please upvote if you like it
  4. there isn't much to criticize. That doesn't mean it's good though. It doesn't accurately showcase 1.2's features. Add more to the wallpaper.
  5. It has way too much contrast and needs some moonlight in it. (light blue point light) *but I love stranger things so +1*
  6. I made a wallpaper a while back and I wanted to see how better a 1.2 raw render is vs a 1.1.4 edited render so here it is. Upvote if you liked it. Consider following me for more content like this. Original Post 1.1.4 1.2 I personally think the 1.1.4 version is better just because I could edit it better in paint.net The bloom effect isn't amazing at all. You could easily get a better effect in paint.net but i guess it would be better for people who don't know how to edit. Let me know which picture you like better in the poll above.
  7. Lighting looks really good! Almost like minecraft with good shaders.
  8. That's the point. Also not to be rude, but I would rather you have told me what I could do to improve the wallpaper, than just describing it to me.
  9. Join my Discord! https://discord.gg/Q629ut Upvote if you liked it. Consider following me for more content like this.
  10. In case you missed my wallpaper collab......


  11. the posing needs alot of work, I would suggest taking more time to perfect a large wallpaper like this.
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