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  1. Darling in the Franxx "strelitzia"
  2. Fryzzle The Pork

    Curves, cylinders and triangles all in one?

    maybe the solution is make it more minecrafty. like make it a little blocky so that it will suits the MC environment
  3. Fryzzle The Pork

    Curves, cylinders and triangles all in one?

    you can make curve using many surface
  4. Pork Armor The power of one texture The rig is still on testing I made the rig using one texture one and I also put extrusion in a cool way Texture Front view Back view Miner Type mode: Also slightly supports new 3 bends in the body Coming soon: I hope you all like it Oink!
  5. Fryzzle The Pork

    Fryz's Glaive

    Fryz Glaive Fear not the darkness but, welcome its embrace Made using : MI pre release #2 Dont ask about the size! its a Glaive Download Link: if you have problem using my rigs just comment below have fun! oink!
  6. Fryzzle The Pork

    Pet Cat rig ?

    I use ocelot to make that
  7. Fryzzle The Pork

    Pet Cat rig ?

    ANOUX one Technology will not replace great teachers but technology in the hand of great teachers can be transformational The Anoux one note: this rig is for wallpaper purpose only (but) if you can animate this thing then your a god - the rig is fully operational ( organize folder , separated parts ,and of course less lag) Download link: have fun thank you oink!
  8. Fryzzle The Pork

    Working in progress (ANOUX one)

    its done now guys
  9. Fryzzle The Pork

    Working in progress (ANOUX one)

    ANOUX one Technology without hatred can be a blessing Technology with hatred is a disaster
  10. Fryzzle The Pork

    Fryzzle's Katana version 2

    Fryzzle's Katana The first to apologize is the bravest The first to forgive is the strongest The first to forget is the happiest DOWNLOAD LINK:
  11. Fryzzle The Pork

    Furai's Sword

    Furai Sword I am not a hero; I am a soldier, When the battle is lost, I retreat and regroup; when the war is over, I lay down my sword. No last dashing charge; no futile last stand! Download Link: Made using latest version of MI: pre-release #2
  12. Fryzzle The Pork

    Black Lotus
  13. Fryzzle The Pork

    The Pig /wallpaper

    The MutantPig
  14. Fryzzle The Pork

    Butterfly Wing rig ^_^

    Fryz Butterfly Wing Rig sorry guys if its not that good rig. I hope you all like it Download link: I hope you all enjoy thank you bye OinK!
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