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Fryzzle The Pork

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  1. FryzBike - Pinoy Tricycle <3

    Fryz BikePhantom XT99 The technology we use Impresses no one The Experience you create with it Is everything Created by Fryzzle the Pork: a fast made rig /simple tricycle Oink Oink Oink I made this rig today so its not so great but still its a pleasure to share this to you all guys hope you guys like it Have fun! OinK! Download link: FryzBike: http://shrink8.com/OGmj
  2. FryzMobile - FryzGTZ 9000 Supercar

    Thank you
  3. FryzMobile - FryzGTZ 9000 Supercar

    FryzMobile FryzGTZ 9000 Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works A simple car made by: Fryzzle the Pork I hope you all like but the rig is not so 100% perfect Warning! the rig is kind of laggy sorry Download Link: FryzMobile: http://shrink8.com/WS4fix Have fun!
  4. Achnologia Dual Bladed

    The Achnologia you are a weapon. Stay sharp & seek balance Created by Fryzzle the Pork Download Link: The Achnologia: http://shrink8.com/cCdQSKn hope you all like it! Thank you! Oink!
  5. Fryzzle's War Lance

    oh sorry
  6. Fryzzle's War Lance

    War Lance War is peace Freedom is slavery Ignorance is strength Created By Fryzzle the Pork Download link: War lance: http://shrink8.com/vF1y7 Thank you Oink!
  7. Trident Rig - Pork's Trident

    Pork's TRIDENT Oink Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it. Created by: Fryzzle the Pork Download: Pork's Trident: http://shrink8.com/QxZR Recreate with the texture of PorkSpada Porks Spada link:
  8. The Pork's Scythe

    Pork Scythe Executioner of the Butchers Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it. Download: Pork Scythe:http://shrink8.com/xVyr created with the help of Spork Spada Thank you!
  9. Pork Spada - The sword of the Pig

    your Filipino too? :3
  10. Pork Spada - The sword of the Pig

    Yes! Proud to be Pinoy sorry
  11. Kikoku - Trafalgar Law's sword

    Kikoku Trafalgar Law's Sword "Weaklings cannot choice thier way of death" Download: Kikoku Sword: http://shrink8.com/PsjfE Thank you!!
  12. Pork Spada - The sword of the Pig

    Pork Spada Executioner of the Butcher Never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it. Download: The Pork Spada: http://shrink8.com/b35zVl Thank you!!!!
  13. The Doom Scythe [by: Fryzzle]

    The Doom Scythe Death and his scythe do not come. No sweeping Black capes or ethereal escapes. There's no pearly gate, no prism of colors as his slip away. The stillness is cold steel. The silence is empty with no memory to mend it Created by: Fryzzle The pork Download Link: The Doom Scythe: http://shrink8.com/1JWA7 Thank you and Goodbye Oink!
  14. Dragon Slayer Weapons

    Dragon Slayer Weapon Rig Challenge is a dragon with a gift in its mouth. Tame the dragon and the gift is yours Created by: Fryzzle The Pork DragonSlayer Dual Blade: DragonSlayer Battle Axe Download Link DragonSlayer DualBladeL: http://shrink8.com/fJGsHg DragonSlayer BattleAxe: http://shrink8.com/uD8mDj Hope you all like it
  15. The Dark heart

    Darkheart, Guardian of Hell For every soul thiers a guardian watching it Created By: Fryzzle the Pork Download now: http://shrink8.com/gXbOo
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