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  1. Thanks for the criticism, I decided to update it
  2. Yo, here's my rig for Metal Gear Solid 3's Naked Snake/My personal character rig since that's my Minecraft skin. It comes with a gun holster containing a socom, a socom in Snake's left hand, a knife holster with Snake's knife in it, and knives in both of his hands. I put knives in the holster and hands so there would be less fiddling with parenting and such. Anyways here are some pictures. and the download link - http://www.mediafire.com/file/j1c1hk4m5n0fwv7/snake_rig.rar/file
  3. https://streamable.com/u8w3n Criticism welcome, please ignore the setting/lighting and only criticise the animation.
  4. If you are accepting, here ya are
  5. Don't know if you are still accepting but here ya go
  6. great as always
  7. nah make something new pls. stop fantasizing and snap back to reality
  8. not enough of this random item crap cool
  9. That is also true, but fortunately most people respect creations with effort put in, outweighing those who don't.
  10. Yeah sure I would consider joining however effects are not my strong suit so I would not use them normally but after serious consideration and arguing among myself and even consulting some trusted friends you may consider me "in". I'm in
  11. This animation, although the lighting needs work, is really cool narrative-wise. Offtopic: What is civcraft, I tried joining the server but was confused
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