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  1. Just some random sprites I made for a tiny project.


    HPkHf3E.gif    Idle Animation (Steve)

    6ygyqav.gif    Idle + Walking Animation (sort of) (Steve)

    TfjArDY.gif    Walking Animation (Steve)

    UUFbX0m.gif    Idle Animation (Alex)

    jGnte1q.gif    Idle + Walking Animation (sort of) (Alex)

    pRkaL2c.gif    Walking Animation (Alex)


    BOjhobz.gif    Idle Animation (Steve)

    23oZu8X.gif    Idle + Walking Animation (sort of) (Steve)

    2zGxX3i.gif    Walking Animation (Steve)

    the right sprites were just scribbled on i might edit that later if i find something that looks better

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    2. DragonPixel


      now that's just plain awesome now

    3. iZestyLIVE


      @MasterArcher12The alex sprites, the right arm and right leg (left arm and left leg) move at the same time, instead of right arm and left leg etc

      Noice though!

    4. MasterArcher12



      (that was actually what i was trying to do, but it looked like the opposite somehow)

  2. Best animation I've seen (well except that i'm entirely black except for my outer layer of my skin)
  3. can i be that corpse that goes flying around every 5 scenes or so
  4. so there's this minecraft server i got the three easiest challenges possible  on a semi-vanilla server with random teleport and tpa which are

    "Adventuring Time", "A Furious Cocktail", and "A Balanced Diet"

    So, I'm just gonna put a tutorial here, later.


  5. Get a default Minecraft Resource Pack assets->minecraft->textures->entity->horse->armor it probably uses the same model as the horse, so when importing it to mine-imator, just selecting "Horse", and then the armor texture might work.
  6. well at least i don't appear at all unlike those with 0.25 screen time lol
  7. yea i am but how am i supposed not to die without any sort of house in the night with stone tools
  8. once a minecraft day. (once every twenty minutes)
  9. okay then just add a campfire if you can
  10. wow that's something i was expecting just one of every block type, not every block state like in debug mode like that picture above
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