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  1. MasterArcher12


    Skin name: CyanInAMinor
  2. MasterArcher12

    Fnad Improved Lightings Wallpaper

    this ain't fad! This is fnad! Where's the fnad hater squad?!
  3. Uh. This is... i got no words for this, this is... how did you do that red glowy effect?
  4. Can you stick with the default font and

    not do this in maximum text size?

    1. Skjold


      Hah that's not max text size.


    2. hidrax13





  5. MasterArcher12

    Mine-imator 1.2.0 (pre-release)

    You DO know that is extremely easy, right?
  6. MasterArcher12

    Elytra test

    Use some more non-linear transitions, make the movements a bit smoother, and improve the elytra texture/model please vanilla looks better although that's just my opinion. Add some more scenery, so you don't see the edge of the world. And yeah that's it.
  7. MasterArcher12

    [4K] Night-Hunter

    Uh. This is supposed to be dark, right? I mean, yeah you probably should keep it, because I can see that um... white dude... ...... and the log, tree, and that glowy thing, and a weird green glow. isn't that all we need to see?
  8. MasterArcher12

    graphics bug

    ooh i liek this topic. but what image?
  9. MasterArcher12

    Skins Needed for Community Project

    CyanInAMinor, my username.
  10. MasterArcher12

    Please Reduce Schematic Lag

    In Mine-imator, using a large schematic makes it lag, but using a small one shows all the cuts, and I can't make it natural without using a ton of fog/DOF, and both of them makes it harder to see what's going on, so either reduce the lag or makes scenery edges render smoothly plz.
  11. MasterArcher12

    First time using Mine-Imator :p

    This is good, but the problem is that there are too many distractions. You can't really focus on the Steve with so many movements going on everywhere.
  12. MasterArcher12

    How to make a good fight scene?

    oh ok. thx
  13. MasterArcher12

    How to make a good fight scene?

    you can't animate without transitions tho. i mean, tell me how to not use transitions. i don't get what ur saying.
  14. MasterArcher12

    Fight Practice

    no! why did u delete it?! i wanted to see cuz i luv your work
  15. MasterArcher12

    Annoying Bending Issue

    eh i countered the downvote 4 ya
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