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  1. I like how you made the slime being bouncy but the jumping looks a bit weird, as the slime just goes up diagonally and goes down diagonally, instead of the horizontal rate being constant and the vertical rate easing out up and easing back in down
  2. I suggest you make the scene more readable. I'm pretty sure this scene is supposed to represent Steve running up to mine quartz, then a drowned throws a trident at steve but hits the quartz ore instead and steve kills the drowned. However, it just looks like Steve at a quartz block that generates a trident, and Steve just kills a random drowned with a pickaxe. Also, try to work on the transitions, instead of just using linear transitions for the character. The camera movement is also pretty weird, especially when it zooms up on the quartz block. You could also add some scenery as well
  3. i voted other: make final froggit
  4. most emotional thing ive ever seen since the -5th century will rate 10/10
  5. wait, if chunks get unloaded if not explored, does the globe get smaller?
  6. i never knew thats literally how minecraft worlds generate rlly thx i have been elightened
  7. Decided to try out Mine-imator in years, made this lil test. No bending btw. (the particles lagged my computer very much, was very fun wow)
  8. I disagree And the posing for the running is weird. Normally, an arm and the leg on the same side faces opposite directions
  9. But why is diamond ore glowing?
  10. i have no idea why people don't use the "enchanted_glint" texture at all tho i haven't seen one person use the texture
  11. I'm in (i wouldn't have if the animation didn't use the "instant for body parts, and everything else for movement" thing or whatever)
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