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  1. I disagree And the posing for the running is weird. Normally, an arm and the leg on the same side faces opposite directions
  2. But why is diamond ore glowing?
  3. i have no idea why people don't use the "enchanted_glint" texture at all tho i haven't seen one person use the texture
  4. I'm in (i wouldn't have if the animation didn't use the "instant for body parts, and everything else for movement" thing or whatever)
  5. cover photo truly the best

  6. oh no i accidentally merged adventure and husbandry meh ima edit it now quite long to be a status update (even tho there are no limit on length i think)
  7. Just decided to post these Got them on a server called FamilyMC Minecraft: The Nether The End Adventure & Husbandry
  8. 5. listen to rule 6 So we must listen to rule 6 6. do not listen to rule 5 so we are not to listen to rule 5 5. listen to rule 6 -> do not listen to rule 6 6. do not listen to rule 5 -> listen to rule 5 l oo p
  9. 1. teleporting enderman 2. visual glitch on your end 3. fake
  10. The sword swinging sound effect was overused but other than that it's good
  11. is havingĀ 


    Unbreaking III

    and Fire Aspect I

    on a golden sword normal

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      Well it sure is demending

  12. everyone: weeb me, an anti-intellectual: weeD (i mean the plant, actually, i mean azure bluets (which is also a plant))
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