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  1. Commonly suggested features

    (OKay, this post was in the near-first box in Nimi's status updates...) werid
  2. Commonly suggested features

    3D Text, Inherit Bend exist completely, Edit Schematics blocks partially exist, with "Special Blocks".
  3. Waving Steve Keyframes

    Areas of Imporvement, the waving is too stiff. All animations are linear, and the bends are too unnoticable. Try less to use rotations, and use a bit more bends. Or, just don't use bends at all. The sword is weird too.
  4. 1st wallpaper remake

    the old one was... yeah... I've got nothing to say about the new one since i can't see it.
  5. Help

    ah! dislike bot!
  6. Making a Rig Request

    http://www.mediafire.com/file/73ls42v1x3ecfzy/Single_Pixel.miobject is the download. Known bugs are: the bending is weird, but overall, everything is fine. (Lag Heaven)
  7. Taking model requests. [Closed]

    what did you expect? (Pickle)
  8. Poses Wow

    When sharp bending actually comes in handy
  9. Making a Rig Request

    If you do that it would be... LAG HEAVEN! (I could do that, as I already made the rig, but you need to prove your animating skills, and see if I could give it to you.)
  10. Angry mobs force steve to dance- Minecraft animation-Like someone else I know (who is that)

    1. EnderSculptor




      why are you asking sticknub about monster school


    2. EnderSculptor


      oh wait


      that's not monster school

    3. MasterArcher12


      it was just some mine imator animation we posted "some" constructive criticism on.

  11. Me and My Followers

  12. Taking model requests. [Closed]

    Yes my PICKLE! YOU'RE MY HERO! From the Forum Rules Pointless swearing/overuse of CAPS Oh no..
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