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  1. Everyone who don't want to have his video "good for kids" just need to play "F-u-c-k this shit I'm out" at the end of video/animation

    1. Frost*


      It doesn't work like that.

    2. Ethaniel


      You shouldnt swear. 

  2. :steve_tearful:

    I went for 15 minutes out of my home to near shop and when I got back and turn on my NTB (notebook/laptop), I was confused because my keyboard somehow died or something else, so I had to find some other keyboard at home. So I will be without my NTB about 1 month.

  3. When I tried to import my broomstick model every texture change from Vanilla textures to purple-black so I restarted MI everything is OK
  4. Idk, in resources, even I deleted everything only thing that was immune to deleting was something named broomstick and it somehow replaced usual textures
  5. More strange was that it kinda bugged my MI, so I had to restart it. (I recreated (now) that model in similar way and it works)
  6. It worked perfectly yesterday and my NTB had beautiful fps while working in MB with it.
  7. 1. 2. a) Start MB or MI b) Open model c) Choose my broomstick model 3. That broken model (with textures) (+ it temporarily broke my MI that most textures are that purple-black)
  8. I have a question: How does country where you live tolerates jokes? (like black humor, racist humor or politicians humor, etc.)

    1. Ethaniel


      Freedom of speech, baby. 😎🇺🇸

  9. Everyone have his own original MI style, so If you find something that have: bad lightning, stiff poses and beautiful sky/landscape picture, it will be probably my creation.

    (+ I have prepared another death-making amazingly stupid life hack for tomorrow)

    1. Ghatos


      or any new users that know how to make a skysphere

    2. MicrogamerCz


      I don't like skyspheres much, rather that deafult choice.

      (Edit: I mean for landscapes)

  10. Life-saving help: If you go to the Czech Republic, so I want to warn you that the only thing that can threaten you there is a doubtful kmet with a dummy gun with a handle from Becherovka...


    ... and that kmet is Czech President Miloš Zeman

    (Sorry for any typos or badly written words)

  11. Lifehack #2: If you really hate someone, just give him meat infected by salmonella, toilet will become his home.

    1. Frost*


      That's really sad.

    2. MicrogamerCz


      Rather it is really black humor

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