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  1. Resolution is okay, but that screen ratio sucks (like really? 4:3?)
  2. Being without idea for wallpaper is horrible.

  3. "When life gives you Potato PC with BSOD" + this is again work of MineWallpaper and me @MineWallpaper's version (angry): My version (sad): (this time I worked of lighting, I promise, but I forgot add camera effects) Credits: SFR V.7 by SKIBBZ PC:
  4. Flowey doesn't look happy or mad as usual
  5. I tried after some time horion client (hacks/cheats for minecraft bedrock on windows 10) and it's good, but it misses functional NoFall (that function erases fall damage for user using it.)

    Edit: I tried it on some server which don't have rules

  6. You're hero! (... That mine-imator forums deserves)

    1. Draco63


      sorry, there was too much bad grammar in that sentence for me to understand┬á­čść┬áno offence

      can you repeat that?

  7. MCPE Treasure wars players are evolving:

    1. Mid 2018: everyone is making skybases (except me, I was repoting everyone who was making skybases in game that I played, it's against rules of Hive PE

    2. End of 2018 - start of 2019: EVERYONE is cheating, yea, every 2nd or 3rd game of treasures wars I played there was a flying player (of course, they were reported)

    3. EVERYONE in Treasure wars MEGA is running to the opponent and they will destroy small treasures practically at start of each game (*************)

  8. 1. Why that creeper spawn out of nowhere at time 0:27? 2. Why that 4th scene on 2nd song have extremely low framerate?
  9. This can help you: https://www.mineimatorforums.com/index.php?/forum/7-mine-imator-tutorials-tips-and-tricks/
  10. Why that left hand went through the right hand, so unrealistic. + that camera is weird, it goes firstly slowly and then it moves fastly ++ For this animation which is in stand position, I recommend to add some small scenery. For walking tests are flatlands (relatively) good
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