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    Minecraft, Mine-Imator, paint.net (for resource packs), The Simpsons, Futurama, Teacher comedies (like: Fack ju göthe or Les Profs), Android+Windows, Roman Senyk music.
    I also have some empty discord server now only for 25 souls, it's here: https://discord.gg/8G5Dxce
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  1. Stanley is sad. Please go here:


  2. Do you like Stanley? Of course you do. If not, you're now probably laying dead on your keyboard while your player is in Broom closet. If you are alive (and by that you have to like Stanley), immidiately visit this topic:

    (visit it or The Narrator will be angry)

  3. animal crossing or animal eternal or doom crossing
  4. Stanley is the main character of The Stanley Parable Story (spoiler alert):
  5. Idk, I was pretty inactive for last 2 weeks.
  6. Okay, but I have to warn you when you will comment something or post something: 1. One member (Ian_The_One) gives often downvotes without any meaning. 2. Never post Monster School content. 3. Sometimes when you will post something, it can last in recent posts for hours, sometimes it can dissapear in few minutes.
  7. He can't do that, his work is just pressing some buttons on keyboard, but he somehow got out of his office and he's waiting in front of it.
  8. Finally a wallpaper after some time (I was without ideas and without motivation) Original: With light rays (which are not so much visible, because they are 50% alpha) Most work has been put into this hallway. And Steve is now Stanley (just for info)
  9. Yes, but sadly, I'm out of upvotes
  10. Hmm, a bit low res explosion and that gun full of cylinders hurts to my eye (but that's my subjective opinion (which is useless)) and Daily post? I don't reccomend that.
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