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  1. April Fools wallpaper didn't end up happening. May get it up later this month. Life will be busy.

  2. The gallop is very nice, but I feel like the canter could use a bit more fluid movement in the feet. Other than that, I have nothing else to say right now. Great job!
  3. I'll probably get a late April Fool's Day wallpaper out in a day or two... Hopefully.

  4. Maybe make some gifs or short clips of them? I've spent hundreds of hours around horses and I'd love to look at them, but I can't take the time to download and import them right now.
  5. Ah! Is this like from the wings mod? Well done, though.
  6. Ik. Are you triggered? I was trying to keep it from becoming too light, but I will work more on that tomorrow, thank you. I was also afraid of adding bloom bc I have the text added in MI.
  7. (Yes, I'm using Comic Sans and you can't stop me!) Here's the wallpaper I've made for a banner. This is my first attempt at one though. After CC: As always, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!
  8. That's pretty good! I'm confused about where the red light is coming from though, and I can't really see their poses that well because of the shadows and dark floor.
  9. True tho! I was actually planning something similar, just not with that door. xP
  10. Thank you for pointing that out. It wasn't supposed to be completely comedic, and there is a dark side to all of that too, but I could definitely put a bit more work into the comedy side.
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