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  1. I'm in agreeance on the warm colors. A lot of orange, but with my skin making style (I make a lot, for myself and friends), the sleeves don't look too weird for me. I understood right away.
  2. I'd never heard of the anime, but I may have to look into it. My character isn't completely deaf, but she does have something where she'll go deaf for a few hours or days of a noise is too loud for her, so interactions during that time will definitely be interesting.
  3. The only relation is the rig used. I should have specified, but I updated my character model a bit! I know some friends that would have asked about them.
  4. So, y'all don't really know me too well, but I'm actually learning 3 languages at the moment. I love language, and I've spent the past few months trying to figure out how to incorporate this into my wallpapers and animations. Now, I've finally decided to go with it and start incorporating ASL into my Mine Imator projects. This is my first public test animation. I understand that the lighting is a bit bland, but as always, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated. (Note: I cannot upload to Youtube, so a friend suggested streamable!) https://streamable.com/ge4cob And here are the wings I've added to my rig, heavily inspired by the Wings mod. Textures originally came from the mod, but I changed them for my character idea.
  5. It doesn't show a lot, but it's still a nice render.
  6. April Fools wallpaper didn't end up happening. May get it up later this month. Life will be busy.

  7. The gallop is very nice, but I feel like the canter could use a bit more fluid movement in the feet. Other than that, I have nothing else to say right now. Great job!
  8. I'll probably get a late April Fool's Day wallpaper out in a day or two... Hopefully.

  9. Maybe make some gifs or short clips of them? I've spent hundreds of hours around horses and I'd love to look at them, but I can't take the time to download and import them right now.
  10. Ah! Is this like from the wings mod? Well done, though.
  11. Ik. Are you triggered? I was trying to keep it from becoming too light, but I will work more on that tomorrow, thank you. I was also afraid of adding bloom bc I have the text added in MI.
  12. (Yes, I'm using Comic Sans and you can't stop me!) Here's the wallpaper I've made for a banner. This is my first attempt at one though. After CC: As always, constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!
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