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  1. This was admittedly made in a hurry, but I do plan on making changes in the future and will keep your comment in mind. Thank you.
  2. It's bad, but I had fun making it. The title kinda says it all though.
  3. Just a little update for here... I'm transitioning from Mine Imator to Blender. There are things I want to do that I just can't with Mine Imator currently, and I do need Blender for future plans anyways. I'm not completely quitting MI, just spending most of my time getting used to Blender currently.

    1. jakubg1


      Good luck! You'll surely be better than me.

    2. IraelianEnergy


      I doubt it. I'm pretty bad so far. xP


  4. Before CC - After CC - Constructive Criticism Needed!
  5. Depends on which way you copy it.
  6. To post the actual photo and not a link, copy the BBC code in 'Share Links' and paste it in your post.
  7. Thanks! Sorry I'm late to reply! While I agree that cinematic looks much better, I don't really agree with making the FOV any lower. Thank you so much for your cc though!
  8. Techno: I don't think these levers do anything... Jackie: Are you sure about that? Before CC: After CC: I made this for a friend, who doesn't use Mine Imator. More CC is appreciated.
  9. Age and maturity are two completely different things.
  10. It's for a story/comic I'm working on. I haven't shared much on here lately, so I figured I'd share this cover. CC appreciated, though I know a lot of people won't understand what is going on in this picture...
  11. There's some storyline behind that one, so I won't exactly go into an explanation. Thank you though!
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