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  1. Thanks! Sorry I'm late to reply! While I agree that cinematic looks much better, I don't really agree with making the FOV any lower. Thank you so much for your cc though!
  2. Techno: I don't think these levers do anything... Jackie: Are you sure about that? Before CC: After CC: I made this for a friend, who doesn't use Mine Imator. More CC is appreciated.
  3. Age and maturity are two completely different things.
  4. It's for a story/comic I'm working on. I haven't shared much on here lately, so I figured I'd share this cover. CC appreciated, though I know a lot of people won't understand what is going on in this picture...
  5. There's some storyline behind that one, so I won't exactly go into an explanation. Thank you though!
  6. thank you for reminding me about the lamp. And thank you for your cc
  7. I put a bit more time into this one. Constructive Criticism is appreciated. Gun Rig by Skibbz Trashcan Rig by Batman4014
  8. Yeah. I wanted to try it out for myself. In reality though, not really the best. I can't even look at my own creation anymore because of OCD.
  9. I think quite the opposite. Assassination sounds like you do it for a living.
  10. I know. I honestly just didn't want to use that word.
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