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  1. Ghatos

    Pistol RIG v1

    looks perfect, no default for me, great job!
  2. Ghatos

    How I Make My Videos

    omg thx u now i can mak vids thx u sooo muchhh!!!!!:D!!!
  3. Ghatos

    Metro pack

  4. Ghatos

    Glasses Rig V.1

    But... why?
  5. Ghatos

    Glasses Rig V.1

    Looks great! But what does the second picture show? It looks like a blurred pile of garbage
  6. Ghatos


    I give you an upvote, this is great!
  7. Ghatos

    proof its ugly

    Looks like an autobot
  8. Ghatos

    M4A1/AR-15 Rig

  9. Ghatos

    Metro pack

    Well uh... I didn't created turning rails, so... :/ A mono-rail with 2 rails! Thanks!
  10. Ghatos

    Metro pack

    Hi everyone! I present to you: The metro pack! (with an orange title cuz I like orange) Including: The metro (of course) The wagon The rails (2 desings available!) And metro station stuff AND, if you are too lazy to make your own metro station, here is a metro station for you! (made with shematics and some of the train pack objects) Before I show you the download link, here is some tips about the train pack: - If an object's name ends with "(COLOR)", that mean you can change his color! - I've created some ads for the ad sign, if you want to use them, import the ads into your project (they are in the "train pack" file), then select the white part of the ad sign and change his texture. Select the ad texture you want to use. - The name of the stations can be changed - Same thing for the screen text on the front of the metro (and the text color can be changed too): Download it here And credit me if you use it!
  11. Ghatos

    [PAYDAY2] Dallas Rig

    Nice work, I love his mask! But he only has 4 fingers, that's weird Anyways, great rig, I upvote!
  12. Ghatos

    Scar-L Rig

    Very well done, nice job!
  13. Ghatos

    Bird pack

    It looks amazing, I love it
  14. 1.13 is out since july 18, release the 1.2!
  15. Ghatos

    Small car rig BREAKABLE!

    It means that you like my model! thank you :D
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