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  1. Ghatos

    Cuphead RIG!

    SKIBBZ made this facial rig, right? If so, you must credit him. exept that, it looks great for a beginner!
  2. Ghatos


    The real question is: what is he looking for?
  3. Ghatos


    I think the water on the road reflects too much, it looks like ice, it should reflect less. Also, I think you should have putted another building behind the left and middle building. Other than that, good job!
  4. The reaction limit is probably here to prevent eventuals bots from botlike (or botdislike) posts.I think it's pretty annoying because I can only give reactions to a few posts and comments per day before I run out of reaction. So I got an idea: users who have more than 100 of reputation have unlimited reactions! The forum will still be protected from bots, and we will get rid of this reaction limit! What do you think ?
  5. Ghatos

    Today is my birthday! [2k]

    Hehehe c:< I'll be fatter than i'm already are if I continue to eat all theses cakes D=
  6. Ghatos

    Today is my birthday! [2k]

  7. Ghatos

    Today is my birthday! [2k]

    Thanks you all! :') Thank y- Oh no, I ran out of reactions Well, In france, you can get something called "Accompanied driving" (it allows me to drive but only with an adult that have his driving license since 5 years or more), and you are allowed to get than when you're 15 or more (the driving license can only be get at 18). So in end 2017, I started to pass the code (i must have it to get the accompanied driving) But I still don't have it ;-; So yeah, I don't think i'm gonna have many questions about that, because i'm not 18 NOOOOOO D= Yay
  8. Hi everyone! Today's my birthday!
  9. Ghatos

    video player for imator for me

    What do you mean?
  10. Ghatos

    Killing field

    Amazing work! I would like to upvote, but I've ran out of reaction So I'll give you this instead:
  11. Ghatos

    Ugly Alex Rig

    That's better than the original alex rig! *see the last picture* what the hell is that?
  12. Ghatos

    Basic F N A F 1 Animatronics V1

    Did you even readed what I've said?
  13. Ghatos

    My 2 first render

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