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  1. Here's my entry for the "gem colllab" of Hozq! I hope you will like it! Trash can model by @mbanders Super buff steve by @Hozq
  2. That face when he/she says "you know what I'm talking about, don't act dumb" but you really don't know what's he's/she's talking about
  3. I tried to paste it in open office so I can change the font and see what it is saying, but it crashed
  4. What the hell are you doings will all of theses emojis ._.
  5. I just discovered something on youtube: if you type "awesome" while watching a video, the red bar at the bottom of the video will have a seizure! or will give you a seizure, I dunno...

  6. Happy birthday, David! thanks for creating Mine-Imator!

  7. Please detail your issues, and in general, explain better, I have no idea whay you're talking about
  8. I somehow managed to get into the showcase with my recycled wallpaper, thanks to everyone who upvoted it!


    1. hidrax13


      where is the cake

  9. Ghatos

    Vehicle pack v2

    This post is sponsorised by the road pack!
  10. Thanks everyone! Hell yeah! I'm sooo exited! 17, the 1 don't have a bar but the 7 does
  11. I've forgot to say that it was my birthday yesterday, and I've also forgot to make a wallpaper about it, so here's this brand new wallpaper for you to enjoy! EDIT: this is totally not a recycled version of my wallpaper about me turning 16:
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