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  1. A water effect? You mean water particles? here's a tutorial for that: And to make a gate of hell, you can import one from one of your minecraft worlds (if you build one in it, of course).
  2. You have to DM a moderator for that. Also, don't pin Nimi if you have a problem, just ask your question and a user will respond to you.
  3. Me and the boys at 2AM looking for ฿Ɇ₳₦₴
  4. I didn't liked your cut g enough which is why I'm not in this picture
  5. Well, as long as you don't sell your model it's fine. No needs to give credits, just don't sell your model.
  6. Ghatos


    That's a lot of feathers
  7. Zoomed out? what do you mean by "zoomed out"? if you don't know how to move the work camera (or any camera, the controls are the same): - hold the right mouse button to move the camera, and while hodling it, use the WASD or ZQSD keys to move it, like in a FPS game - hold the left mouse button to rotate the camera around the (0, 0) coordinates
  8. He do be vibing pretty smoothly doe
  9. If I remember well, it's not possible due to dll files not existing on mac
  10. Yep, an MMD animation for my 18th birthday! I know, it's a little bit lazy since I didn't made the keyframes, or the models, or the scenery... but at least I fixed the camera! (it was way too high on some shots). Anyways, enough talking, here's the video! (warning: the volume on the video is all the way up, check if yours speakers volume isn't all the way up too) https://i.imgur.com/pMqrp5w.mp4 Here's the credits: Steve model + scenery dance motion download MEGA key: HcJ1CIuM6Za-yxRaVyXb1wLTTaxPHNRk1WRAd2msHNI RAR file key: Izanagi
  11. What can I say except 𝙃 𝙔 𝙋 𝙀
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