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  1. I keep seeing deepfakes of yanderedev singing this lmao
  2. You have to create a human model that doesn't have a face on the texture, then attach your face model to his head. For example, here's a faceless steve skin that you can use with the face model: As you can see, the only thing you have to make youself is removing the face of the skin you want to use. Once you created a human with your texture, parent the face model to the head (= attach it to the head of the human model).
  3. like everyone said, you gotta tell us the timezone, because we don't know where you live. Also, is the server open for only 3 hours and 10 minutes everyday? I mean, I understand that keeping a server open can cost a lot, but if you can't keep it open 24h/24h, then almost no one will join because of timezones.
  4. I used modelbench to do most of the car, then used mine-imator to solve the problems I couldn't solve with modelbench
  5. You have to increase the sunlight range, it can be found in the backgrounds tab. Note that increasing the sunlight range will solve the problem, but will also decrease the shadow quality, so don't put a too big value.
  6. Thank you! Sadly no, I don't take comissions anymore, so I can't make this car, sorry
  7. I can run MI 1.2.7 without any problems, maybe your computer isn't powerful enough? what are you specs?
  8. he posted that on "random talk", so nothing wrong here
  9. Yes! no credits needed.
  10. yes, the doors are openable
  11. Here's a model I made for a request. Because of lazyness, this took me 4 months to complete ;-; Before you post a comment, I won't take any requests anymore, I have others projects to finish and doing theses requests is time consuming. Pictures: A gif that shows the differents lights:
  12. I'll say the same thing as Dr.Nexil, turn down the ssao.
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