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    Checking the forum for new topics until 2:00 am instead of sleeping
    People who use my rigs

    Users that don't speak in english
    Comic sans
    Monster schools animations that use memes
    Minecraft (wait hold on, who wrote that?!)
    My life (plz halp ;-;)
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  1. Ghatos

    just something random

  2. Ghatos

    Under the Misletoe l Christmas Animation

    putting a youtube link is very simple you just copy the link, and the you paste it: How did you managed to put it as a non-clickable link? how is it even possible seriously ._.
  3. Ghatos

    OPNT files: Gabriel

    J'en connais 3 autres: - Chaukeke - Milix_Dr3AM[FR] - tomsoel Et il y en a probablement d'autres, mais bon je les connais pas tous X)
  4. Ghatos

    So I used sfx for once

    I think fad should be banned of this forum But anyways, the animation quality is great
  5. Ghatos

    Battle on Ryloth

    poor batoto
  6. Some of my teachers are on strike today, so you may think this is cool, huh?

    But they didn't told us in advance, so I came to the highschool, thinking I was starting the day at 8:30 AM like usual, and then some guys of my class told me "teachers aren't there, we start classes at 2:30 PM"

    Hopefully, one of my friend's parent brought me back home. But to get back to highschool for afternoon, I will have to walk FOR AN HOUR to my trainstation, then 10 minutes to get to the school.

    Damn it, they could told us about that >:c

  7. Remember, kids: Everytime you get out, you may be smashed by a furry on drugs.
  8. Ghatos

    Bycicle vikingx rig

    XD he means 9redwoods, the guy who responded you:
  9. Today is the worst day of the week (atleast for me):

    - I've got 3 class hours with a teacher I hate (everyone on my class hates him btw)

    -I waited my bus for 15 minutes outside with a -4°C temperature (24,8°F)

    -And when I was leaving the bus, my headphones broke because the wire got tangled up on a metal thing under the seat (and when I got up, i pulled the wire witch has cutted it)

    plz end me right now ;-;

    1. CaptainCat017


      RIP feels bad man. I have my favorite class on Thursdays so I'm happy, but then I have the worst class after and then a sucky hour bus ride home that should only take 10 minutes. 

    2. FredMCGamer


      If this makes you feel any better, my headphones broke today after arriving from school. ;,( no mor music 4 meh until i get dem new

  10. Ghatos

    A random facial test.

    The face we all make when a new version of mine imator came out
  11. Ghatos

    FACE RIG Tutorial

    What have you done... Now, the recent topics list will look like this:
  12. Ghatos

    Freeway thing

    Yay someone used my vehicle pack! Also, great wallpaper
  13. Ghatos

    OPNT files: Gabriel

    J'ai envoyé ma contribution pour les sous titres en français
  14. Ghatos

    100 Rep Poster (sorry its late lol)

    I'm like: Also, thanks for including me!
  15. Ghatos

    Import from world bug

    Was minecraft launched when you tried to import the world? If it was, then close it and try again.
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