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    Checking the forum for new topics until 2:00 am instead of sleeping
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    Users that don't speak in english
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    Monster schools animations that use memes
    Minecraft (wait hold on, who wrote that?!)
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  1. Ghatos


    No, it's just Steve. If there were anything else, the title would be "Steve and something else"
  2. Do you play team fortress 2? if yes, what's your favorite class?
  3. Everytime I see a streamable link, I read it as "steamable" Thoses damn steamed hams >:[
  4. Why do you post it if you think this is bad?
  5. that makes me want to quit cracking stuff, the first reason i want to quit cracking is my thought about ads in adfly and other similar website that gives virus

  6. Batman4014 has been hacked


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    2. Ian_The_One
    3. Batman4014


      Oh, yes, I just checked.
      This is due to the carelessness of spam mail.
      I lost the ownership of the channel while I was pressing the wrong mail.

      I asked for YouTube Creator support.

      YouTube investigators have responded by saying they will restore the video and ownership of my channel.




    4. Swift


      Wow. That’s sneaky, at first glance it looks real. Thank goodness you get your channel back though.

  7. Ohhhh boi Can't wait to use it!! EDIT: Thank you very much
  8. Too simplistic?? man, theses models are one of the best I've ever seen, everything is here: minecraft style, textured, not too realistic or too simplistic unlike what you said, perfect for minecraft! and it has a lot of objects, really this would make a perfect model pack!
  9. You gotta wait It will come out somewhere between today and jan 11 (and probably on the week-end too, so I think it will be jan 11)
  10. Ghatos

    Game Mods

    you mean items and blocks from mods? for items, you'll need to find the item sheet used by the mod (texture that contains most or all items of the mods), and then import it in Mine imator. for blocks, I don't know... I don't think you can import them in a shematic witout modding Mine imator
  11. It's probably the nether's sewers with all the lava in here
  12. A girl say hi to a boy, then he TP next to him, then there's monsters at the other side of the street
  13. Is it 100% MI or did you edited it after? I'm curious
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