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  1. And then, they rehearse and the furry ( I don't remember his name ) walked away. THE END
  2. Don't you DARE post spoilers of endgame here >:c

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    2. Bronze


      spoilers of endgame here spoilers of endgame here spoilers of endgame here spoilers of endgame here spoilers of endgame here spoilers of endgame here spoilers of endgame here spoilers of endgame here spoilers of endgame here spoilers of endgame here spoilers of endgame here spoilers of endgame here

    3. ThatGuyBrian


      captain america breathes at some point in the film

    4. xXsentienXx


      *opens can of coca cola* so you wanna hear about endgame endings huh

  3. Ghatos

    Terraria Night's Edge

    Stop flooding the recent topic list >:c
  4. Leaked footage of my future model!


    1. BaconSandwich
    2. Rawami


      Wow it looks so good !

      I hope you'll post it soon !

    3. Lock_downmc213


      Next level model holly shit!!!

  5. Thanks for telling us the truth. I knew I couldn't trust the NASA.
  6. Today was a special day where we have to wear a disguise with the theme "end of the world". (we were not forced to do that but it was fun to participate)

    Anyways, this was my disguise:


    1. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      HL3 new combine AI leaked?!?

    2. FredMCGamer


      This new sniper cosmetics looking pretty lit AF, wondering when valve will add them to TF2

    3. Bronze


      oh shiet new fallout coming out

  7. If I understand well, you want a patch that fix your bug, and you want the developper of mine imator to do that? He didn't created Game maker! You have to send a bug report to YoYo Games, they are the one who made Game Maker.
  8. unknown.png*meme*

    1. Bronze
    2. Historia


      who in their rightmind would decide to make the Minecraft movie live action

  9. I reached 800 reputations points! :D

    To celebrate that, I'll keep that profil picture until I reach 900 rep!

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    2. Davi12345
    3. Ghatos



      I'll upvote all your posts to make disappear this horror.

      But... you're going to break the rep button if you do that:




      Thanks! 😄

    4. Bronze


      i need a medic bag

  10. The second one Because the one who made it actually putted work on it
  11. What the NASA didn't wanted to show:


    1. Just Philip

      Just Philip

      Wow I cant believe nasa hid this from us wow im gonna go and sue them 😤

    2. Bronze
  12. Ghatos

    Skin Character

    If the skin you want to put is used by a minecraft account or uploaded in a minecraft skin site, then click on "Download from Minecraft user..." and write the name of the user or skin name If the skin you want to use is on your computer, then click on "Browse..." and search your image Hope this will help
  13. I hope this will help: And for the new topic button, you have to be in windowed mode, then change the size of the window by selecting the right side and slide it to the left (and the buttons will appear)
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