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  1. Ghatos


    he made the model himself, so you can't get it. Also, almost everyone here hates monster school animations, so expect to get a lot of downvotes if you post your animation here.
  2. Ghatos

    Baseball Bat

    Stop spamming, flooding the recent topic section is not allowed. You can get banned for that! if you want to post your creations, post all of them in a single post, or wait for the recent topic section to have others posts than yours in it.
  3. Someone has to ban Ethaniel. Not only did he started making NSFW renders, but now he also convince others users to do so?? There's kids on this forum for god's sake! go take your NSFW renders and post it somewhere else, THIS IS NOT THE RIGHT PLACE TO POST THEM. I'm reporting this right now, this is unacceptable and breaks the forum's rule. /s
  4. Ghatos

    Salem's vehicle rigs

    Incredible work, by far the best vehicles rigs I've ever seen on the forums!
  5. Yeah... you gotta give more details: - What were you doing when the program crashed? - Have you tried to just re-launch it? Also next time it crashes, can you copy the text in the error message and paste it there?
  6. that should have been a status update
  7. 1) If you don't want shadows, SSAO and others rendering stuff when you're in rendering mode, then don't go in rendering mode? this mode is used to see how the animation will look like when exported. Also, wouldn't updating this every N frames will make the preview looks atrocious? because if the shadows and SSAO are rendered on one frame but stay at the exact same spot on the next frame, then you would have floating shadows and SSAO, which would just be horrible to look at. 2) It's impossible. From what I understood, Mine-Imator doesn't allow polygons and the UV isn't the same as .obj UV's 3) I think if you're far enough from an object, it won't be drawn, but I'm not sure.
  8. Ghatos


    thanks, captain obvious
  9. If the smokes textures were individual objects, then you can mess with the render depth like what MojangYang said (give a higher value to objects near the camera, and a lower value to objects behind transparents objects) But as I can see here, you are using a particle creator. Messing with the render depth will just give the same render depth to every particles, so it won't do anything. Yep, unless you create individual planes, there's no way to fix that.
  10. Omg, ethaniel is doing NSFW now... Post your stuff somewhere else, there's kids using the forum, I can't believe someone who have this much reputation didn't realise that before posting this. I'm reporting this right now, you deserve to be banned. /s
  11. Me and my friend found an exploit a few days ago allowing us to pass through a wall!
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