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  1. hidrax13

    the last world save world

  2. 50,000 ??????????????????????????
  3. I've ran some tests and it seems to be an issue from the engine Mine-imator uses.(There's some issue GameMaker has with numbers over 31,999 being used for lists.) Dunno how to go about taking care of the issue as of right now, but for now don't put any keyframes past 50,000.
  4. hidrax13

    Ford F-150 & Family van car rig

    me sorry
  5. hidrax13

    Ford F-150 & Family van car rig

    there's no door to this damn thing
  6. hidrax13

    toyota car

  7. hidrax13

    toyota car

    you need it toyota truck http://www.mediafire.com/view/ya1tf875jostbpz/truck-toyota
  8. hidrax13

    Sunset Speeder

    Can I have your car
  9. hidrax13

    [Undertale] W.D.Gaster Rig!

    over plain
  10. car rig722372053_lowdetailledcarpack1.png.436d2

    pls link

    1. hidrax13


      I don't like fad and I hate monster schools animations that uses memes

    2. Ghatos


      here :)



  11. hidrax13

    Road pack v2

    wow right now
  12. Minecraft I want to transfer the Windows 10 map but not just if you do not have this one suggestion.
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