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  1. hidrax13

    video player for imator for me

    a video and play it in a mine-imator will play animation within animation
  2. hidrax13

    Commonly suggested features

    can you make video player for mine imator
  3. can you make video player for mine imator
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    2. Chirp


      @Rollo GTX 880 Don't work for me

    3. Rollo


      Huh, that should be fine. In that case it must not be the video card. Try updating your video card's drivers instead.

    4. hidrax13


      ThinkPad carbon x1 12933DG

  4. hidrax13

    graphics bug

  5. hidrax13

    graphics bug

    This site is unavailable This is Turkey http://www.mediafire.com/file/c4vy348ii6q85yv/000.png/file
  6. hidrax13

    I just want a title

  7. hidrax13

    David 2

  8. hidrax13

    graphics bug

    Voxy incompetent
  9. I'm turning back HAHAHAHAHAH I'm trying to be funny

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    2. MikTRF


      That's...that's still creepy.

    3. Jake_28


      w-who are you- oh oh yeah your the angry guy

    4. hidrax13


      so sorry 😦

  10. check texture pack bad You do not have shut down to the body and add a different or 1.1.2 bending to bend the arm or leg bends
  11. I think this dude hates me or something

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