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  1. Ghatos


    K then
  2. Ghatos

    MineCraft Moments #2

    one of the voices is on the left speaker, and the other one is on the right that's so disturbing...
  3. Ghatos

    The lake [4K wallpaper]

    What's up? I was trying to change some values in MI by using notepad++, and I've made this: Believe me or not, but this image is not edited AT ALL. So what do you guys think? Should I make a tutorial for doing that? and what do you think of the wallpaper itself? EDIT: I've just made an edited version of the wallpaper, check this out! EDIT 2: wait I just noticed something: why is this wallpaper in "work in progress"? I'm sure I've putted it in "wallpaper" ._.
  4. I've made an edited version of my wallpaper "the lake"

    Check this out!


  5. Ghatos

    The lake [4K wallpaper]

    Here Yeah, I'm seeing it like that too XD Thanks!
  6. Ghatos

    The lake [4K wallpaper]

    I was thinking the same thing when I was younger XD
  7. Negative scale values is fun



    1. GamingQuick


      I see no difference, help

    2. Ghatos


      You can't directly invert the texture of body parts in MI and so make outline on characters. However, with the negative scale trick, you can!

    3. GamingQuick


      oh, thank for telling me :D


  8. Ghatos

    The lake [4K wallpaper]

    I did rotate the shematic, but it's not enough, also I used render depth, but only for hiding the shematic so we can see the reflect one. (and also for giving a better color to the water) Yup, I've edited the project file with notepad++, and putted the Z scale to -1. then, I've ticked "show backfaces" because the shematic texture was displaying weirdly (it was kinda looking like this:)
  9. Ghatos


    Should be more like this:
  10. Ghatos

    The lake [4K wallpaper]

    Tell me how then :3
  11. Ghatos

    "Wat, no" animation+ message

    I want my skin in your animation! (I don't remember if I've already said that, but I'm saying it once again to be sure)
  12. Ghatos


    EN: You should put a picture so we can see how does it looks like, aslo the download link is broken, it makes me download a notepad file FR: Tu devrais mettre une image pour qu'on puisse voir à quoi ça ressemble, aussi le lien de téléchargement ne marche pas, ça me fait télécharger un fichier bloc note
  13. Ghatos

    More wind options for objects

    Exellent idea!
  14. Ghatos

    YT banner

    What do you mean? he's just on drugs
  15. What happened to your profile pic? XD

    1. Davi12345
    2. Fray


      XD Rawami made it, go look at his wallpaper called YT Banner

  16. Ghatos

    Soldier Shooting Zombie on Railway Bridge HD 720p

    That's much better! nice work!
  17. Ghatos

    Soldier Shooting Zombie on Railway Bridge HD 720p

    Here's the pic: I think the wallpaper is too empty. You should have added a shematic on the background so we won't see the flatland and others stuffs on the bridge such as dead bodies on the ground and abandonned minecarts (because there's a railway). Also the spotlight is way too sharp. Finally, the zombie should have blood on him because he got shooted. I hope my criticism will help you!
  18. Ghatos

    heppi borf

    I don't get it but ok
  19. Ghatos

    The elytra

    I've finally published my first animation! It's only 19 seconds long (I'm not counting the outro), but my next animation will be longer (also, it will came out this week!) Here's the video:
  20. Ghatos

    Train Cart

    Noice rig you made here!
  21. I just discovered something: if you hold CTRL and then scroll, it will zoom/dezoom.

    Amazing life hack, right?

    Right? ;-;


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    2. Dannyboi


      Pretty sure that's one of the universal keybinds used for many programs, often to maintain a consistant control-set and whatnot. Still, some people don't know that so thanks for being a bro and saying it.

    3. BaconSandwich


      Yea, as soon as I started using that all the time everything was so much easier.

    4. 9redwoods


      I use "CTRL+ minus" and "CTRL + plus" for more control

  22. Ghatos


    It took me 10 minutes to realise he was looking at that girl X)
  23. Ghatos

    DEMON INTRO:Anime Style animation

    1) you did a double post 2) the sound at the end is too loud Other than that, it's not too bad, I see some linear transitions but yeah, nod bad at all for a beginner!
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