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  1. At first I thought the furry was a werewolf XD
  2. Oh boi, once again my cars are used!
  3. It's cool but... what's with that 30 seconds of nothingness at the end of the video?
  4. This is what I understood: I made a model with shrinked textures, but when I import it in MI, the model is white and black I don't know how to solve that, sorry
  5. Thougth you were talking about America lmao
  6. Well that's what mine imator is for: creating animations, wallpapers and rigs
  7. When your 2D Taiga wallpaper got many upvotes, so you do the same thing for the others biomes
  8. Yeah! But what are supposed to do? making a wallpaper? an animation? or we will be putted in a forum war video?
  9. Fricc yeah, let's start world war 3! EDIT: I sign up
  10. Yep, once again, I consider changing my profile pic, and I've made a poll on Discord to know how many people wanted me to use it, but there were as much "yes" as "no" So here the pic, vote on the poll!
  11. Nah It's more like I'm using "biomes" and "chunk" instead of "international" cuz... is there countries or nations in minecraft?
  12. This is a pack of 5 brands that I've invented, so you can put them in your animations to make them seem more realistic! Check it out: Ther're also theses two, but I don't know where I can put them:
  13. Thanks, but the forum looks glitched, I think
  14. They have half life 3?? WHERE CAN I BUY A TICKET TO DECA CITY ????
  15. animate the head shaking with the folder and change the color with the head
  16. I feel like my car is small when we put people in it :c
  17. What if we try to do the creeper aw man thing but with status updates? I'll start: Creeper?

  18. Meme right there


    1. Mineshaft Animation

      Mineshaft Animation

      Everyone is currently in demo stage.

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