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  1. Sheer ZD

    Fully Animatable Axis Rig

    Actually this is very useful, I have ever did it since 1.0.6. However, I never use it, it's very .... seem like bored, it still can't make the animation like c4d or other software, and it will waste you a lot of time to test. (I'm sorry for criticize)
  2. Sheer ZD

    Introduce yourself!

    Hello~ I am SheerZero (Degree). I am the Hong Kong people who loved mine-imator very much. And I am just a newbie , I have used mine imator for one and half year only. My dream is get in top10 mi animator(I am just day dreaming that impossible QQ). You can always be welcome to criticize and teach me.
  3. Just a test, who can give me some suggestion?
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