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  1. i did something good


    1. Artamiel Crescent

      Artamiel Crescent


      Dats pretty gudd.  (but i cant give rep)


    2. TheLionwarrior
  2. make some awp sniper

  3. Some Raw Render I Edit

    here some render i edit with the raw one here you go RENDER thank you for check it out
  4. Some my Models i Make using C4D

    eyyy bb
  5. Some my Models i Make using C4D

    Welcome back with some my showcase model yeah all my models i make using c4d. And here take a look COMMISION MODELS CLIENT DAILY MODEL Here you go thx for check it up. check here if you intrested https://sellfy.com/LIsPixel - https://sellfy.com/oniondude - https://gumroad.com/oniondude
  6. @Patrick whats ur discord?

    1. Minealif


      Im BlearOsrpey1107

  7. Echo | A Minecraft Wallpaper

    it's cool, sinced you new here try add some cool detail there. to make it the scene perfect and fits with the character And try to play some facial face there.
  8. Pillar Model & Tree Model

    So yeah this is my best model structures i think. i make this on school and yeah here some 3d pillar. I got this example pillar from my drawing work, and here it's looks like when my pillar become 3d model ( And adding some detail to make it more lil bit cool) And here some walnut tree and some detail i add So yeah hope you guys like it
  9. don't being suck or liar on mine-imator
    cuz i really got triggered by this dude

    here the link this dude


    1. PigmanMovie


      hes so bad,that he lazy to fix the camera position

    2. BagasMC
  10. Just become Hyperdream Member
    BOI such happy, thanks guys


  11. Remake From Mine-Imator To Cinema 4.D

    Just show you guys, the model i just make From Mine-Imator to Cinema 4.D Here u go Maybe i can remake some your model or rigs to Cinema 4.D Hope you guys like it~
  12. i really love making stuffs from mine-imator to c4d
    Original rig by @Juno


    1. LIsPixel


      rig here


  13. back, just place here ty


  14. Some My Artwork Creation

    welp, just sharing my creation wallpaper and art here enjoy :T Hope you guys like it ty ty :T
  15. having so much fun using wacom pentab
    and here wallpaper i just make for my friend

    such good~

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