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  1. Like @Ethanial's Add it on collab. hint hint ethan pls.
  2. Cute. I like it. Take my rep.
  3. I'd beat all of you at TNT run no cap. Ontopic: I like this.
  4. Teach how to lighting daddy hozq I crave the succulent lighting. Ontopic: The lighting is amazing. posing is great, dof is great, you are great.
  5. Basically there is an smp server I play on and it's been open since May ( It started season 2, I joined in ). And apparently I'm the only one on the server with zero deaths. Server owner made me admin after applying and so, I placed a hit on myself and posted it in the discord server... Reward was 11 stacks of my own diamonds. So the hunt was on. Survived for about half a month, the server owner himself told me to do some admin work but in reality he placed ender crystals and blew me up. TL;DR: SMP Server's favorite admin, me, placed a hit on himself and had everyone going after him. Owner completed the hit with ender crystals. Here is a cinematic version: If it looks blurry for any reason, it's imgur's fault. Special thanks to: @Hozq for his 3D Armor Model Feedback is always appreciated!
  6. *Dances for the motherland with malicious intent*
  7. I love the forum wars. Please add me in the next one, don't let me die early
  8. Can I please be in one? Ontopic: Best tv show ever.
  9. This is amazingly beautiful!!!!!
  10. I like it, in all honesty I wanna see like a side view of it, just like the title sequence.
  11. Wh e R e m E Ontopic: Amazing.
  12. I'm not american so n o ontopic: Happy fourth of july.
  13. Can it run on my potato laptop tho? Ontopic: It looks amazing, gonna try it.
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