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  1. Saryn best warframe, ngl I use her for possible everything. Ontopic: I love this.
  2. Not gonna lie I can see this being rigged to a transformer. I like it! Voxel style ftw btw.
  3. Me like, me use.
  4. Small boi in big city, amazing.
  5. A parrot with a simple paper hat, that is intelligent, and helps his human friend all the time and is not lazy. I swear to god It's a paper hat Not gonna lie but I was laughing the entire time making this because I realized the skin has bloody airpods. PFFFTTTT Please give feedback, it's always appreciated. Tell me where I can improve, so I can do better in my next render.
  6. Ofcourse, his stuff is legendary, funny asf
  7. SovietWomble is amazing.
  8. Alright, time to whip out my criticising pants. First off, posing. Each character does have their individual, which makes the render less bland. The posing is great but more effort can be put into it, as it is a group render. It's kinda hard to tell what each character is doing, posing shows actions, as if something is happening, a scene. I see 2 guys petting the doggo, I see the two girls on the far right just standing awkwardly looking at something. The guy in the middle planning something, the girl on the floor looking at the floor, the girl who appears happy and throwing her hands in the air for no reason and the other girl reacting to that. You get the point. Lighting, It can use some work. There is no other lightsource in the render so it is kinda bland. There is some shadows present, indicating that there is a light source, probably the TV that isn't shown. If you are adding a lightsource, make sure that it is shown in the render, like torches, ceiling lights, TV light. If the render was taking place outside a building, common sense would tell you that the lightsource is the sun, so your choice if you want the sun to show or not. But yeah, the lighting looks good enough. Scenery, It's a room, with a couch, with blocky friends sitting on it and standing next to it. The render/the room itself feels empty, maybe add some props to fill in space. K its 3:06 am, goodnight.
  9. Rip curiosity rover. can we get F's in the comments? Ontopic: I like it, I can't explain or point out anything because I like it. don't abuse my or brian's rig ever again.
  10. "Short man", very accurate.
  11. 0/10 iT dOeS nOT hAvE mE In iT jErEmY GoDaMniT, AND YOU EVEN HAVE MY RIG, S M H Ontopic: 10/10, I really love the lighting in all of them!
  12. Amazing! I really like the lightning! 9/10 Cuz I'm not in it 10/10!!
  13. Not bad! What I can say is that: 1. Posing could use some work. 2. The clouds seems close to the schematic, try raising the Y value of the clouds next time. 3. Try adding more skins/rigs, have that feeling of people around and give them their own posing and such. Lightning is good in my book, hopefully this can help!
  14. Goddamnit @Hagus you need to add me ;c Ontopic: Beautiful
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