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  1. I love this. no other words. I love this. The Ricardo was a nice touch.
  2. Playername : Blue Skin : Personality : Helpful and honest, enjoys being around peeps Physicality : Human x alien genes, still human Starting items : Nothing uwu, just brute strength Skill : Able to predict outcomes just by overthinking Strategy : Walks up to steve, tells steve he's gonna die, walks away with steve confused, and then comes running back to steve and starts fighting. Backstory : Steve died in other scenarios from other people ( lol the other people whos commenting on this too ), decided to to kill him to join the fun. Other : Remember me.
  3. I grew up with halo, I love every pixel of this.
  4. If you made this during the time period of 0.7 days, the amount of upvotes you would have gotten. I miss 0.7. I liek this.
  5. Vignette kinda throws it off D;. The lighting is good but there is room for improvement, take my rep.
  6. Detail is the most amazing part of this rig, no one could have pulled this off. 10/10
  7. _Blue

    Megumin Rig (2.0)

    W e e b. ontopic: the comparison is nice, you get my rep.
  8. Like @Ethanial's Add it on collab. hint hint ethan pls.
  9. Cute. I like it. Take my rep.
  10. I'd beat all of you at TNT run no cap. Ontopic: I like this.
  11. Teach how to lighting daddy hozq I crave the succulent lighting. Ontopic: The lighting is amazing. posing is great, dof is great, you are great.
  12. Basically there is an smp server I play on and it's been open since May ( It started season 2, I joined in ). And apparently I'm the only one on the server with zero deaths. Server owner made me admin after applying and so, I placed a hit on myself and posted it in the discord server... Reward was 11 stacks of my own diamonds. So the hunt was on. Survived for about half a month, the server owner himself told me to do some admin work but in reality he placed ender crystals and blew me up. TL;DR: SMP Server's favorite admin, me, placed a hit on himself and had everyone going after him. Owner completed the hit with ender crystals. Here is a cinematic version: If it looks blurry for any reason, it's imgur's fault. Special thanks to: @Hozq for his 3D Armor Model Feedback is always appreciated!
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