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  1. Sword Rig V.1

    Nice! : )
  2. Modelbench Q&A

    Ah, cheers mate that's all I needed to know
  3. So uh, I don't know to be honest.
    I Don't know what to animate or rig or anything and I don't feel really motivated at the moment

    So I guess I'll just reply and read my notifications for a while until something pops up

    In the mean time, how is everyone doing in well what's left of the forums,
    I'm not saying the forums is dead or anything but it's a lot less active than it was

    1. Jackzmc


      hey can you help me animate?

      thank !!!!

    2. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming


      I''m afraid not @Jackzmc although you could watch mine-imator tutorials on youtube

  4. UnderTale- Asriel Rig (Made by MobKiller)

    Hey your opinion mate, I thought it was decent though
  5. UnderTale- Asriel Rig (Made by MobKiller)

    . . .
  6. Modelbench Q&A

    So two questions can you parent things to other things?, and example: Parent a hind quarter model to one of the hind legs of a horse and have it act like the leg of the horse *I know you could do this in Mine-Imator but uh you know what I mean.* and how complicated is this program gonna be?, sort of like MCSkin3D Simple, or Autodesk Maya Complex or anything in between
  7. UnderTale- Asriel Rig (Made by MobKiller)

  8. Horse Idle animation thingy.

    Appreciate the criticism, but uh I already know how a horse moves, I'm finding it kinda difficult getting back into it because I was gone a while but thank you anyway
  9. Horse Idle animation thingy.

    Howdy Y'all I have made an animation using my new character OC rig not much to say honestly criticism and feedback is appreciated
  10. Vespur V.5 (It's been a while...)

    Cheers! Mate where do you see the stretched textures? thanks for the criticism by the way EDIT: Oh yeah I see It now, it's the necklace
  11. Vespur V.5 (It's been a while...)

    Cheers for the feedback
  12. Vespur V.5 (It's been a while...)

    Howdy Y'all I know it's been a while since I posted anything but I have spent nearly 4 days of my life believe it or not Remaking Vespur's Rig And well here it is Vespur V5 Download - Please Give credit if you use this in your animation or wallpaper, thank you :) Features: Added a long mane Added a ruby necklace Added feather around the pastern (ankle) Added hind quarters (made with cubes, may lag potato computers) Made the chestnut coat darker and added noise for texture Bleached the mane and tail Made the horse taller (In horse measurements around 15 hand high or 150 meters measured hoof to withers) Made the ears longer Added a sheath (cuz why not) EDIT: Almost Forgot Criticism and feedback is welcome and appreciated
  13. Speedart 05 || "Horse Rider" 🐎 || [4K Minecraft Wallpaper]

    Honestly this looks gorgeous in my opinion, the poses are perfect, I expected some sort of error for the horse's pose but I didn't and the lighting is amazing Only problem I have is use custom horse textures, I'm sort of bored of seeing the classic mine imator texure
  14. Mine-imator 1.1.0 (pre-release)

    To be honest with you guys, You've done a good job with this this is one of the best updates for Mine Imator, Keep it up and best of luck to further improvements and updates also good luck with model bench
  15. Ask Me Whatever

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