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    Biased on Hard Rock and Synthwave, usually anything I find catchy

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    Horses and Ponies, Cars and Trucks, Art, Nerf Blasters (or Nerf Guns), Carpentry

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  1. hope you are doing well ^^

  2. I don't know, but they are from an older version of minecraft, I believe
  3. Just a random lil remake of an iconic scene from the film Scarface, hope you all like it, even though it's not groundbreaking ^-^;
  4. I have the models and textures, it's just a matter of if it's possible and where to put them, I am not sure which folder it reads models from
  5. Hey, I have a question regarding the Horse Model, for a while I've stuck with version 1.2.6, but sadly it just recently corrupted itself and I can't download it from the download site, so I am deciding to use the latest version, but it uses the new horse model, and I much prefer the older one, and especially since most of my rigs use the old model and would be a pain to convert them and I am kind of lazy. so I am asking is there a way to put the old horse models into the new version of Mine Imator, if so then how? thanks ^-^
  6. Incredible! I love how smooth the animation is and the lighting is amazing too
  7. my Mine-Imator was working fine earlier on but then all of a sudden I've been getting this error every time I try to load a schematic file, I've tried it with several different schematic files and it's usually the same or a similar error and I haven't been able to figure out what's going on The current version I am using is 1.2.6
  8. Air and Sea~ Rigs used: Vespur V6 - @ShadowUnicorn_Gaming Sea Horse - @SilinCrashTV Hope you all like it ^-^
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