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  1. Hey!

    how is everyone doing?

    1. tditdatdwt


      After seeing this status, very well!

    2. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming
  2. Hello, how is everyone doing?

    1. EnderSculptor


      Pretty good, how about you?

    2. EthanForeverAlone
    3. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming
  3. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming

    Improved Skyblock Poster

    not bad you could try improving your posing and lighting as well as the camera angling
  4. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming

    Horse's back leg bend point

    Yeah a horse's rear legs does not bend both ways, it bends forwards towards the front legs
  5. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming

    Horse Mounting TeSt

    you have my approval, this is pretty well done! although the horse needs some slight swaying movements for when he climbs onto it just to make it feel a bit more alive, but not bad
  6. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming

    I hate it when..

  7. Hey, how is everyone doing?  well unfortunately I'm pretty dead on both Mine Imator Forums and the Mine Imator Discord, not because pretty everyone on there hates me and are pretty toxic and salty, but I haven't really been motivated to make or do anything, since the list of people who actually supported me here has just crumbled, so... is this it for me?
    No of course not, I am trying to make a return, obviously I can't just ditch something I once cared about

    I have been undergoing some issues aswell, as some people have noticed I'm a lot more salty and less mature
    which in age, is usually the other way around, I haven't figured out why that is but I'm not gonna blame anyone

    1. Swift


      Well, everyone on that discord server are salty and immature as hecc. Most of the people there are younger then 13. 

      Btw, if you do make a return I'll continue to support you.

    2. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming
  8. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming

    A car model on request

    2013 Dodge Viper SRT-10 GTS Coupe EDIT: I have loads of reference images if this suggestion gets accepted @Dawid24M
  9. Oi oi oi. Hats off for you Shadow Numbah 3.

  10. Howdy Y'all, I'm back... sorta...

    Anyways how have you all been?

    1. tditdatdwt


      How could you leave us...

    2. ThatGuyBrian
    3. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming


      @tditdatdwt Welp.. I am moving onto more advanced programs

      @ThatGuyBrian Thank you, I probably won't be posting rigs or animations here as often, if at all

  11. Howdy Y'all, Sorry for the disrespectful disappearance I've had, You noticed me improving on mine imator then I completely vanished.
    "What's going on?" you might add
    Well On December 25th 2017, I bought a couple new games on steam and they were so good in fact I lost focus on animation

    but also after the holidays I was still absent due to school n crap, following this there was me growing up and life behind my back, the games I bought were distracting me as they were so addictive.
    And on top of all that, Mine Imator wouldn't run on my laptop as it's telling me I have outdated drivers, I'll see if I can fix this and maybe mess with the code for a bit as I was learning Programming in my school
    But until then don't expect any activity from me for another week or two.

    1. tditdatdwt
    2. Skjold


      Never seen a status take up so much space on the front page.

    3. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming


      welp lesson learned, someone pointed out that there is no need to edit code for mine imator because it has driver detection issues. All I needed to do was reinstall mine imator :facepalm:

  12. Hey it's the 24th so have a merry Christmas everyone! :D

    1. Rollo


      At first I was like "wait no it's the 23rd" but then I realized it was 3 am the next morning where I am.

  13. woah mate, you've been here for a month and you are already on fire! the content you produce is so amazing even I am curious, but I guess some people like you are born with such ability to create outstanding things from pure imagination, I'm feeling optimistic about your future here ;)

  14. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming

    3rd Person Shooter Animation

    nice one mate
  15. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming

    Punch Test | & Some Info

    woah nice one mate
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