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    Biased on Metal and Rock, Synthwave, usually anything I find catchy

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    Horses and Ponies, Cars and Trucks, Art, Carpentry

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    Apples, Caramel, Macaroni Cheese, Pepperoni Pizza

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  1. derpcm7-59110482-5297-48f2-9579-14bee306

    "Oh I, I can see the light.. Away from the darkest of nights.. Stay with me.."

  2. "We speak in different voices
    When fighting with the ones we love
    We speak in different voices
    Why can't we say what we're thinking of?" - Saosin "Voices" 2006

  3. I think I remember SKIBBZ showing something similar to this Edit, the model was made by Hozq
  4. Oh, hello there. Thanks for the follow <3 

    Kinda caught me off guard :sweat:

  5. Yep this is pretty accurate to an FPS (great animation work by the way xp)
  6. ShadowUnicorn_Gaming


    Okay I was told by @Zyn earlier on (Thank you by the way), to import a JSON into Mine Imator, you first need to import the model into another free program called Blockbench. When you are in Blockbench install the Mine-Imator Model Exporter plugin (in Blockbench it should be in file/plugin), export the model and texture as a .Miobject and then you should be able to import it into Mine Imator and/or Modelbench
  7. This reminds me of those crazy rollercoasters people would make with command blocks in minecraft
  8. "I don't regret much. You make your choices, you live with 'em."

    1. insanehelix7076


      “And you accept the fact they make you who you are today”

  9. Enhanced Horse Model for Modelbench (haven't finished it for Mine Imator as I couldn't figure out how to make the limbs bend properly or put the model together correctly) Images: Download Original Model made by UnicornFury from https://mcpedl.com/cuter-vanilla-horses-pack/ Model Ported over to ModelBench/Mine-Imator with 16 textures
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