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  1. CatOnCaffeine

    I Need Parts for my Creation!

    Some manners would be appreciated, you dont just demand other people do stuff for you.
  2. CatOnCaffeine

    Realistic First Person Animation

    The camera movement feels almost robotic with its sharp movements, try smoothing it out a bit.
  3. CatOnCaffeine

    Viber Infinity [Minecraft Animated Film]

    Basic level animation with a confusing plot, lost interest by the 4 minute mark. Pacing was way too slow with some frames lasting way longer than they should have. Keep practicing
  4. CatOnCaffeine

    Inspired by story mode..

    You have to match the mouth movements in the sound
  5. Ah, I've never seen Dr. Who so I only know the police box one.
  6. I thought the tardis was a police box, not a grey cube
  7. CatOnCaffeine

    Laptop Rig

    Simplistic and matching to minecraft's style, very nicely done!
  8. CatOnCaffeine

    The Break In | Halloween Special

    It might have something to do with you uploading subpar animations less than a minute long like twice a week.
  9. CatOnCaffeine

    Cobalt's Angel

    Fair enough your majesty
  10. CatOnCaffeine

    Cobalt's Angel

    Do you just talk with an air of arrogance so people will think you're cool
  11. CatOnCaffeine


    I was expecting something else tbh :^)
  12. CatOnCaffeine

    Paranormal F r e d d y - Original Animatronic Model

    Doesn't look very paranormal to me
  13. CatOnCaffeine

    Yet Another Test Animation

    Yea its pretty sm***h
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