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  1. I have decided to discontinue Land

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    2. Dannyboi


      oh god land was good series rest in piece please continue or i make big death

    3. DarkDragonPro


      I hardheartedly support your decision, on this day and only this day.

    4. Ricky T

      Ricky T

      dude that was a sick series, but you do you boo xd

  2. you could at least have a braille translation
  3. its a fine wallpaper im sure but its hard to tell since i cannot see a darn thing *dabs* [EDIT] ok that was harsh im sorry
  4. looks good but im not in it so thats a big issue with the wallpaper. hopefully it can be patched in the next update
  5. Pootsy? More like POOPsy! HA!

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    2. 9redwoods


      Can you please stop calling me Pootsy? I'm 9redwoods.

      And you're totally fine. Everyone that's heard of my old name has made that joke. It's just really rude to make a literal status. 

    3. CaptainClipy


      @9redwoods im sorry that my sarcasm is so thick you cant see 2 feet in front of you, perhaps my intellect is just too high

    4. 9redwoods


      I can't tell if that was supposed to be rude or not.

  6. I'm going to murder you, and your whole family.

    1. -StickyMations-


      haha get it because u 2 guyz are irl brothers so the joke is quite funny but it be funnier how dis could go over anyone's head since the y could not understand this and is it bery kool so I upvote thanks made me laugh hahaha good and cool

    2. MikTRF
    3. KaryuGraphics
  7. For a while I couldn't even add a part without the whole program crashing. Just be grateful and be patient as the developers continue to update and improve the program.
  8. It's still in Beta. You can't expect everything to be polished and pretty.
  9. You can't expect everything to be easy. Animation is a difficult art form. (Unless you're futuristic hub)
  10. Plants are just ?️oneless people

    1. crustyjpeg


      but i'm a boneless person who isn't a plant

      i've broken the laws of physics

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