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  1. Plants are just 🅱️oneless people

    1. EnderSculptor


      but i'm a boneless person who isn't a plant

      i've broken the laws of physics

  2. CaptainClipy

    Jade Valley [4k]

  3. CaptainClipy

    "Warrior" - 30 sec Animation Test

    thats pretty sexy and is that the kung fu panda soundtrack i hear
  4. CaptainClipy

    Michael Says Prime Numbers For 3 Hours

    Me too metoo!
  5. He is risen

  6. metoometoometoometoo Me too
  7. CaptainClipy

    Modelbench Q&A

    This happens when I try to import my model "Could not load the model. See log for details" Pardon?
  8. Modelbench is absolutely broke for me right now. I'll just wait for a more updated version.

    But hey, it looks fancy

    1. Jake_28


      Yeah, I should do that too /:

  9. CaptainClipy


    good, good
  10. why this is serious stuff dude it gave me chills when i came across it dont joke like that that guy couldve gotten seriously hurt you should be careful what you say you never know whether or not hes watching
  11. CaptainClipy

    And now...

  12. CaptainClipy

    Spooky Scary Forest (Finished Collab)

    Darn shame I was too darn lazy to contribute. Looks hecking cool
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