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  1. pb5aa5m.gif

    decided to animate something in my old style + a bit of my new style

  2. Cadet Training

    Makes sense. Here's some criticism: Don't use a sword as a gun, it really doesn't look that good Work on the lighting. Right now it looks bland but if you mess around with the ambient colour a bit and add some lights then you could get something which looks good, make sure not to overdo it though. Work on the posing. The posing is very stiff and uninteresting. They all look like robots and it's hard to tell what's going on. Search some posing tutorials to help you with this Also let the image embed before you post (It should automatically embed when you press the return key) Here's the image:
  3. Cadet Training

    I don't get what this is supposed to be and why it's in "Wallpapers and art"
  4. 859021_litin.png

  5. 998021_japayn.png

    got bored so I did something o3o

  6. It's a Large World

    Not bad, you can try and add a second sphere, slightly bigger than the earth one, and change the opacity, brightness, e.t.c to try and make it seem like it has an atmosphere. The earth texture is a bit too vibrant and you can also try and add another texture for the part of earth which is in the dark, which adds lights to make it seem like the cities and stuff are actually there.
  7. Mug Rig

    Schematics take time to load in, item sheets can load in the moment you open the project. Schematics can be easier to make but items are more efficient and can save loading time.
  8. The Thing In The Mist

    I started watching stranger things and I love it, inspired me to make this :3 Unedited Version: Rig Used:
  9. No.gif



  10. 136487_gi.png

    Some fake gi testing

  11. Glock Reload Animation

    I was bored so I did a thing, and I like this thing. It's a good thing. Credit:
  12. LFQTedk.gif


    1. iZesty


      AWESOME!!!!! :D

    2. Foxtrot0806


      Beautiful my son! I love it!

  13. 362072_rubble00000.png

    something I probably wont finish

    1. Kapslock


      I don't suppose you could put the project file up for download? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    2. Mobdestoryer


      Spooky scary skeletons?

  14. Damage | Realistic Wallpaper

    Thanks for the feedback! Also, the scenery outside the windows is actually part of the texture I chose for the windows, so yeah there's nothing outside them windows :P.
  15. So I went and played a horror map on gmod with a friend which inspired me to create this wallpaper! This has to be my best yet :3. Edited in After Effects. Use this however you like, just don't claim it as your own, thanks! ;3
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