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  1. Messed around with @V.Isaac's Volumetric stuff. Pretty neat.


    1. BladerInc


      Ikr, its pretty sick

  2. NZgUkzyT_o.jpg


    I hate how MI handles transparency



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    2. Ghatos


      Wait, how did you made smooth shadows if you don't have access to MI 1.3.0?

    3. JosSamLoh







       A few spotlights :]

    4. Ghatos


      oh boi

      I gotta use that in my next animation, if my PC can handle it

  3. Decided to look around and try to find all the old stuff I made, and stupidly deleted. I got a couple of clips . Hope you enjoy!
  4. Why do you doubt the grass? And I know right! The tree is amazing :D, @yastık is the best rigger I've ever seen.
  5. Hey guys! Decided to touch Mine-imator again after a while . I'm really proud of this one, I really like how the grass turned out . I hope you all like this! I'll maybe or maybe not see you guys another time. Rig By: @yastık - Realistic Tree Maker. Criticism is encouraged and appreciated!
  6. hi... i'm here i guess. have this i guess or something. whatever. i hate everyt- COUGH HELLO! I'm here, been a while, not an edgelord just yet. Got a sudden urge to make some stuff in Mine-Imator once again. No it's not supposed to be fad, I think. Just something that best fits what I was going for . Hope you've all been well too, I might visit again, sooner or later. Criticism is encouraged and appreciated!
  7. Had this idea for a while, finally bothered to make it. It's been a while eh? All done in MI again, you really don't need any external programs anymore huh, I remember having to use after effects for almost every effect, I'm OOoolllddddd... Anyway, I'm not too active with Mine-Imator, so I probably won't do anything for another couple of months, cya for now! Criticism is encouraged and appreciated!
  8. Bj0xXaQ.png

    Finally made something, 3 months later, that actually uses his techniques.. so look out for that :D (I'M NOT DEAD!)

  9. Let me guess, you copied the positions of each of the spheres for each keyframe and then set the positions to the corresponding spheres at the right keyframes? Though you said Tool, so I'd imagine you've done some magic once again, or you've streamlined the process I just explained .
  10. Make sure to right click the image and click "Copy image location", that way if you post it here, wait a second, it'll embed.
  11. Scrappy Scrappy


    Hopefully gonna do something with @YoGames Studios techniques soon 👀

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