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  1. Oh my god this is so sad I'm crying omg omg omg 😢😭


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    2. 9redwoods


      @BaconSandwich I totally agree.

      It goes to show that those kinds of viewers on YouTube (since they're usually less than 9 years old) don't see the effort put into animation. They don't understand how much time is put in. That gives "quantity over quality" creators an advantage over us.

    3. BaconSandwich


      @9redwoods Yea, and the ratio of views to actual interaction shows that most of the views are probably from little kids leaving their tablets on autoplay sitting on the floor, which also helps the people who spam meaningless garbage to trick Youtube's algorithm into recommending their videos to those kids. It's all an awful system and should be fixed or at the very least some action should be taken against it, such as a change to the algorithm to try and detect those spammy titles and descriptions.

    4. JosSamLoh
  2. Petition to get me as much negative rep as @EthanForeverAlone has positive rep?

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    2. JjCinemas


      Just post fad content and Monster School and you should be like that by next week 

    3. Foxtrot0806


      Delete all your posts. And then make a forum post in games. "can we get me to -1000 rep?"

    4. Rollo


      It's against the rules to beg for rep like that, positive or negative :(

  3. Downvotes should be the new upvote.

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    2. jakubg1


      Well, I think when someone starts at 0 and starts catching downvotes, his rep also increases... with a minus, but still, it increases...

    3. JosSamLoh


      That's not how that works.

    4. Swift


      because your opinion isn’t the same as mine grrrr

  4. This is terrible Ethan! unknown.png

    This was on christmas as well! You are a horrible, pathetic disgrace of a person, take this man down!

    1. EthanForeverAlone


      Yeah that was pretty edgy. My stance is we should focus on our own problems before we focus on others.

    2. TheJeweledWolf


      Staph flooding the recent status updates.

    3. JosSamLoh
  5. EthanLikesTrains

    1. JosSamLoh




  6. I'm cool because I make statuses.

  7. I ran out of rep for the day!

    1. Swift


      Add more rep for the day I always run out!!!!

    2. JosSamLoh


      I haven't given any rep.

  8. This place is boring, drama please. @EthanForeverAlone, do you agree!?!??!?!

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    2. JosSamLoh


      You just don't understand how I feel.. I wish I could let it go, but I'm a doctor!

    3. EthanForeverAlone


      Stop defending me.

    4. MYSELF3200
    1. Nedia


      But in all seriousness, I'm fine with you using my wallpaper for your profile pic, but in case you're truly curious, here's that Allemn drawing in all of its original glory: 


    2. JosSamLoh


      Delete your latest status now

  9. Delete your latest status now

    1. JosSamLoh


      I might add jaws to my rig.

    2. Ghatos


      hmm why do you say that?

  10. I'm serious right now. (I'm not joking)

  11. JosSamLoh

    Comic #3- Open House

    Sure does look easy to make, don't ya think?
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