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  1. Craftman780

    Physic test #1

    I's an anvil. It's solid metal. I's supposed to fall quickly cause it weighs more. Though, he should change the x values to not have the piston push it too far.
  2. Craftman780

    TARDIS Rigs (Mineimator) With Download

    Hey let's not get hostile here
  3. Craftman780

    TARDIS Rigs (Mineimator) With Download

    Nope ^-^ Interiors are coming soon
  4. @Ludo Silver was my inspiration for the 1963 exterior, I just looked up images of the others, and edited the '63 from there I've uploaded my first pack! Said pack contains all the TARDISes you see in this GIF. Package Contents: 1963 1966 1970 1980 1996 2005 2010 2018 Download:
  5. Craftman780


    The contrast is too stark not to take appreciation for.
  6. Craftman780

    Mine-imator 1.2.2

    Ohhh ok thanks! That helps a lot
  7. Craftman780

    Mine-imator 1.2.2

    Can you maybe make it to where you can change the color of tha parent, and anything that's in folders will get colored to? I've been waiting for that for a while
  8. Craftman780

    The War Room

    The War Room doors A Time Lord entering the War Room (Time Lord NOT Included) A War Room pillar The War Room table Download:
  9. Craftman780

    Low-poly DoubleBarrel Shotgun

    you're welcome
  10. Craftman780

    Low-poly DoubleBarrel Shotgun

    Noice! Don't let other people tell you 'it needs a texture' cause it doesn't. Flat colors are my stlye and yours too
  11. A timelapse of an overhauled 1963 TARDIS Console rig in Mineimator. My first 1963 consoel rig has been used already, and I will definataly replace it with this one. I love how this one turned out, took a lot less time than my original as for the panels, I used rectangles, and built them up from there. However, this new tmethod has saved me a lot of time and usees a looot less items than it otherwise would have. This console will not have a download, as it will really never be 'finished' as this is not a project I am looking to 'finish'. It was just to show you all how fast this could be done, and how nice the result would be.
  12. Like the reflections
  13. Craftman780

    Piano Electrico

    No pic, no click
  14. Craftman780

    Cylinder Psychedelics (4K)

    That actually looks pretty cool
  15. Craftman780

    First TARDIS Exterior Recreation

    And I've got the interior which I am super proud of!
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