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  1. I just need to make a skin without it. Most of my skins have extra detail. I was using spotlights. I'll try to do more experimentation. I'm so confused.
  2. I'm curious to see what the original picture was. But replacing it with grass is just an absolutly horrible idea. You should've left what it was originally and thought about our feedback. It seems like people didn't like it for bad lighting. If that's what it was, you can always improve on lighting. It just takes practice.
  3. I sized up the character to 5, then put spotlights around it at certain points, especially near the edges. I've gotten so much mixed feedback on this. Either it's too much or not enough.
  4. Thanks, I guess Well that means there's room to improve.
  5. I can't tell if you mean "Oh, jeez... this looks awful..." or "Oh, jeez... that's not bad."
  6. This is my first time trying to do edge glows. I think I did okay, but do you guys have any other tips for me?
  7. The resolution isn't the worst thing about the wallpaper. The lighting and poses are pretty bad. The camera's position is a bit awkward as well.
  8. This is literally the same wallpaper from before with a different name. I'm fairly sure the links are the same as well. But you should really listen to redwoods, he's right on this.
  9. I'm not going to downvote because you're in the negatives, but please look at tutorials. They'll help. As for the wallpaper, it's very confusing to see what's going on, the poses are rather bland, and the lighting is downright awful.
  10. I'm not worthy enough to make it on such an amazing wallpaper. Well done, it looks great.
  11. I just want to place myself into this piece of conversation and mention I made the original skin.
  12. It's kinda like an untextured spot. Maybe a soft texture added to it would make it look better.
  13. It looks great, but the lighting could use more work. It doesn't look like there are any shadows and overall it's dark.
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