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  1. I don't have my brightness up at 100%, and I literally said I turned it down to 1% and could still see it fine.
  2. Your can apply to more then one person. I just wasn't going to quote them all. I honestly don't know why you can't see the characters, they seem quite clear to me.
  3. My lights are on, I even turned the brightness on my PC down with my lights on. I think its a problem on your end.
  4. Uhhh... I literally just googled "how to use imgur" and then asked friends for special help
  5. FAD is a generally disliked fandom. Same as Fortnite. But I mean... @Fray
  6. What do you mean? I can see them just fine.
  7. The lighting in this render is pretty plain. A small pointlight in the backround provide all the light in the image. Not to mention the fact there isn't a visible source of light. The horse, spiders, skeletons, and enderman look as if they're in a default pose, which isn't very intresting. The posing overall in the render is simple, bland. Try to make the posing dramatic so it catches the attention of veiwers better. Flatlands (the empty scenery) is very boring, so I recommend finding a plains schematic to spice things up. Overall, not bad for just starting out. Keep practising and I'm sure you'll get much better!
  8. The way I learned was by googling a turtorial.
  9. So is that a "join my server if you want it"? 'Cause I kinda really want those leaves
  10. I want those leaves so bad now It sounds (and looks) amazing!
  11. Its not bad, but it lacks some shadows. Also the sunlight looks to be a blusish color, while the lens flare is more of an orange. I'm sure this only bugs me, but yeah. The blur also seems a bit high.
  12. My computer would've died. Like straight up died.
  13. The bloom is a bit strone and sudden, which kinda ruins the wallpaper for me.
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