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  1. Anyone remember Forest Heights?

    1. Ghatos


      I do! and I miss that comic ;-;

  2. So someone on my team was asymptomatic and had corona. And we have been doing full contact practice for 2 weeks now. He just got the positive test results back apparently like today. So I was exposed to it for 2 weeks, and they said the infected kid is cleared to back on the 13th, and coach didn't tell the people who were investigating that we were going full contact so we're all clear to keep practicing. I'll let ya know if I actually contract it or not 

    1. EnderFrameStudios TM

      EnderFrameStudios TM

      wow, i hope you, and the kid are ok

    2. TwoToRule




      Hope you're fine.

  3. I just wanna say you're one of my favorite people on the forums right now. You actually put effort into your animations, they're longer than 15 seconds, and it has a story. It's entertaining to watch, especially the end when they actually escape. It's pretty rare to find someone on the forums who actually gives a crap about making stuff longer than 10 seconds so kudos to you for sticking with it. And your creativity is through the roof. The sequence of hiding from the witch was clever and I like it how they can rearrange themselves. Looking forward to whatever you make next!
  4. Why would this be your last animation?
  5. A litte pic/screenshot of the project I've been working at for like a month and a half now. Woooooooo this had better be worth it in the end
  6. Quality content, made me actively laugh
  7. How dare you upvote me. I am offended. My grandmother was killed by a cactus which was green so it is extremely offensive to me when I see green as a way to portray positivity. Can we change upvotes to blue please k thx

    1. MojangYang


      Here you go.


    2. Hagus


      It's beautiful, thank you

  8. You're just jealous of their low eyes
  9. it's coming


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. __Mine__


      Eww, SFR

      To be honest, this is suffering from Same Face Syndrome.

      The eyes are also too high on some of the characters.

    3. EnderFrameStudios TM

      EnderFrameStudios TM

      i, personally, have no knowledge of housepets. But this looks cool anyways

    4. Hagus


      @__Mine__ I can't really do anything about the same face syndrome when I have one face rig to use xD


  10. Sees the nsfw topic that showed up

    WHAT HAVE I DONE? - Star Wars Battlefront (2015) PS4 - YouTube

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Benji


      Mine, Hagus didn't cause this??? He literally made a joke about an NSFW TedTalk and that was it lmao. Pigman caused this. His actions, his responsibility. 

    3. __Mine__


      See, this is why I don't deserve to be here. All I ever do is cause problems...

      I'm so sorry...

    4. FredMCGamer


      So, I read the post in M.I about NSFW and lemme just paste this here since the topic is closed.

      Shit just went from 0 to 100 real fucking quick Blank Template ...

      Also, that is just an awful concept to add in my opinion. . .

  11. Oh ok. Let's get a TED Talk series going on the forums. Who wants to make a TED Talk on nsfw works?
  12. Better than the original movie design
  13. This just sucks ass Thank you and goodnight
  14. I'm collaborating with someone else on an animation. I have no idea when we'll be done but hopefully it won't be too long. That is all.

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