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  1. Clone Wars Season 7 comes out tomorrow. I must say I haven't been this excited for any movie/tv show since the Force Awakens. Hopefully this one fares a little bit better than the movie¬†ūüėĄ

  2. For the minepets character, due to the cubey nature of the snouts/mouths, its hard to tell the expressions at times because theres basically no smiles or frowns with em, Do you think theres any other ways to use the snouts? Perhaps add some bending mechanics?

    1. Hagus


      I can't model, so I wouldn't be able to add any bending unfortunately. If someone wanted to add or improve what I use, I would gladly approve because I'm not a huge fan of the blocky snouts either.

  3. Warning: Contains spoilers for the webcomic Housepets!. You have been warned.
  4. Temple Crashers 3: Ruin Crashers Part 3: Crashing Temple Inside the Ruins First Blood Part 4 a, 7 part TV series.

    Stream it now on Disney+, be sure to have a parent's permission before going online

    1. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      Forget all the, The Mandalorian is the best Disney+ show.

      In my opinion

    2. EnderFrameStudios TM
  5. Don't ask me anything. I'm not gonna answer. Don't waste your time. Thank you.
  6. I completely agree. No arguments here
  7. No, this dude is a Jedi. He betrayed the clones and is trying to escape, so he still has green and blue sabers
  8. Once the 212th and 501st learned of Krell's betrayal, they moved in to stop him before he could escape. This proved to be much more difficult than anticipated... I would've loved to add particles to the stabbed clone but I can't make particles to save my life
  9. Hagus


    C'mon man, that does nothing for people. Give some advice or something. That link you sent will help, but they still need actual animation tips and stuff, not just countless topics they have to dig through. My advice is 1. Make it longer and 2. Try to add more movement, maybe a bit of arm or head movement can go a long way!
  10. The 2nd one was a lot higher quality in my opinion. Overall I think you got potential, and I hope to see some more stuff from you soon
  11. How we got the mailman flavor? Oh, you don't want to know. Trust me. Also this marks the end of their arc. So uh, yay? http://minepets.the-comic.org/
  12. The fall was really hard. But hey at least the rest is kinda sorta smooth https://streamable.com/gefku
  13. "Fox, where have you been?" "Oh, standing just off panel" http://minepets.the-comic.org/comics/34
  14. The explanation is in the title. I colored previously uncolored art. The northern lights one I put more effort into than the other 2, I had never done shading before it sooooo idk how it looks Also sorry for how big they are
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