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  1. Question of the Day #9

    What's your favorite Christmas song?

  2. I'm gonna start working on a Christmas Animation. I am asking all my followers to give their skins to me if they want to be in it. The reason I'm doing this is because I don't really think people should just shrug off the fact that they are followed, they should kinda "reward" the followers. So anyways, followers, send their skins.

  3. You're forgetting Voldemort doesn't have a nose
  4. I joined the forums in April, so I haven't been here too long, but I think we should have some sort of forum awards. Not sure if it's been done, but maybe make it with like 10 categories and have nominees and then vote and stuff. Idk, sounds fun to me, if anyone else thinks it sounds fun back me up here.

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    2. Ninja Dino

      Ninja Dino

      Someone did something similar to this before,  only it was only for animators.


    3. Hagus


      Welp I guess not all ideas are ones people like. I was going for a more fun approach. We come up with random obscure categories. Stuff like that. Didn’t mean for it to be super serious

    4. Rollo


      The only problem is we'd have no way to actually give them a tangible reward, so no one would be excited about it.

  5. I am about to participate in a Nerf War. If I don't make it back.....

    remember me and tell my story 

    Related image

  6. Boo!

    1. Hagus


      OH GOD!!! Don't scare me like that!

    2. Foxtrot0806
  7. Hagus

    Voice Acting

    I may have something for a Christmas animation for you do voice if you post the demo reel.
  8. You are my new favourite forumer.

    1. Hagus



      Thanks man!

  9. Hagus

    The Forum Wars Begins

    Once again, Jedi or some other Clone Commander
  10. Hagus

    The Forum Wars Begins

    Lol every single person in this was. Might have to make you one of the New Forumers
  11. Hagus

    The Forum Wars Begins

    They will be Jedi. There weren't any Jedi in this one. This is the first battle, it was a surprise attack. The forums wasn't prepared. Gotta admit, Skibbz did a nice job.
  12. Hagus

    The Forum Wars Begins

    The new forumers and fad armies have launched an attack on the forums! The Forum War has begun! If you wanna be in one of these, either say something, or be fairly active and you will get in eventually.
  13. The War Against the New Forumers has begun....


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    2. Hagus


      I will try to include as many as possible. If you don't appear, you probably will one of these times, assuming you are somewhat of an active member.

    3. TheJeweledWolf


      Well that rules me out, I'm almost never on this forum.



       I doubt anyone believed that.

    4. Minealif


      I hope im in the war

  14. Hagus

    Corruption of the Overworld [RP]

    Hagus: Well, I'll see you guys at the explosion then. I could've gotten there by now, but y'know, didn't want you to see my shortcut. Hagus chucks an enderpearl and turns to look at the group Hagus: Cya around He vanishes
  15. Just watched Infinity War for the first time last night... I'm at a lost of words.

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    2. MikTRF


      mr. Hagus... I dont feel so good.

    3. Hagus


      Lol I should make a video edit of Infinity Wars for the forums

    4. MikTRF
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