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  1. New Minepets! comic, go check it out


  2. Let the professionals handle this Fox, you aren't experienced enough. Episode 29: What About Offering Them Water? http://minepets.the-comic.org/
  3. So furries can't because they MIGHT turn on each other, but humans can because there's wars of human vs human all over the world? Then how to the non furries hold guns with their block hands? Video game logic, they pull them from out of nowhere, and the mags disappear when you get rid of the used ones
  4. It's not a great wallpaper but I kinda got tired of trying to fix things when I keep getting distracted by other things. Also it's funny, most people in this wallpaper hate me now Disclaimer: This is in no way related to the "Me and the Boys Shooting Furries" wallpaper. Totally unrelated. Pure coincidence.
  5. Yes, but for anyone who wants to read from the start, it's way easier to have it all in one place
  6. So instead of annoying people with consistent new topics of single comic strips, I'll just do this. I will put the website (as crappy as it is since idk how to code websites) on here. Read through the comics as you please. I will also put the character bios here so you aren't confused by as much. When I make a new comic, I will post it here as a response, so that way I won't have to make new topics each time, and discussion can just stay here instead of being spread out on tons of topics. Plus, it makes reading the comic easier since it's all in one place. http://minepets.the-comic.org/comics/first/ (starting with the first one) And here are the character bios of the characters that have shown up so far that are from Housepets!, the comic this is based on (in order of appearance in Minepets!) Please note some characters are mentioned that haven't appeared in Minepets!, I will update and add them in as they appear. Peanut Grape Tiger Marvin Zach Karishad Tarot Mr. Bigglesworth....All of them Fox (as in the dog, not an actual fox, or Karishad the fox, or Fox McCloud) Bino (Bi-no, not Bean-o) Max (don't ask about the bite mark on his ear)
  7. How many of you are mildly annoyed by my current existence?

  8. Coming (probably never) to a theater near you


    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      but what if microsoft cancelled the minecraft movie in favor of a star wars X minecraft movie

  9. Not really top secret anymore if you post it on a public forum
  10. I can't tell you how many animations I've scrapped because I get too frustrated over a walk/run cycle. I feel like the rest of it could look good, but then if the running is trash that's all people see. So instead of just ignoring it I scrap the whole thing because screw the rest of the idea if I can't get one thing right.


    Also I can tell you actually, it's 13. Just scrapped one today.

    1. Frost*


      Motivation can be demotivating.

    2. XanderTheV


      "I used the motivation to destroy the motivation" - Frost

  11. Yeah a Darth Maul one would be great like Mojang said.
  12. I guess it has that look to it. Wasn't intentional though.
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