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  1. Sees the nsfw topic that showed up

    WHAT HAVE I DONE? - Star Wars Battlefront (2015) PS4 - YouTube

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Benji


      Mine, Hagus didn't cause this??? He literally made a joke about an NSFW TedTalk and that was it lmao. Pigman caused this. His actions, his responsibility. 

    3. __Mine__


      See, this is why I don't deserve to be here. All I ever do is cause problems...

      I'm so sorry...

    4. FredMCGamer


      So, I read the post in M.I about NSFW and lemme just paste this here since the topic is closed.

      Shit just went from 0 to 100 real fucking quick Blank Template ...

      Also, that is just an awful concept to add in my opinion. . .

  2. Oh ok. Let's get a TED Talk series going on the forums. Who wants to make a TED Talk on nsfw works?
  3. Better than the original movie design
  4. This just sucks ass Thank you and goodnight
  5. I'm collaborating with someone else on an animation. I have no idea when we'll be done but hopefully it won't be too long. That is all.

  6. Y'all should look at this if you missed it. And if you didn't, you should look again. And if you've looked at it several times, whats the harm in looking at it one more time?


  7. Yes I'm still making stuff, it's just slow going. Episode One of my (hopefully) series will eventually get done eventually, we're recording lines this weekend, and I'll be able to start actually animating once that's done.

  8. A couple things that you should be able to fix in the next one: 1. When you have like a battle, or a bunch of people running, try to offset them. Even if they use the same cycle, it will look way better than them all stepping at the exact same time. 2. Maybe try to hide the edge of the map, the battle outside the city was just in a really flat area that you could see to the edge of 3. For the battle, maybe include people fighting in the background in more scenes. It'll just give a general sense of chaos instead of just 3 or 4 people duking it out. Overall though you did a nice job, keep up the good work!
  9. I have stumbled across what appears to be the greatest theme song ever created

    Yes it has almost 50,000 views

    1. EnderFrameStudios TM

      EnderFrameStudios TM

      this rivals the baby yoda song! Awesome!


  10. I just wanted to test the rig I have.
  11. ignites lightsaber Also anyone who actually finishes that quote is a good person. You are indeed a good person.
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