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  1. Ok so it went from really low quality to nice but looking forward to it nontheless
  2. *laughs in neutral stance*


  3. Uh, I didn't have any bokeh I don't think but alright
  4. Sequel to Charge of the 212th. After suffering heavy casualties, Cody and the few survivors of the 212th are in full retreat, overwhelmed by the sheer number of droids they are up against. Thanks @Juno for the droid rig. Idk if you wanted mention or not but you're getting it anyway.
  5. It's not bad. However, it can get a bit confusing on who's talking. Maybe try to add speech bubbles. It makes the text easier to read, and it makes it easier to tell who is talking. Other than that, it's pretty good for a start!
  6. I really love fall. My favorite season. And of course I have to make a fall render or two xD. But @Eliphaz basically held my hand through making these so big thanks to him!
  7. I mean me for the one hit part, and I point to Steve in the strategy part
  8. Guys it's about the economy


  9. Playername : Hagus Skin : Personality : Loves his doggo. Anyone who touches his doggo must prepare to die. Physicality : Human. One hit on him = ded Starting items : No armor, dagger (just shrink an iron sword down or something idc), Skill : Above average. Really hard to hit. Strings combos together. Strategy : Walk up. Hold out pic of dog, then point to him. Put paper away and fight. Backstory : He killed my dog. I want revenge. Other : It's over, I have the high ground.
  10. So I just watched Villager News: War! from Element Animation

    Ok so although it's on the goofy side of things, it's my favorite Minecraft animation of all time now. Let me explain why.

    First off, the animation itself was really good. The fact that they are able to move and portray actions without using arms in general is impressive (because obviously the villagers don't have arms, and neither do creepers). Secondly, the humor I thought was pretty genius. There were a few 4th wall breaks, which I am a fan of, and they did a whole bunch of other jokes that I appreciated, mainly when they started singing Duel of the Fates. Also, imagine how long it took for one single guy to voice act this video. Minus the witch, there really aren't any other characters with non-villager voices. He even did a few of the sound effects. 

    The big battle scene was well made. The fighting never stopped in the background. Small details put in were entertaining to watch the second time around, like a villager stick a carrot in a creeper's mouth, instead of hitting it. They added in so many different things into this from previous videos, or from other games/movies, that I just found it hilarious in general. Finally, the rigging of the vehicles was...interesting. I definitely enjoy seeing cannons made of villagers instead of a normal rig. 


    So to conclude, sorry for sort of going on for a while, Element Animations outdid themselves on this one. It was funny, well made, and kept things constantly entertaining. Definitely my favorite MC animation right now. Would watch again. 10/10.

    1. Cubic Ralsei

      Cubic Ralsei

      i did my biggest laugh when i saw the john wick villager build like fortnite

      i feel bad for the creepers though

      i had a middle opinion on it tbh

    2. __Mine__


      I hated it.
      Take one guess why, then proceed to laugh at me for thinking this way.

    3. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      I loved it.

      But...Villager #4...Villager #5 just isn't the same! He looks completely different, sound completely different, and acts totally different! Wait...

  11. Hagus

    Who are you?

  12. I may add some when I get home, thanks for the suggestion! I was trying to mimic the pose from what inspired me, so maybe I could try but idk how it would look. I'll see what happens
  13. This was fun to make. I haven't made a wallpaper in a while so I just wanted to get something out there. Updated Version
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