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  1. Hagus


    Sorry I didn't know which one to pick lol. And thank you!
  2. Hagus


    I did Your welcome and thanks for the feedback! One of these times I'll get the lighting right. Thanks
  3. Thank you to all who sent in their skins @Swift @DuallyElemental @TecnoGamerJW @9redwoods @hiendiep55 @YoshiHunter @MikTRF. YES THIS ONE HAS SHADOWS BTW.
  4. Alrighty, its my berfday... what do I do now? 😐

    Ok sure lets throw a party.

    Image result for funny birthday gif

  5. Hagus

    Newb Collab

    Have a noob do something nooby.
  6. Hagus

    The Trials of Timmy Trumpet

    This was posted as a joke, guess I should've included that. Sorry I posted this, got nothing out of it but a downvote. I realize now I still had no shadows from a previous project.
  7. I apologize in advance. Some people who view Timmy Trumpet and his trials may experience the following symptoms: dizziness, headache, loss of hearing or vision, constipation, sleepiness, uncontrollable emotions, and the inspiration to do something amazing today. Thanks to @mbanders for the trumpet rig
  8. Just finished my berfday animation. Now I just have to wait until my birthday to post it... *checks watch*

  9. Hagus

    First Ever Voxel Art

    Trying out voxel art. Let's just say its gonna be a while before I make anything amazing. Made in MagicaVoxel
  10. Hagus

    Become a Gym Leader (skin request)

    I know almost nothing about pokemon so I hope that this info is correct. Name of character: Jack Reaney Type: Poison Pokemon list: Crobat [Male] [Jake] Drapion [Male] [Jame] (not James, Jame) Nidoking [Male] [Sean] Skin or character rig:
  11. Hagus

    Skin Request For wallpaper [CLOSED]

    here ya go:
  12. Hagus

    Incredibox Animation

    Made my own music in Incredibox. Next animation gonna be special. Woohoo!
  13. Will this be for download when you are finished?
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