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  1. Hagus

    Make Fortnite-Imator!

    Yeah you could make an entire movie with huge fight scenes if you got enough people. So really that would probably look better than SFM
  2. I know kung fu and 50 other dangerous words. FEAR ME 

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    2. Hagus


      Oh crap, I've been bested. I surrender to his dominance and superiority 

    3. MasterArcher12


      wELL. YoU CaN!t BeAt mY mIxEd=Up PuNcTuAtIoN aNd My InCrEdIbLe CaPiTaLiZaTiOn@

    4. Hagus
  3. Hagus

    Character Move Curved?

    Thank you.
  4. Hagus

    Character Move Curved?

    How do I make something moved curved instead of making extremely abrupt turns? Like rounding a corner, or running around in a circle?
  5. Yeah he was my definite favorite. Too bad he died in the movies. Also, I guess if you need background/extra voices, since my voice will be in a filter for Jazz, I could do random rebels/stormtroopers too, if you can't find people for those.
  6. Hagus

    Chest of Diamonds

    Here I tried following your advice, does it look any better?
  7. Hagus

    The Night Out ( Roll 2 Dodge)

    Umm ok Character name: Hagus Description: Lean, skinny and quick, but not that strong upper body wise. (Basically can run really fast and really well) and pretty smart. Not sure what else to include. Just let me know if I’m missing anything.
  8. As long as you don’t mind my voice not being like Jazz at all, I can record the lines. Excited to be a part of this
  9. Hagus

    Chest of Diamonds

    Lol that’s me And thank you for the advice. I will put this to good use.
  10. Hagus

    Chest of Diamonds

    Do you have any tips for posing? That is my biggest area I want to improve on the most.
  11. Hagus

    Need Skins

    It didn't work. If you just tell me your username, I'm pretty sure I can find your skin.
  12. Hagus

    Chest of Diamonds

    I still suck at posing, so I am just doing this for practice. And I also suck at lighting. Still working on that also.
  13. Hagus


    This is now my favorite animation.
  14. Hagus

    Fireball Effect?

    Ok, I’ll see if that works. Thank you.
  15. Hagus

    Fireball Effect?

    Not sure what that means.
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