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  1. If its a joke, i dont get it but how is that the Anti-Boob female rig?
  2. Better than me, and I've been using this program for about 4 or 5 yrs. (I really dont put time into anything because i know i suk at animating)
  3. Why is it claimed as copy right? (Ik what copyright is/means)
  4. He has uploaded this multiple times though, same version
  5. I didnt think that the images would be gone if i deleted them from imgur XD
  6. Up the tempo a little too
  7. How do you ppl make the characters cartoonic? Lighting....
  8. I made another rig!: DOWNLOAD Full body view: Facial Details: Enjoy!!
  9. Because its fun as a TEAM.And its not really manual labor If they WANT to do it,I think.
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