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  1. ThiefPlayz735

    Animator Request

    Because its fun as a TEAM.And its not really manual labor If they WANT to do it,I think.
  2. ThiefPlayz735

    Miles Morales (Spider-Man)

    Its his web
  3. ThiefPlayz735

    Garry's Mod Tool Gun Model

    Awesome! Does anyone else ever come across a rig,think its awesome, but know they will never use it? That's me... How do you even make your rigs look this good? Like pixel like but nice.
  4. ThiefPlayz735

    Miles Morales (Spider-Man)

    I made this Miles rig to the best of my ability. (My first rig,Fixed the download.)
  5. ThiefPlayz735

    BPS Pug Model V1.1 (FIXED!!!)

    Cute and awesome, Could you make a rig pack full of some dog breeds? Like boxer, german shepherd, And other junk? (I have a boxer and i'm doing an animation about my life)
  6. ThiefPlayz735

    Advanced animations Model.

    (Acts as if he has heard of the channel) Can't wait! (Lol,Checking your chann out for real do)
  7. ThiefPlayz735

    Dr. Nexil's Scarf Model

  8. ThiefPlayz735

    [Gun] AAC Honey Badger with 8 Paint (.mimodel)

    Sick gun
  9. ThiefPlayz735

    Zelin Geeky Stuff Pack 2 (ZGSP)

    We....are not....Geeks!! (Great job dude) (Other thing is a joke,we not geeks)
  10. ThiefPlayz735

    TV AD

    random steve
  11. ThiefPlayz735

    Realistic Rig

    TBH why is this still here?
  12. ThiefPlayz735

    Legacy Weapon Pack/And Character Rig

    For a sec I thought you copied Sharpwind, But nevermind this is awesome!
  13. ThiefPlayz735

    Realistic Turning animation

    Great job,But I would make it a bit faster for certain animations. (More than likely there is a way to make it do that and look more natural,And I don't know it...)
  14. ThiefPlayz735

    Dr. Nexil's Cape Model

    What do I import them as?
  15. ThiefPlayz735

    My Simple Bedroom Furniture Rigs!

    On the part where as you described how to retexture it, I am confused, I was wondering if you could make a video on it?
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