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  1. Hey! can you make me a custom Minecraft story mode rig of my character? here is my skin. (edit it if you need) Thanks!
  2. I Have An Suggestion For An Update, Make A Feature Where Then You Are Scrubbing Your Mouse Through The Timeline It Does What Blender Does When You Have Audio Scrubbing On!
  3. Hello Mine-Imator Forums! Today I Want To Talk About Something That You Guys May Like. I Am Starting A New Animation Team Called 4A Studios! (I Am Not Trying To Rip Off 3A Display At ALL) But I Need Some Animators To Join With Me And A Few Of My Friends. So., I Am Opening Applications For Anyone To Join! Here Is A Link To Join! https://goo.gl/forms/VIdXn2WpUnywMkWz2. That's All! Cya Later!
  4. sorry, i had to take it down
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