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  1. So.. This started about a day or two ago... at first, Mine imator was crashing randomly after about 10 to 15 mins of animating. it did not freeze, it just crashed instantly. But couple times yesterday and this morning it would freeze and then crash. sometimes at startup. The strange thing is it only started doing this without 2 to 3 days ago. and it'll work for a little bit THEN will crash, while at other times will freeze on startup. Please help me. I'll post the log file. it gave no error pop-up or file. the program just closes.
  2. Yes. I do not recall the original download but here's the file directly from my computer. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5683sjo6hm5fy8x/Use This when changing Versions.zip?dl=0
  3. So.. I've always had a problem importing texture pack zip files into mine imator. I believe what ever change they made with the texturing after Community Build isn't compatible or something. I have a pretty beefy computer so I don't think it's performance. if my specs are needed just tell me what specs you need to see. Let me summarize: I'm looking for a fix to my issue of MineImator crashing when importing a resource/texture pack zip file. It crashes at "Loading Block textures" and I just tried it with a texture pack i'm using with a map i made and it's crashing instantly, no error message. M-I just closes. Help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Dang!! Nice Job, dude! it looks great! does the cockpit open by chance?
  5. Nice Job! I haven't downloaded it.. but I see a comment that says the eyes don't move and you only put movable fingers and bow-tie in that list.. you might wanna fix that. also, here's a little experimental challenge.. Maybe make the jaw able to open and close? by using scale or something.. I know it doesn't move in the actual game.. but it'd give it another feature and it would give it more movement (and lip sync of course). it may sound dumb to some ppl.. but it's just my suggestion.
  6. This looks great!! I really wish there was more of this kind of stuff.. this would be great a transformers rig lol.
  7. MostlyMinecraft

    Air Rig

    Epic! Best Thing I've seen all day!
  8. Omg.. Doesn't look like Mine Imator to me. Looks almost like the SFM models. Nice Job!
  9. Today I will release a very strange looking helmet I made. I honestly don't know what it's supposed to be, it could be used for multiple things (like: mind control, Virtual Reality type of thing, brainwash, etc). But since I'll probably never use it and it's not the worst thing I've made (it's also nowhere never my best work either), I thought I'd release it because I don't have anything better to do with it. So have a really weird helmet thingy................ Lol [If pictures don't load, click the link] Picture (download is below pictures): https://imgur.com/a/4kjVgEk https://imgur.com/a/fiUlQTq Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jubx6rac6eegk9u/Eletronic Helmet.zip?dl=0
  10. Dang.. I didn't think this was gonna be released as soon as it was! I thought it would come later
  11. Dang, that looks awesome!
  12. That looks really good! I can see that being used for magic fights or something... or infinity war themed animations (as seen in the comments above) [I'm not spoiling, don't worry]
  13. Isn't it just your last enchanted mob rig? just with funtime Mike's features.. but the bonbon is new.. No matter what. It looks really good. Nice Job!
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