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  1. I've also been having this problem. I don't know why no-one will answer this question whenever someone asks it.
  2. But I can't delete those. They're the lines of code that tell the program which Minecraft textures to use.
  3. 2 photo files? You mean these? "wool_colored_white": "blocks/wool_colored_white", "lapis_block": "blocks/lapis_block"
  4. Can anyone help me? Whenever I try to import my JSON models in the newest version they don't show up (they're invisible, even if the Visible checkbox is checked). They worked just fine in older versions. I think it might have something to do with textures. Did the way mine-imator reads texture names in json files change or something? Here's the model if anyone wants to take a look. https://pastebin.com/Gxbxg6Yc Thanks!
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