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  1. doesn't excuse the fact you posted it here without the creators permission. Can't just do this all willy nilly.
  2. i can see **** all in this banner its so dark. Add some light, it's not that hard.
  3. begging for rep isn't gonna help you buddy
  4. well i mean... it is. And that's not anything against you, it is just bland my guy
  5. I'm sorry you've been presented with the lamest fate of all time.
  6. Hey, its me, CUYT. Some dude that used MI once. I am gonna start off by saying that it doesn't matter to me if anyone sees this or what anyone thinks of this. Its just something I have to put off my chest. Plus, it is important for me to give credit to people I have met on here where it is due. You don't have to read this, if it aint important go ahead and just look at something else, it's just some of the stuff I say is about what is about Mine Imator and my pressence around it so I think it's only fitting If I put this here. Anyways, i've been looking through google, youtube, and here about me and just looking back on the shit I did. It's something I do when I reflect on myself. It's intriguing to see what history has been stored of me these last few years. I just came across a post with a now deleted video of something. And its weird to me but all the comments we're positive, It had 8 upvotes, and the only memories I have of here are all negative, but that's mostly just human instict lmao. I also stumbled upon an odd vide of someone testing out watchdog, and I was apparently in it. Only just found the video 3 years later. Oh and I somehow have 61 followers which is what I think, alot for someone with a reputation size of 512 lmao. That's besides the point though. Point is, I've done this before a few times, but I think this time is significant because I don't have a passion for animation anymore, that is gone. New sparks have gone off in my brain, and I really wanna try and make an actual youtube career, I have a bunch of ideas for videos I wanna do and make my "brand" something bigger than the animation "legacy" I'm pretty much leaving behind here and go foward and do new things on the internet. There's so much that I want to do with content creation and dreams of where that'll take me. So this is basically my departure from Mine imator and animation as a whole really. Next week, I'm gonna start generating ideas for videos, get some frinds together and just try new shit out and have fun. I've always wanted to build a large community and I hope I can do that in some time, because I love making videos, and for me, now's the right time. t get started again but with a different direction. I geniune thank everyone who has been supportive of me these last few years, and I very much thank @david for making Mine Imator a thing and giving me a passion that I held onto for so long. Thanks @Supah.exe for opening your arms and letting me in to a community I was proud to be apart and pretty much was the reason I had a surrounding community around my channel too lmao. Other people that inspired me and other MI Forum friends like @Allemn, @NietyFox and @Astro Animations and a bunch of other people I met who we're just generally good people. And thanks to alot of MI friends on disocrd too, though I don't think they have forum accounts since they all came from Supah and not the forums. I'll probably poke in every serveral weeks to see whats happening, but this is pretty much me officialy departing from Mine Imator and going foward. I am very excited to see what the future holds, as cliche as that sounds. I legit can't wait for it. I wish you all good lives and futures. Enjoy yourselves. Aight imma head out later.
  7. I wan't to be free from the school semester, I wanna do shit, this studying is ******* boring me 

    1. Spontaneous Explosions

      Spontaneous Explosions

      When you look back in 10 years it'll probably have been worth it.

  8. i want to strangle my 12 year old self for this cringe comment also I can't believe you've fallen this hard for jnicks trolls lmao
  9. Hello im new


    1. MojangYang
    2. OfficialCUYT


      Ok? And why do you have Nimi's pfp? 


  10. they keep trying to come into my house idk why
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