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    depression killed my old channe;
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    1. Che3syPlayz


      A pure work of art :diamond:

  2. OfficialCUYT

    new miencraft intro!!!

    this is probably a joke
  3. OfficialCUYT

    Wolf Life 4

    I gotta sya, this his probably the best ive seen out of ____ life animations from the MI community, actual effort was put into this, good job
  4. OfficialCUYT

    Bruhlicious v1

    ik im a terrible person lmao true, true and true. thx for feed back
  5. I really have no idea what im doing at this point, but who cares, have a content enjoy your day people
  6. OfficialCUYT

    Bruhlicious v1

    been awhile, but anyways so I changed my name and skin so I made this rig to keep updated so yeah here's a video (this rig aint for community build yet, currently available for the newest of mine imator) download - also im really sorry if this video looks like some cringy minecraft intro
  7. OfficialCUYT

    Customizable Villager Rig

    veRy NiCE
  8. OfficialCUYT

    Dab Jean Pierre

    D: My A: Namea B: Jeff
  9. OfficialCUYT

    The Awoken Dancing Demon

    what is up cancer nation i'm your host *gets banned for memes*
  10. OfficialCUYT

    R E A L I T Y - Concept 5

    Well worth the wait now all' to figure out is who's next, Cyro or Moon
  11. Guys. Stop changing your profile picture to banned, and then get banned just to be cool. It's dead. Just PLEASE stop :\, the admins don't want another run-through of a late 2016- early 2017 meme.

    1. RobotCoveredWithHumanFlesh


      It happens every so often and its annoying every time. The mini trends happens at least once every year.

  12. ok, i should have clarified myself a little better. I deleted my youtube channel because it was taking control of what I should be doing more of, like focusing on school and being with family (Im a bit of a intovert if you coudn't tell). Im gonna be here still, but not as much as before. I want to be focusing on making it through the year without scratches on my school profolio (I want to be a gud boi). If you want to still talk to me i recommend checking out my social media if you want to chat.

    Sorry for any confusion to anyone ever. eksdee 

    K bye now

    1. cobaltdude


      R.I.P YT channel u will be missed

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