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  1. they keep trying to come into my house idk why
  2. Heya there. I've been inspired to do this wallpaper for a while, and I finally got my lazy buttocks to actually do it. This is one of the most enjoyable wallpapers to create in my opinion cuz I just like the idea of it and the creation all together. This was inspired by Joji's Head in the clouds Music video where Joji is just sitting in a cloud which is presumed to be his thoughts. I thought it was cool. Leave any feedback below as usual and good day!
  3. Youtube isnt responsible for what kids watch some kids dont even mind swar words also 2: youtube fining like a 9 yr 42k that would be fricked up

  4. how did I make this lighting so damm beautiful bruh

  5. Heya it's been awhile since I posted a wallpaper. School's been busy and i'm currently in middle of exams and the motivation is kinda getting lost because of that. But I did find a little spark a few days ago and made this. Do be sure to leave any feedback in the comments, it'll help. Good day!
  6. good servery. Had fun participating! it's things like this is the reason why I love this man. no homo of course.
  7. Hello, it's been awhile, and I have a wallpaper. I'm sorry for this one. good day.
  8. the scenery aint looking too hot. the red lighting is obviously hinting towards the feel of the wallpaper, which is a nice touch. Maybe a bit some lighting with the torch would help make make the torch look like it's just glowing for no reason. bring the depth of field closer next time, this will help give the focus to the characters, so try and remember that next time. Speaking of which, very good job, they are wonderfully detailed, especially the hat on the female (Idk the name of), and the chain collar and the mask on the male (also dk the name of) overall, great rigs, ok background, ok wallpaper. Good day.
  9. OfficialCUYT can i message u cause i have a question?


  10. I just noticed that hidrax downvoted this. Bit odd. love the animation, very creative idea for the collab!
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