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  1. Alpha glitches are used to make those facial rigs so how would face rigs work then?
  2. I just realized how Minecraft RTX this looks
  3. I'd ask for your animatronic rigs but chances are you won't let me have 'em
  4. Can y'all also fix the issue where when importing a texture/resource pack, the wrong one is loaded?
  5. Can you provide a download to that Sans rig? it's been removed from the forums
  6. Using any other method imports Coterie Craft But fr though.I don't know what to do- I tried having projects be made in another folder and when I selected the resource pack before importing into the timeline, guess what resource pack showed up? Classic Alternative.. ******* help. Somebody, anybody
  7. I really want to remodel rig but I need to know if you're okay with it. I'm planning on making either a regular Rodan or the new Legendary Rodan
  8. I'm constantly updating Godzilla. I just snagged the old ones for this comparison post but I'll send you the current version of it which I use currently for Smash Bros/fighting type renders. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/316319522711797761/651107436748341250/Gojira_Smash_Bros.zip
  9. I haven't really got the time to do that so if generous enough, provide me with a new texture/s
  10. Got me some chonky legs 'cuz it's a signature feature of Goji's
  11. Eh, just thought that paintings should be added
  12. For me, importing an item with too big of a texture crashes MI for me
  13. I'd say it's a good idea but if the image was too big and too detailed, it'd crash M-I but with paintings it don't be like that
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