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    And he tried so hard to be edgy, but he failed
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  1. Already posted this before, but it seems that the current link on the Mine-imator website for version 1.2.8 has some malware. If you download the link and check it on virustotal.com, it will be marked as malware. Please fix this.
    1. Keep on Chucking

      Keep on Chucking

      Who do I look like?

    2. animation dude 888
    3. TheFishMC


      @Keep on ChuckingNononono, who HE looks like

      To answer your question, @A Samuel is an MI user with a negative reputation number

  2. Yeah, i don't get it How come cold-blooded character claim their not furries (*cough cough* TURTLEBLADE *cough cough*)
  3. Eh, to be honest, I liked the more detailed pixelated sword better.
  4. My characters sword is mighty similar to this one, except that the hamon is white
  5. dammit, i knew somebody had already taken the name fallen!

  6. im actualy obsidious01, didnt boother to change my name lmao, but is it okay if ur my second mgb

    1. MobKiller Animations

      MobKiller Animations

      Go ahead, I don't mine :)

  7. But u guys should be more respectful because pepper is dead
  8. so i cant make my new rig for two more weeks lmao


    dont ask why

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