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  1. But u guys should be more respectful because pepper is dead
  2. so i cant make my new rig for two more weeks lmao


    dont ask why

  3. Lol, Ethan knows Cosmic, but Ethan has a youtube play button and Cosmic only recently reached 1k
  4. You could say I'm a bridge between worlds. I'm subscribed to Payloe, Turtleblade, and other members of the edgier side, and I'm also subscribed to Batman4014, Supah.exe, Ethananimatez, and Cosmic Animations.
  5. Cool! But...7 8 9? Is it still 7 8 9 or just 7 now?
  6. You missed some parts, for example there are holes in his skin layer, notably a circle on his head
  7. aren't you the dude that hated on supah.exe that one time

  8. Hi Mob, seeing your very advanced hair rig, I was wondering if you know any tutorials on multi-layer 3d hair.

  9. The dark, gritty, edgy side of Mine-imator would think so, but there is a more vibrant, happy side of Mine-imator, and one of the most prominent members of that community is Ethananimatez. One sure example are the face rigs. The eyes are more wide, and the mouths are curved more.
  10. TheFishMC

    Boobs Rig

    Looks familiar *cough* Batman4014 uses these
  11. Magma Monster belongs to @SKIBBZ.
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