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    Well... Making free stuff and helping other creators... making indie games and renders that express my feelings... that's all my interests, i think..

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  1. I know.. i know... but my PC is too poor, so it's pretty difficult to animate with a low framerate
  2. Hi! I just created a little test animation of The Legend of Zelda using this rig The model of the Temple was created by me only using MineImator and it will be available to download after i published my next video "Behind the Scenes" Enjoy the video
  3. I was thinking that you guys was talking of the sticks inside the chest lol
  4. Meh, i was bored and i make this little scenario PD: Accidentally i used medium buffer for the sun instead of very high
  5. Is pretty nice! you can improve it by using more camera effects and making the shadows less blurry, anything else its pretty good
  6. So... I'm working on the template that @KevThePurpleFox ask if i can upload, after a couple of fixes i will upload it today or tomorrow
  7. Of course! It's awesome and perfectly comfortable for making waving hair
  8. As Mineimator doesen't hace GodRays yet, i used a cube with a yellow gradient, inside mineimator, i make it only render the glow, and at the end of the sunlight effect, i added a light point for making an indirect light source I don't have much followers because i'am too inactive, i can't access internter easly Yea... My friends always tell my that the hands with fingers make the renders look weird, i will not use it anymore
  9. I just ser they alpha at 50% and make them glow :D
  10. So... after days and days, sitting in my server, all alone, during hours waiting for someone to join that old world that one day was a multiplayer world... i decided that was time for closing it... forever... The awesome Hair rig belongs to @FOXY TOONS The Perfect Facial Rig it's from @SoundsDotZip Thanks for making these rigs :)
  11. Um... yeah, but, it's a little bit confusing, i have to fix it first before uploading it, the body part's doesen't have name and they are not rotated, i will fix that and upload it this Thursday Yeah... i didn't know what to put there so... i just make a screenshot of FL Studio 20 ^ ^ ' '
  12. I was planning do that, but sorry, I lost the original model because of a Hard Drive issue, i tried to remake it but isn't the same than before Maybe i will upload the template that i created and used in this render i was thinking that was unnecessary but maybe i will upload it later ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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