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  1. Purple Guy

    I mean nice rig but come on. fad is dead af.
  2. Multiple Fight(s) - "Bad"

    For a such old version for MI, this is not that bad.
  3. Random Fighting Animation...

    ... Thing is, tap is not a punch. Though, I can see some potential... Keep working on it.
  4. Swordsman vs Marksman - Short Fight Animation

    Thanks, guys. Glad ya'll liked it.
  5. God Fist Collab (GFC) CLOSED

    Collab related to fighting? I'M IN.
  6. D E C I S I O N S - Concept 1 Test Animation

  7. Portal 2 Ending [Minecraft animation] [RUS]

    Maladec. Ochen prekolno.
  8. ... Warning, it's too short. (I'll start working on part 2.) (... Maybe.)
  9. A floating bowl full of cookies

    Yes, I'm alive. (why am i even pretending like im popular? kms.)
  10. "Hold on" |4K Cinematic render|

    It's too dark. Darker than my life even.
  11. Below the Surface collaboration?

    FAD? no. NO. NNNO.
  12. Phantom Forces (Render)

    Oh gawd Can you please lend me your roblox soldier rig? I need it.
  13. The Return of Cubix [Fight Animation]

    ... Foe has to attack. Otherwise its just like a character training on dummies. And work on the movements. Other than that, it's not bad.
  14. COMBO KILL - Animation

    SEXY AS HE- I mean, pretty good! I like it. +rep
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